Peachy Lovin'
by sarAdora

"Happy birthday, old man," Spencer's smile sparkled as she gave JC a good morning kiss.

"Old man!" he exclaimed. "Who're you calling an old man?"

"Welllllll," she drawled. "Since you're the only male in the bedroom and in my bed, I guess it's you."

"Damn sure better be the only male in your bed," he grumbled, reaching for his sassy wife.

"The pups come into the bedroom when you're away," Spencer reminded him as she dodged his long arms. "They're *very* male."

"Gonna spank you," he muttered, reaching for her again.

"I have a very special birthday present for you. Wanna know what it is?"

JC sank back to the pillows, tucked his arms behind his head and grinned. "And what would that be, bambina?"

"First, I have to tie you up."


"It'll be far more fun if you're tied up."

"Not gonna happen."

"You're no fun at all," she pouted.

"Yes, I am," he chuckled, reaching for her again.

"Wait! If I can't tie you up, you'll have to promise not to move no matter what I do. Can you do that?"


"I mean it. No moving. If you move, I'll cancel your birthday present."

"I swear on all that's holy I won't move," JC promised. "But since it's my birthday... I get first crack at presents. Come here, wife. I need to touch you all over."

"Ohhhhh," Spencer sighed. "I can live with that."

Much cuddling ensued.

Then they were in need of a shower.

The shower stall got very steamy.

A "catch-me-if-you-can" and "tug-of-war" with towels was next.

A much-needed nap followed.

When they woke, JC initiated a "tickle-her-till-she-cries-UNCLE!" session.

After a few minutes Spencer called an immediate stop to all the goings on and declared it was time for her to deliver the first of several birthday presents.

"I'm holding you to your promise, squid. You can't move no matter what I do."

"My word," he swore, lying back on the pillows, his arms at his sides and a wicked smile on his face.

"Close your eyes and keep them closed," she said.

He closed his eyes, opened one, winked and laughed aloud when she glared at him.

"I'll be right back," Spencer said as she left their bed. "No peeking!"

She was back in less than a minute and straddled his thighs.

"You're not gonna take advantage of me while I'm in my birthday suit, are you?" he asked in a high-pitched squealy tone, forcing himself to shudder at the thought.

She swatted him.

He laughed.

Checking again that his eyes were closed, Spencer lay full-length on him. She reached for one of the half-cut peaches on the plate she brought from the kitchen. Slipping it between her front teeth, she pressed her mouth against a very male nipple and began to chew...

His reaction was swift and loud.

"What the...?"

She kept chewing.

A lot of vocalizations followed, mostly in Italian. There was also a smattering of Greek, Portuguese and a language Spencer couldn't identify. This made her very happy.

She kept chewing.

Then she attacked the other nipple.

Happily, the vocalizations, mostly groans, continued.

"Bambina! Stop! I can't take any more."

"You're such a wuss," she admonished, reaching for a fresh peach.

"Gonna spank you good and hard," he threatened, his eyes closed in a crunch.

"Are you sure you were really a SEAL? I can't imagine a real SEAL caving at anything."

"Not only gonna spank you good and hard, gonna turn your parte inferiore bottom into a blazing fire.

Spencer laughed.

"Not gonna be laughing when I... Jesu de Christo!" he swore.

"You liked that, didn't you?" Spencer grinned, sucking on the nipple enshrouded with peach pulp, juices dripping down his chest.

"Swear to God I'm gonna..."

"Uh-huh," she agreed, licking the juices that dribbled.

"You can take a break and open your eyes for a sec if you want to," Spencer graciously offered.

His eyes flew open with a fierce glare and despite his heavy breathing, his arms reached out to grab her.

"Uh-uh," Spencer yelled. "As you were, squid! I'm still giving the orders."

"Bambina..." JC groaned, falling back to the bed. "Basta! Enough!" he muttered, both in Italian as well as English as if she hadn't heard that word time and again over the years.

"Look at this way, JC. I could have ordered you to climb our highest tree... naked... and..."

"You would have been naked too, imp and the neighbors would have had a bit of entertainment when I spanked you 20 or 30 feet up."


"Are your eyes closed tight?" she asked, lifting one of his lids.

Automatically, his arms went around her.

"Later," she promised. "You can hug me later."

"Gonna spank you," he promised.

"You sure do repeat yourself a lot. Okay, lie still. I have a few more peaches for you."

The groans that followed were heartfelt though whether it was because her birthday boy had to endure more or because he couldn't wait for more... Spencer wasn't sure.

When she was certain he was calm enough to remain still, Spencer assumed her previous position straddling JC's body only this time she was lower on the bed.

She picked up a peach half with her teeth... placed her palms on his hips... and licked the head of his yummy stick.

It waved at her.

"Well... this part of you is with the program."

A most unusual sound escaped from between JC's lips.

More licking and rubbing.

More yummy stick waving.

More sounds from JC's mouth, mostly guttural and rough.

Lots of heavy breathing.

Barely audible and barely articulate threats... the words "spank" "imp" "sassy" "payback" and a few lost in the moans and groans.

"Enjoying your birthday present, squid?" the naughty, sassy imp asked, her mouth beginning the chewing motions down the length of his shaft... up.... down... over... on top of... encompassing...

Another peach half followed, then another, the peach pulp covering his groin, inner thighs, peach nectar splattered here and there, Spencer's rosy lips along with her breasts and belly, covered in the stuff.

Just a little worn out from her efforts she rose up on her knees and lay full length on top of him.

"I think I just made a peach sandwich, mio amore. What do you think?"

Still recovering from the erotic sequence of events and its inevitable outcome, JC opened his eyes and hugged his wife to his chest.

"I think that's the best sandwich you ever made," he whispered, "and there's more to come."

"More?" Spencer asked. "I used up all the peaches."

"I was talking about your spanking," he said, nibbling on a few of his wife's peachy parts.

"You're too old," Spencer declared. "After all that, you don't have the strength or the energy to spank me."

"Yes I do," he laughed. "Peachy lovin', peachy spanking, peachy shower, more lovin'. Thank you, bambina. I think this is the peachiest birthday I've ever had.

~ End ~

Buon Compleano, mio amore.

Happy Birthday, Squidlet!

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