Ready for Lovin'
by sarAdora

1300 Hours
Sheraton at Woodland Park
Washington, DC

It was an annual event. Every year, the brass from all branches of the military meet with the civilian leadership of various volunteer organizations based in the nation's capital. These groups pitch in to help with the multitude of volunteer activities necessary to meet the needs of military families. They always meet at a local hotel and enjoy a lavish luncheon while they discuss their common goals.

It's always a casual affair - the brass blend in with the crowd, dressed in mufti - civilian clothing. This doesn't stop the civilian women from surrounding them, flirting with them, and in general, trying to impress them.

Spencer accompanied JC to the hotel, intending to take care of a few errands and then meet him after his luncheon meeting. They were a little early and JC insisted Spencer stay with him for a while. They window-shopped in the hotel's concessions.

"What time should I plan to be back?" she asked him, her arm tucked in his.

"Take your time, bella. Whenever you get back will be fine. I've got a book with me."

"I don't know, JC." She looked him over and licked her lips. "You look too scrumptious to be sitting in the lobby waiting for me. One of the ladies might want you for her own once she gets a look at your body in those sexy pleated pants and..." She laughed when he lightly pinched her butt. "Maybe, I'll just stay."

"Afraid I'll stray, imp?" He pulled her behind a fat column and planted a quick kiss on her throat, his arms at her waist.

"You'd better not!" she hissed. "I have ways to torture you if you do." She grabbed his biceps, squeezing as hard as she could, making him flex those muscles and grin at her.

Her hands slipped to his hips, her fingers lightly pressing the sides of his upper thighs.

"Donít even think about it," he warned.

"Are you daring me?" she teased.

"I'll be the one doing the torturing when we get home," he threatened softly, his voice getting huskier by the second.


JC chuckled. "Spence, if you don't stop teasing, I'll have to drape my jacket over my crotch until I get into that ballroom."

"You will? That'll give all the ladies something to talk about." She leaned into him, pushing her hips against his, making him groan in her ear.


"JC, bend down a minute."

"What, baby?" he asked bending his ear closer to her mouth.

"I love you, squidlet," she murmured and stuck her tongue in his ear.

He jerked back. "Do you have any idea what I'm going to do to that sweet little butt of yours when I get you alone?"

"What?" Her face was all innocence.

"Warm every inch of it, cara mia," he murmured, holding her close for a brief moment. "And nip it... and bite it... and kiss it..." He cupped her chin with one hand and tucked her hair behind her ear with the other, enjoying the color rising to her cheeks. "Every inch, bambina."

Spencer covered her face with both hands and groaned, making him laugh. "I'll be back in a couple of hours, JC," she murmured, pulling her keys out of her pocket.

"Every inch, bambina," he said softly, grinning as she turned to leave, her face a delightful shade of pink.

1545 Hours
The doors to the private dining room were standing open when Spencer returned to the hotel. She peeked in, looking for JC and saw him surrounded by a small crowd of smiling women. They came in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing they had in common was their attraction to a particular military officer.

Spencer grinned. JC was blushing slightly, and his hands were in his pockets. She thought he looked uncomfortable and adorably shy. The women stood as close to him as they could and she was sure he was embarrassed. She leaned on the wall inside the door and laughed softly as she watched the giant squid flounder on dry land.

"I heard you're married, Admiral. Is that true?" one of the women boldly asked.

"What's she like?" another wanted to know. "Is she in the Navy, too?"

"How long have you been married?"

"Was it a military wedding? At the Academy?"

JC finally looked up over the women's heads and spotted her standing at the door. "Ladies," he spoke in his commanding voice, "I have to say goodbye. I enjoyed your company. Good afternoon."

They reluctantly broke rank to let him pass, all eyes focused on Spencer, most correctly assuming she was his wife. The Admiral hadn't answered their questions, though a couple of them thought they recognized Spencer as the woman he had escorted to several public functions.

JC smiled at Spencer as he took her arm and led her out of the room. He wouldn't have been surprised if the women were right behind him and he wanted both of them away from their curious eyes and their curious questions.

Bending his head, he whispered in her ear. "Are we still married, imp?"

Spencer laughed at him, enjoying the blush on *his* face for a change.

"You didn't answer me, mia adore."

"I wear your ring, squidlet," she smiled, holding her left hand out for his inspection.

"Yes, you do." he said with satisfaction, pulling her hand to his mouth and kissing her palm. "Let's go home. I need a shower."

"Too much pawing, Admiral?"

"Humph!" he snorted.

She laughed softly. "So many women, so little time. What's an admiral to do?"

"Don't push it, imp."

"I wonder what the other officers would have done? Make them line up and take turns so they could all get kissed."

He gave her a classic glare, which made her giggle. He laughed too, and kept an arm around her all the way home.

1700 Hours
JC turned the water on and stripped while it heated. He finally stepped into the stall and stood under the heavy spray, enjoying the feel of it cascading down his body. He washed away the events of the day as well as his two-star persona. He wasn't at all surprised when he felt soft breasts pressing into his back a few minutes later and was delighted to feel her arms around him, touching his growing erection. He looked down at the small hands fondling him and smiled, loving the way she loved him.

Turning, he wrapped his arms around her. "Just couldn't wait to grab me, imp?"

"I missed you," she murmured, teasing his flat nipples until he pulled her hands away. "And I kept thinking about all those women who wanted you and..." She licked his nipples, making him groan and then she took a mouthful of his chest fur and tugged at it. "You're mine, JC, and I don't like to share!"

"Jealous?" He raised his eyebrows, giving her a more serious look.

"To quote a squid I know... damn straight I am!"

JC laughed. "Does that mean you want me for your own, bella?"

"Was there any doubt in your mind, squidlet?" she asked, looking at him, the love she felt for him evident in her eyes.

"No," he murmured, pulling her closer, his tongue licking behind her ear, making her shiver in his embrace. "I just like to hear you say it."

"I want you, JC. I want you now."

"You're ready for lovin' sweetheart?"

"I'm always ready for your loving, JC."

"How badly do you want me?" he asked, his Texas drawl thicker with each word.


"Show me."

Pushing him against the shower wall, she reached for his erection, her soft hands moving over his engorged flesh. One hand cupped his balls, squeezing gently, making him growl with pleasure. The other slid over the tip of his penis, teasing him with light feathery caresses.

He murmured love words to her as his hands roamed over her back, his touch both gentle and possessive. "Bambina, that's so good. I love how you touch me. I love you, Spencer. More," he moaned. "I need more."

She ran her hands up his chest and pushed down on his shoulders. "Slide down, JC."

He slid to the floor of the shower so fast that Spencer lost her balance trying to follow him down. He chuckled, his back to the wet, slippery wall, catching her as she fell. "What now, sweetheart? Are you going to love me with your mouth?"

"You want me to, squidlet?"

"God, yes," he groaned.

"How badly do you want me to love you that way?" she asked with a perfectly straight face.

"Badly." He barely uttered the word, his cock at attention, and saluting.

Spencer grinned. "Torture time, Admiral Squiddles!" Before JC took a full breath, Spencer's lips engulfed his penis, tickling the tip with her tongue, her hands teasing the sensitive skin of his inner thighs. Her fingers danced over his flesh, stroking, tugging at his pubic hair, then cupping the scrotal sac, squeezing lightly, making him crazy.

"How much do you love me, squidlet?" she asked, momentarily raising her head and shaking the water from her face, but keeping her hands around his engorged organ.

"More than I can say," he gasped, pulling her closer, and desperate for her to continue.

"As much as I love you?" Her hands stroked him again, her palms encircling him, her fingers spread wide, a prelude to the melody she would play on his body.

"More," he rasped. His chest expanded and contracted with every heavy breath. His muscles tensed... his body reaching... climbing... his groin aching for release. "More," he pleaded. "Don't stop, bambina. Please don't stop."

She licked his aching cock, up one side, under the tip, and down the other. Then, cupping his balls once more, she sucked them into her mouth for a quick caress. And grinning, she stopped.

Sitting up, she rubbed his thighs and smiled at him. "Enough, JC? Or did you want more?"

"If I live through this," he said between gasping breaths, "I'm going to strangle you." He reached for her but she pulled back. "As soon as I can breathe, I'm going to burn your little butt and then I'm going to strangle you," he promised.

Spencer laughed. It wasn't every day someone had the upper hand over a senior ranked officer of the United States Navy.

"Torture time, JC. Your fault, too," she reminded him. "You looked too delicious today and I was jealous. Just claiming what's mine."

Between breaths, JC chuckled. "Were you really jealous, imp?"

"Damn straight, I was. I don't like to share."

"So you told me," he said, capturing her shoulders and pulling her to his chest. She yielded to his embrace.

"Are you going to torture me, now, JC?" she asked softly, mesmerized by the hunger in his eyes.

"Absolutely," he assured her, licking her lips and then kissing her gently. When her arms went around his neck, his tongue slipped between her lips, and she reveled in his passion.

When he let her up for air, he lifted her onto his cock and then slid down until he was lying on his back. "Love me, dolcezza," he murmured, his hands cupping her breasts, his palms overflowing with the fullness of them. He bent his legs so his thighs were behind her butt, supporting her back. "Show me how much you love me."

She did. She braced her hands on his hips and rocked against him - slowly. His hands moved to her waist, holding her tightly and then pushed up inside her, meeting her rocking motion with hard thrusts from his heavily muscled hips. Every few thrusts, she teased him by squeezing her inner muscles around him, making him crazy for more.

When he saw her back arch and felt her fists clench at his hips, he knew she was close to peaking and he stopped thrusting. "Payback time, imp."

"I'm going to kill you," she promised, struggling for air.

"Not yet, baby," he grinned. No one held the upper hand over a two-star for very long. JC sat up, lifting her off of him, turned her over his lap and delivered a brief but sharp volley of spanks on her wet bottom, making her gasp in surprise. Then he lifted her to her knees, entering her from behind. A few hard thrusts later he startled her by lying back down on the floor of the shower.


He pumped into her as he spread her thighs a little further apart, and positioned her under the heavy shower spray. When he parted her labia, the water beat down on her clit as well as his balls, making him thrust harder and faster. The cascading waves of pleasure went through her over and over again, her orgasm so intense she briefly lost consciousness.

Seconds later, JC roared his release and when he could, moved them away from the shower's spray. When he was able to sit up, he gathered Spencer into his arms, cradling her, and murmured in her ear.

"Ti amo, bambina. I love you more every day."

"Are you going to spank me sweetly... love me again... today?" she asked as her lips moved over his throat. Her hands played with the furry strip that ran down the center of his heavily muscled chest, making him grin.

"You want me to love you again, imp?" One arm held her, his hand caressing the side of her breast. With the other, he cupped her chin, his eyes twinkling. He knew damn well that he was going to watch her bottom pink under his hands... love her again... and soon.

"Whenever you're ready, JC."

"As soon as we get out of this shower and into our bed, I'll warm your bottom till it's pink... and when it is... we'll be ready for more lovin'."

~ End ~

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