Slow and Easy Lovin'
by sarAdora

0730 Hours
Spencer loved weekends. JC slept later than usual and he didn't have to rush off to the base. Once in a while, he still woke at 0530 to jog, but he was usually back in bed before she was awake. Often, he would make love to her and they would inevitably shower together, share breakfast, and enjoy a leisurely morning.

They liked to read the paper in bed. That is, JC liked to read the paper in bed - his coffee mug on the nightstand - Spencer by his side. His actions were fairly predictable. He'd read a few pages, set the paper aside, grab her and tease her or tickle her. Sometimes he'd kiss her and gently fondle and caress a part of her body. Or he'd wrap his arms around her in a bear hug, whisper nonsense in her ear, and then go back to his newspaper. A few pages later, he would repeat one or more of his previous actions. She never knew when he would drop the newspaper and grab her. They both loved the teasing and the kissing and the fondling and the inevitable laughter that accompanied their love-play.

Spencer was not idle. She occasionally read the newspaper as well, but more often than not, she sat behind him and concentrated on massaging his shoulders and neck. Once in a while, she sat between his thighs and massaged them. JC didn't do a lot of reading when she did that. The imp couldn't be trusted to concentrate strictly on his thighs; her magic hands usually found their way to other more sensitive parts of his body. And when they did, the newspaper was quickly forgotten.

They both slept later than usual this morning. When Spencer opened her eyes, she stretched her back and feeling JC lying next to her, turned toward him to rub her face on his chest. "You awake, squidlet?"


"You don't sound awake," she said.

"I'm awake, imp," he said softly, his arm snaking around her back to settle there. "And any minute, I'm going to show you just how awake I am," he promised.

"Wait! Let me show you how awake I am," she said just as softly and with a hint of sassiness.

JC grinned. He was prepared to wait. Spencer slowly climbed onto his chest and pulled herself up to reach his mouth. She arched her back so her breasts were pressed against him and suddenly collapsed on his chest, gasping in pain.

JC instantly gathered her into his arms. "Baby, what is it?"

"My back," she sucked in large gulps of air. "I must have... twisted it wrong... pinched something... really hurts."

"Can you straighten your arms up - over my shoulders?"

"Yes-s-s," she breathed hard and placed them along the sides of his face, her elbows near the top of his head.

He knew the pain had to be intense when he felt a couple of tears drop on his shoulder. "Just breathe in and out, bambina. I'll take care of the rest."

JC had received countless massages from Spencer. He knew a few things about easing pain. With the very lightest touch, he slowly ran his fingers down her spine and back up again. Repeating the motion, he moved his fingers along either side. Her breathing was harsher for an instant. "Where, dolce sweet one? Here?" He put a finger on her right side.

"No," she barely whispered.

"Here?" He lightly touched the other side.

"Yes," she gasped. "That's... where it hurts."

He kept a gentle arm around her in a secure but loose embrace while his other arm settled at her side - elbow bent so his hand could reach the painful area. Slowly, he gently rubbed her flesh - surrounding the spot but not touching it. He could feel her body tense; her breathing remained slow, but harsh.

"Pull the skin toward you, JC, like this," Spencer gasped as she put a shaky hand on his shoulder and demonstrated what she meant.

He repeated that motion on her back. Then imitating the movements she made on his shoulder, he varied the pressure of his hand - pressing lightly, then a little harder, then lightly again. He formed little circles of medium pressure, and then light ones - first with his fingers, then with his palm. In minutes, her breathing had eased considerably.

When he felt her body finally relax against his chest, he turned her slightly so she was on her side next to him. His hand continued its gentle ministrations.

"Did you grow over night, JC?" Spencer took a shaky breath, then an easier one. "You seem taller... bigger."

Smiling at her, he kissed a tear that lingered on her cheek. "Taller? Bigger? What makes you think so, mia adora?"

"I don't know," she took longer, easier breaths. "Maybe, it's because pain always makes me feel small and...weak."

"Sweetheart, you're the bravest woman I've ever known." Kissing her brow, he wrapped both arms around her, and hugged her closer to his chest. "Feel better, bella?" he asked as he turned his head so he could see her face. "Tell me about the pain."

"It's fading fast, almost completely gone. You know, you're getting good at this massage business. I might start ordering them regularly."

"I think I'll be able to manage that," he replied huskily. "I serve at the pleasure of..."

"Love me, JC. Slow and easy," she implored. "Don't devour me. Just slow and easy loving."

"Oh, I *am* going to devour you, bambina," he assured her, "but I'll do it slow and easy."

And he did.

Starting at the top and working his way south, his hands cupped her face and neck while his lips placed feathery kisses on her eyelids and brow. Here and there, his tongue darted out for a quick taste of her flesh, licking the curve of her ear and the soft spot between the lobe and the line of her jaw. His lips moved up again... gently moving across her face - leaving his warm breath on her skin. His mouth paused at one temple and then the other, feeling her rapid pulse on his lips.

Moving slowly, he licked the soft tender flesh beneath her eyes then let his mouth slide down until his lips caught hers in a soft sweet kiss. Spencer's hands came up to caress his face and JC caught them in his and kissed her palms. Reaching for her fingers, he gently sucked them into his mouth - one at a time. His eyes never wavered from hers and Spencer was mesmerized by the hungry look in them. Unknowingly, she parted her lips and let herself drown in the soft, dark brown pools that stared back at her.

His lips moved to her wrist and then he kissed his way to her elbow. Spencer's head sunk into the pillows while her body succumbed to delicious shivers. He moved up to her shoulder, his mouth lingering there... his lips teasing her... his tongue sampling her flesh. When her breathing changed, he continued the assault across her other shoulder and down to the elbow of her other arm. Dropping soft kisses everywhere his mouth touched her, he noted that Spencer was no longer focusing. Her mind had retreated and her body now fully aroused - reveled in his caresses. It arched slightly toward him of its own accord - the rest of her demanding his attention.

He didn't disappoint. His arms slipped under her and his mouth moved back to her shoulders. Once there, his lips traveled in parallel lines back and forth from one arm - across the top of her breasts - to the other arm - pressing lightly into her silky flesh. When he lowered his head to claim her breasts, he rubbed his face across the surface of her softness and pausing momentarily, captured a nipple and suckled it gently. When he was sure he had covered every inch of her breast, he repeated the same, slow, loving attention on the other.

Spencer focused on the sensations created by JC's mouth. His lips were barely touching her, but her body was already so fully aroused, she wasn't sure how much more she could take.

He moved to her torso, kissing her ribs and then running his tongue across the ticklish flesh between each one. Spencer's breathing was shaky and he paused to rest his head on her stomach, allowing her breathing to slow a little. His arms were wrapped around her hips, his hands crossed under her and he was fully aroused from the sheer enjoyment that came from the feel of her body in his arms. He couldn't wait to spank her. When he felt Spencer's hands on his face and neck, he lifted his head and began loving her once again.

Spencer was weightless, her mind numb and void of thought, her body on the edge of something wonderful, her soul residing in his touch. Brushing her hair aside, he kissed the side of her neck and then the tender spot behind her ears and when he did, she whispered to him. "Is there an inch of me you don't know? That you haven't touched... or kissed?"

"I hope not, sweetheart," he murmured as he gently turned her over. "But I'll be happy to start again in case you think I've missed a spot." He mouth slid down her spine until he reached the curve of her butt and his hot tongue licked her sweet flesh from one side to the other - pausing to blow lightly up and down the narrow cleft between her cheeks.

Spencer gasped, "JC!"

JC chuckled. "I couldn't resist, baby. You're too delicious. And I don't want to miss any spots." He resumed loving her - spanking her lightly, kissing the same cheeks and then lightly nipping the soft tender flesh between her butt and her thighs. Slowly, he repositioned them so that Spencer was completely draped over his lap, one arm around her, his hand beneath her and teasing her folds, the other kneading her bottom cheeks before he began the rhythm of light stinging spanks that triggered her desire. His hands worked in concert, teasing, stinging, his thigh raised to bring her rosy bottom closer so he could rub his face on her heated cheeks.

Spencer moaned softly as shivers spiked and when JC finally turned her again, he continued loving her, his hands cupping her warm bottom while his mouth brought her to ecstasy. When she peaked, her body was total and complete mush, in a liquid state, and she was incapable of moving a muscle.

He kneeled between her thighs, balancing his weight on his arms and lowered his lips to hers. "You're mine, mia bella," he breathed into her mouth. "All mine." His tongue slipped between her lips, seeking hers, caressing it, moving over and under it... tenderly, gently, then demanding. "Completely mine," he breathed.

Spencer's mind had long since slipped away, deaf to thought, capable only of feeling the pleasure he gave her. His hands and mouth had moved over her with uncanny precision and when he finally entered her, her legs were wrapped around him, and her hips rose to meet his thrusts.

He pushed in and out of her, murmuring in her ear. "I love you, Spencer. Let me love you, bambina. Letís make slow and easy lovin'.

~ End ~

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