Teasin' and Lovin'
by sarAdora

They sat on the couch snuggling. She was on his lap, her cheek pressed to his chest. JC's arm was around her shoulder, his other hand around her waist, his chin resting on her head. It had been an enjoyable weekend but there had been little time to relax.

Saturday had been filled with everyday errands - grocery shopping, dry cleaners, the fresh seafood concession that had opened recently in Old Town. JC needed something at the hardware store and Spencer wanted to stop by the new Beads & Buttons store. They had grabbed a quick sandwich on the run and then rushed home to shower and change when their errands were finished.

They were meeting friends for dinner and a night at the theatre.

Dinner had been "Pho" at a new Vietnamese restaurant in the International District and there had been much laughter and good conversation between the two couples. They had tickets for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, a rousing musical all four enjoyed immensely.

JC's arm around her shoulder and his hand precariously close to her breast kept Spencer on full "JC teasing" alert during the entire performance. He wasn't the only one doing the teasing. The darkened theatre simply set the stage. They had been holding hands but when his arm slid around her shoulder, her hand slipped to his thigh. One finger unconsciously tapped his inner thigh - lightly - to the beat of "Texas has a Whorehouse in it."

He leaned over to whisper in her ear. "You'll just have to be patient and wait till we get home, cara mia." He grinned broadly when he felt the heat suffuse her face; she was blushing.

They were both able to behave ... until the part of the show where the cast sang the Aggie song... "twenty more miles until we get to heaven... twenty more miles until our dreams get made... twenty more miles to the chicken ranch... where dreams come true and Aggie boys... get laid!"

Spencer felt his fingers brush the side of her breast, his thumb surreptitiously caressing her nipple under cover of the darkened theatre. She shivered slightly and tried to pull away from his arm but he gently pulled her back and whispered huskily in her ear. "About another hour and a half, mia bella... then we'll go home and get..."

"JC!" she hissed. "Behave yourself!"

He chuckled softly. One of the highlights of their relationship was their constant and playful teasing. Whether it was in conversation, bandying words back and forth, or in their need to touch each other, teasing was usually present. He teased her with words and innuendoes; he teased her with a look, a leer, an eyebrow arched, a grin, a smile, a facial expression meant only for her eyes. He teased with a touch, a brush of his lips across her brow, a quick squeeze of her hand, a thumb across her cheek, a simple, single, warm breath on her neck. And in bed, he teased her senseless with his hands and mouth and body.

Smiling, he wrapped his arm around her, holding her snugly against his side as they enjoyed the rest of the play. And as he did, he thought about the ways she constantly teased him, even if she didn't always know she was teasing.

All she has to do is look at me, one corner of her mouth tilted slightly and I want to kiss those lips. All she has to do is turn slightly in my arms and I want to touch her all over. All she has to do is smile at me... or pout... and I want her so badly, I...  He bent his head and kissed the top of hers, not at all concerned if someone should chance to see him kissing his wife.

Today had been equally busy. JC shared a morning run with a friend of many years, and the three of them enjoyed a mid-morning brunch at one of Washington's more popular hotels. Afterwards, they went to the National Zoo to see the new panda bears. It had been years since any of them had been to the zoo and they took their time leisurely viewing the animal exhibits. JC and his pal, Michael, were kids again, enjoying hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts and assorted soft drinks. Spencer was astounded at their appetite and their junk food intake.

Eyeing the DOVE ice cream bars they were currently consuming, she teased them. "Guess you two are going to fail your next physical fitness tests, boys," Spencer mocked. Then she attempted to grab an ounce of fat from both of them. Standing between them, she put a hand on JC's side and the other on Michael's, lightly pinching what little flesh she could grab. "Hmmm, no doubt about it... you two are going to have to get some extra running miles in... yep, lots of extra miles."

The two men exchanged a look over her head. Then without warning, JC grabbed Spencer under the arms, lifted her above his head and whirled her around and around. She shrieked and then laughed at him but her laughter was cut short when he swung her into Michael's arms. Michael, in turn, whirled her around, tossed her up in the air and then let her go, pretending to drop her but caught her in mid-air. He swung her back to JC who set her on her feet and held her while she leaned against him for a few moments until the dizziness passed.

JC lifted her chin and smiled at her. "Not nice to tease your husband, birbantella. Not nice to tease a good friend, either."

Spencer smiled back. "I'll get even when I get you home, sailor."

"Is that a promise?" he asked softly.

"Count on it," she winked. He *was* counting on it.

Finally, they were home and alone. Spencer was worn out. They had been snuggling together on the couch and she had fallen asleep on top of JC's chest. He held onto her enjoying the feel of her in his arms but eventually, turned them on their sides so he could watch her while she slept. She woke when she felt him kissing her neck. His lips were moving over her flesh, his breath warming her skin and his hands were gliding slowly over her bare bottom.

She sighed and opened her eyes to look at him. Speaking softly, she lazily inquired. "Did you take my panties off?"



"'Cause I like your bottom bare, gattina puss.  It's sweet and firm and silky soft," he said huskily. "I love touching you." His hands slid down to the backs of her thighs and up again, over her butt and halfway up her back and down again, his palms cupping her cheeks and pulling her closer to his body. "I love touching you... always... and when your bottom's bare," he breathed into her mouth, "I can love you... spank you the way you like it... sweetly... love you some more." His tongue filled her mouth re-exploring familiar territory. "I love making love to you. You know that."

"Are you going to love me now?" she whispered back into his mouth.



"First, I'm going to love you with my mouth," he said softly, turning her on her back. "I'm going to part your thighs," he continued as he raised her shirt and captured a nipple to lightly suckle - first one breast and then the other - "and kiss every inch of this precious body and then I'm going to kiss you right here - where you love me."

He cupped her vulva, then slid a hand back up over her belly - and down again through her curls - his thumb slipping down the center of her folds.

Spencer started to float, her mind separating from her body - watching from a distance - voyeur that it was, enjoying - watching - each and every moment of ecstasy.

"About the time you can't take any more..." his lips followed the path of his hands "...and start begging me to love you..." His teeth tugged lightly at her curls. "I'm going to suck this sweet part right here." He rubbed his thumb across her clit. "I'll take it between my lips and give you what you want."

She wanted it *now.* His hands played her body - attuned to it. He knew every key and chord and his lips and tongue were in harmony with her senses. His words had enflamed her. She was wet and completely his... to orchestrate... to command.

"When I see you arch your back and lose control..." He lifted his head to look at her and was pleased to see that she was losing it now. "... And your body is filled with unbelievable sensations... and shock waves and after shocks..." He slid further down her body and blew lightly on her mons.

She immediately gasped and reflexively lifted her hips. "I'm going to push my tongue inside you and taste the pleasure I've given you." His tongue lightly flicked her nub making her pull his head closer to her need.

"Then before you can catch your breath," he continued softly as he rubbed his hands and the inside of his arms back and forth over her back and her butt. "I'll lose myself in your sweetness, rocking back and forth inside you, joined to you. And afterwards, I'll start over... spank you sweetly... and we'll do it again... and again," he promised, as he sat up and lifted her thighs, pulling them to his waist.

He gazed at the naked woman in his arms, enjoying the feel of her, her sensuousness, her earthiness and then slipped his arms under her back and lifted her to him. He wanted to feel her breasts on his chest and he wanted to hold her close to him without crushing her. He wanted to run his hands through her hair, kiss her face and her mouth and her throat and her breasts. He wanted to smell her arousal and taste her sweetness. He wanted to feel her inner walls consume him and he didn't want to let her go... not now... not ever.


"I'm here, cara mia. I'm here," he whispered as he tilted her chin up and kissed her mouth. "I'm here and I'm loving you. Everything is all right," he breathed into her mouth as he lifted her onto his hard shaft. He could feel her soft sweet flesh expand to accommodate him and he filled her body while his tongue filled her mouth. "Everything is as it should be - everything."

He had loved her gently... slowly... pushing in and out of her... filling her with his body and his love. His arms held her close, her breasts pushing into his chest... one hand held her neck, the other cupping her butt, delivering those promised sweet and stinging spanks, pulling her to him.

She had received him... taking all he had to give and pulled him to her... urging him to love her... whispering her love to him.

When her inner walls tightened around him in orgasm, he shot into her... flooding her womb... overwhelming her... enveloping her. His chest rose and fell against hers, his lungs filling and emptying... his breath hot, heavy, heating her mouth... her face... her throat.

Waking from a short nap, she stroked his chest... her fingers entwined in the fur that ran down the center of his body. When she reached his navel, his hand covered hers stopping her from going further.

"My turn," she murmured, turning her body and reaching for his thighs.

"Later, dolcezza." He pulled her back up to his shoulder and cupped her face, his lips capturing hers.

"Why not now?" She wanted to know between kisses.

"Admiral's privilege," he softly countered, holding her head with one hand, the other caressing her breasts.

"You know that doesn't apply to me," she argued, her voice just as soft.

He stopped kissing her long enough to give her a quick but classic commanding glare. "What makes you think it doesn't? I'll have you know *I* give the orders around this place, imp," the soft growl he emitted laced with honey.

Spencer thought that was very funny. "You do?" She laughed at him. "My turn!"

JC chuckled and nibbled on her bottom lip. "Tell me what you're going to do."

She stroked his face, her palm cupping his cheek, her thumb tracing his cheekbone, moving to caress the line of his jaw, his chin. "I'm going to love you with my body," she whispered into his mouth. "I'm going to rub my body all over your body... slowly... my breasts touching your chest..." She pulled herself on top of him putting all of her weight on him, then raising slightly to rub her breasts across his chest.

JC watched her, his mouth slightly open, his tongue licking his lips. "...My belly touching your belly... my thighs touching your thighs..." His arms went around her as she settled her belly squarely on his naked torso and positioned her thighs on his. "...my soft sex..." she murmured, "...touching your hard sex..."

Her words made him crazy; he wanted her. Her actions made him crazier; he was painfully hard and he wanted to fit his body to hers. He couldn't wait any longer. He lifted her hips turning her onto her back... lifted her thighs to his waist... plunging into the heat of her.

She kissed him hard, holding his face to hers as her hips arched up to meet his thrusts. "Love me, JC. Harder... faster," she urged.

He did. His arms were around her back holding her tightly. His breath was in her mouth, his chest heaving against her breasts, his powerful hips pushing in and out of her faster and faster, filling her completely. She gasped into his mouth as he raised slightly over her in a more angular vertical position causing his shaft to rub against passion's nub as he repeatedly plunged. Her inner walls grasped his flesh... released... and grasped again and her shuddering orgasm caused him to empty into her with a muffled roar.

Gently, he held her... his gaze tender... the love evident in his eyes. His lips roamed over her face and throat, his breath warm on her skin. Her hands moved over his neck, his chest... rubbing... lightly massaging, not wanting to lose contact with his flesh. Her lips reached for his, wanting to kiss him again... not wanting to let go.

"Are you all right, mia adora?"

"Mmmm. Are *you* all right, squidlet?" she teased.

He chuckled, kissing her again. Are you teasin' me again, bambina?"

"I love teasing you, JC and you love teasing me... and loving me," she murmured, kissing him back. "You know, I think you must have loved me 1000 times."

"Is that all?" His mouth covered hers again, his hand stroking the silky flesh of her breasts, cupping them, fondling them, squeezing them and then slipping down to part her thighs once again. "We'll have to make up for lost time... we're way far behind," he teased her once more.

~ End ~

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