Texas Lovin'
by sarAdora

Blinking awake, she immediately focused on a pair of warm brown eyes watching her. She smiled as she let her fingers touch the side of his mouth, his lips curving up, then sighed as those very same lips pressed against her own.

"How long have you been watching me?" She rubbed her cheek against his, then buried her face in his neck to inhale the scent of him.

"Since the day we met," he answered and kissed her again.

"You didn't jog this morning?"


"Why not?"

"Thought I'd concentrate on you instead."

"Did we...? Last night... when... I can't remember... Am I mad at you?"

"I don't think so," he chuckled.

"Did you spank me?"

"I'm always spanking you, bambina."


"And you always deserve it too, don't you?" He grinned at the indignant look on her face and rolled onto his back, pulling her with him. One large hand palmed her bottom cheeks and the other slipped behind her neck holding her in place.

"I've been exceptionally good all year," she reminded him.

"The year is barely two weeks old," he retorted.

"Two weeks is a very long time."

"For a birbantella imp,  yes," he agreed, giving her a firm swat and chuckling at the feminine yelp that followed.

"I think you should reward me for being so good."

"What do you have in mind?"

"Hmmm... maybe something extra sweet."


"Chocolate, of course, but something else, too."

"A sweet spanking?"

"Chocolate and a sweet spanking and something else."

"Some sweet lovin?"

"Yessss but not just sweet loving - something more, maybe something kinky."


"Ohhhh, kinky would be nice. What do *you* think?"

JC's immediate laughter was soft but husky and a light bulb flash went off in Spencer's head.

"I have an idea," she grinned, sitting up and looked him square in the eye. "You game, squidlet?"

"Game for what?"

"To play with me?"

"Always," he murmured, pulling her back down to his chest. "I'm always ready to play with you, zucca pumpkin.

"You have to take your jammies off."

JC arched both eyebrows and waited for an explanation.

"You show me yours and I'll show you mine."

"I've seen yours," her husband smiled, "but I always enjoy seeing it again," he added as he stripped.

"Close your eyes," Spencer ordered.


"'Cause I said so," the sassy imp replied and jumped off the bed before he could stop her.

"'Cause you said so?" he yelled.

"Wuss! Has it been so long since anyone gave you orders that you've forgotten how to follow them? You're supposed to say Ma'am, yes Ma'am! And with enthusiasm, too."

"Gonna be real enthusiastic when I warm your butt," the senior ranked military officer promised.

"Close your eyes... please?"

"Ahhh... please. Okay but remember I'm keeping score. Currently, it's 2 for me and a pink tush for you."

"Wimp," she muttered under her breath making him chuckle as he closed his eyes to wait for whatever was going to happen next.

Quietly, she opened the closet door and stepped inside. She took off her nightshirt and searching quickly, found what she was looking for. JC's cowboy boots were too large for her feet but she could manage to take a few steps in them without tripping. His belt wrapped around her waist and overlapped so much, one end hung down very low; she positioned it over the center of her lower body so that when she walked, it would allow peek-a-boo glimpses of her sex. Last, she placed his cowboy hat on top of her head, tilting her head up so it wouldn't cover her eyes.

When she finally stood in the center of their bedroom and said he could look, his brows arched again and he grinned at the sight of her and then laughed aloud.

"You are the sexiest little cowgirl I've ever laid eyes on, bambina. Planning to ride a pony?"

"I was thinking of riding a horse," she retorted. "A stallion. But first I think he needs to perk up before I saddle him."

Loud laughter followed and the "stallion" demanded to know exactly what "perk up" referred to.

"Wellll," Spencer drawled. "First I have to lasso the wild beast." And with that salvo, she grabbed the brim of his cowboy hat and tossed it like a Frisbee over his rapidly awakening manhood.

"Ready for me yet?" she asked with a naughty grin, approaching the bed.

"Oh yeah," he chuckled, lifting her off the floor, his oversized boots easily dropping off her feet.

By the time she was straddling that stallion's upper thighs, the hat had levitated slightly and they were both laughing.

"My hat will never be the same," he mourned as he threw it across the room and lifted her until she was properly "seated" where he wanted her.

"Oh wait!" Spencer yelled. "I forgot my riding crop."

"That's okay, bambina," he grinned. "My hands will do the job of swatting your flanks while you ride."

"Not *my* flanks," she protested.

"Oh yeah, yours," he assured her and began a two-handed clapping motion on her bottom cheeks in rhythm to their ride.

"Faster, baby," he urged, his hands painting the sting of pink on her bottom cheeks.

"You Texas boys should really go slower," she panted. "It makes things last longer."

"We Texas boys like to do things *our* way," he claimed as if that was news she hadn't heard before.

"Aha! I knew it! When I'm on top and you're just laying there on your back and letting me do all the lovin', you're just a boy, aren't you?"

"Do you know how quickly a boy becomes a man when he's naked and a little gal is naked on top of him and there's lovin goin on?"

"How quickly?"

"Haven't been a boy in a lot of years, mia amore," his voice deepening, his breath hot and heavy on her throat as he turned them so he was positioned on top, the gentle thrust of his hips rapidly changing to deeper and faster penetration. "And it seems to me that I might just have to remind you what Texas boys and men are all about."

Spencer ignored the gauntlet he had thrown down, concentrating on meeting his thrusts, trying to catch a breath and also hold his upper body as close to her as his lower body was. In moments, there were shivers spiking through both of them, her contented sighs lost in the satisfied sounds of her lover. She melted in the face of his outpouring, her body sated and her heart content.

"What was it you said about Texas boys?" she asked when she could breathe easier and they were lying on their sides facing each other.

"They like to spank their lovers," her husband deadpanned as he rolled onto his back and lifted her to his chest.

"Don't you dare!"

"Oso I dare,"  he teased and despite her protests, warmed her bottom.

The sting was minimal but the hand rubbing that followed was sensuous, his whispered words of love all she really needed to make her life complete.

"Ti amo, bambina," he told her, his arms tightening around her body, keeping her close to his chest.

"What do you call this kind of lovin'?" she asked, snuggling closer.

"Texas lovin'," he replied. "Our kind of lovin'."

~ End ~

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