Wakin' to Lovin'
by sarAdora

She was lying on her side, warm and content and blissfully asleep, her head on his shoulder. He was behind her - one arm under her, cupping her breast - the other stretched down - his palm resting on her hip. He opened his eyes - inhaled deeply and smiled, relishing the scent of her - the feel of her in his arms filling him with gladness.

"I never seem to get enough of you, my love," he whispered to her, even though she slept. He stroked her silky skin and then pulled her thigh up so he could better fit her sleeping body to his own. Her sweet butt was still pink from last night's delicious spanking and his palm itched, thinking about warming it again.

Touching the mouth of her swollen sex with a gentle finger, he was surprised to find her deliciously wet. His fingers alternated between drawing little circles around her soft opening and probing it gently. The more he probed, the wetter she became. He pulled her thigh up a little further to give his hand better access to her clit and used his thumb and index finger to gently tease it. When he felt the tiny, turgid organ begin to throb on his fingertips, he also felt her muscles contract. His palm was soon coated with her sweet dew.

"Cowboy?" she turned, opened her sleepy eyes and sighed with pleasure as she felt his hand between her thighs.

His hands continued loving her while his lips and tongue teased her neck and shoulders. "Shall I love you awake, little one?"

She laughed softly. "It seems to me you were already doing that, Texas boy."

He chuckled. "Conjugal rights, my love."

"I don't remember those words in our marriage ceremony, counselor," she replied in a voice that was getting huskier with every stroke of his fingers. "Are conjugal rights one of those implied things?"

"It was the very first part, baby," he breathed into her ear. "I promised to take you as my wife - to have and to hold. Remember?"

"So, is this the 'take me as your wife' part or the 'to have and to hold' part?"

"Take your pick, imp," he laughed softly. "Either one will do." He was licking the backs of her ears now and the sensations she was feeling there and on her breasts and between her thighs had shivers skating down her spine.

"That just proves the original marriage ceremony was written by a man. Only a man would insist on conjugal rights as the *first* promise."

He grinned and continued the slow maddening assault on her senses. Her back was against his chest and he felt her shivers. It enflamed his libido and he knew it was only a matter of seconds before he would have to bury himself deep inside her. Then, he'd spank her sweet ass just to watch her come.

Her hand reached back to stroke his cheek and neck. "Then again," she mused, "I can see where a woman would insist on it being the first promise if she were being loved the way you... ahh, cowboy..." she moaned softly as his fingers gently caressed the cleft of her butt. "Do that again... mmmm..."

He lifted her thigh just high enough to slip inside her and when he did, her inner walls closed around his extended length and engorged width and held him to her. She relished the feeling, but when he crossed his arms around her and teased both nipples at the same time, that aching, wanting, elusive feeling consumed her. His breath was hot and very heavy in her ear - she was feeling weightless and using every ounce of concentration just to breathe. Her body moved of its own volition, pushing back when his hips thrust forward against her. She felt, rather than heard purrs coming from the back of her throat. She was almost there...

He felt her muscles tighten around his swollen cock pulling him deeper inside her and the feel of the inside of her was unlike any other. She used the strength of her internal walls to tighten and release and tighten around him again and again. "Oh baby, you are so...ahh..." he groaned. It was an incredible feeling and it made him thrust faster and faster. Over and over, the sweetest sensations chased up and down his body as he held her and loved her.

Her body was soft against his muscled chest and her sweet pinked ass felt warm against his belly as she pushed back into him. The sides of her breasts were firm, like silk against his arms. Their fullness overflowed his hands and her nipples stayed taut between his teasing fingers. Her butt pushed back against his belly and his groin - again - again - and he was rocked with the pleasure of loving her.

She arched her back, tightened her inner walls and coated him with her elixir. He emitted a low, deep growl, plunged once more into the soft, sweet flesh of her core, and flooded her womb. She collapsed against his chest - soft, satisfying, purring sounds coming from her throat. He stayed where he was - wrapped around her body - whispering to her - enveloping their lovemaking in his embrace.

~ End ~

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