White Hot Lovin'
by sarAdora

She lay on her side, away from him, her face flushed from crying, the unexpected spanking wearing her out. She tried not to make noise but the occasional low whimper escaped as her chest rose and fell, pulling oxygen into her lungs. Her pajama bottoms were tucked behind her knees where he had pulled them down, her T-shirt pushed up to the middle of her back. He noted that tendrils of her hair were pasted to her cheek where they had been caught by her tears.

He pulled her back into his embrace, the heat of her bottom searing his belly and making him ache.

"Are you going to tell me why you did that?" he asked softly, his breath warm on her neck, the movement of his lips stirring her hair.

She shook her head.

"I want to know why you acted so impulsively," he said as his fingers pushed her hair out of her face, the gentleness of his gesture making her eyes fill once more.

She pulled away from him.

He pulled her back.

Her body shook a little and he tightened his embrace, one arm around her waist, his hand splayed open, his palm hot against her skin. This was the hand that had seared her bottom and it felt large against her belly - large and swollen and hot.

"Let me go," she said softly.


"I'm too hot," she complained.

"You're going to be hotter if you fight me," he replied.

"It wasn't any of your business," she said without thinking.

"None of my business?" he answered, his tone authoritative and dismissive at the same time. "*You're* my business," he said, his words daring her to defy him.


"Yes? What about me?" he asked much too softly.

She shivered.

"Talk to me," he said politely, his tone implying that he wouldn't take her silence much longer.

"I..." She turned her head to look at him and saw tenderness in his gaze and her eyes overflowed unexpectedly.

"You..." he answered in kind, the slight twinge in his heart a sliver of pain at the sight of her tears.

"Nothing," she murmured and turned away from him again, her decision to remain quiet about the incident.

"If you think your bottom is burning now, little one, think again," he said with quiet determination.

"It's already blood red. How much worse can you make it?" she retorted with a bit of sarcasm and just a hint of her fury.

"Blood red is very hot," he agreed. "White heat is worse," the threat brought to the surface when he swiftly turned her onto her back and cupped her sore bottom. "Much worse, sweetness," he promised as she gasped at the sudden pain when he kneaded those blazing cheeks. "Did you want to rethink your words?"

"I wanted to! That's why!" she shouted and again, forgetting the consequences of her actions, boxed his ears with all her strength.

And... found herself draped over his lap and fighting for every breath as his hand delivered the promise of his words.

"You don't love me," she cried, hoping her words would still his assault on her tender behind.

"I love you very much and if I have to spank you every day and every night to make you see sense and keep you safe from harm," he vowed and then paused to take several calming breaths. "I will. I will burn this little bottom again and again and you will remember the burn and maybe, just maybe, you will think before you do something so impulsive again." Several more extra harsh swats landed on her blazing posterior. "Am I getting through yet, my love?"

"Please," she entreated him. "Please stop."

He stopped and held her limp body in place over his knees as she took gulping breaths. His hands rubbed her back over and over until her breathing calmed and when it did, he slid her onto her belly and lay on top of her. Most of his weight was on his arms but he purposely placed his belly over her chastised bottom. The heat was intense and throbbing, his skin alive with her pain but he was determined to hold himself in place until she begged him for release.

"Please," she begged but he remained where he was.

She begged again and still he didn't move.

"I said please," she whispered and went quiet, her breath barely audible, the fiery abyss of Hell beckoning.

Rising to his feet, he picked her up the way he always did, vertically, her body facing his, her head on his shoulder, one arm around her thighs, the other on her back.

Leaning against the bathroom wall, he continued to hold her, one hand reaching out to turn the shower on, the other balancing her weight against his hip. Her pajama bottoms dangled at her ankles and he pulled them off, then pulled her T-shirt over her head, his hips shimmying his sweats off. With a swipe of his arm, his own T-shirt came off and he used it to dry her tears.

"Do you know how much I love you?" he asked softly as she stilled at his touch. "Do you know how my heart beats for you? Do you know what you do to me when you put your life in jeopardy? Do you know how hard I'm going to spank you if you ever do anything that foolish again?"

"I said please," she reminded him, looking up into his face, thinking he was going to spank her yet again.

"Yes, you did," he agreed as he lifted her higher on his chest and took her into the shower.

The water was warm but not hot and even so, it brought the heat of her bottom cheeks to a new flame. She gasped as it beat on her sore flesh and tried to wiggle away from it but his arms held her to his chest, her feet a few inches off the floor. His hands gently rubbed her back and bottom and it took a few moments for her to register the soothing action of his hands. Her body's temperature began to cool, matching the water's heat and she began to feel better and wondered how he knew that would happen.

He said little, just a few soft murmurs, the hum of his voice a caress of words, his breath interspersed with light kisses on the side of her neck.

She relaxed into him but couldn't help worrying that he would spank her again. "You're stingy with your kisses," she told him, lifting her head to hold his gaze.

"Where do you want them?" he asked seriously.

"Where do you want to kiss me?" she rebutted.

"Everywhere," he told her as his mouth bent to claim hers. "Everywhere and more."

Lifting her higher, his mouth found her belly, his lips suckling the flesh there, his tongue teasing and because he couldn't resist, he rubbed his face back and forth against her between kisses. Lowering her to the floor, he continued kissing her everywhere, the shower's spray warm on his back as he made love to her. And later, when he cradled her in his arms, he whispered that he loved her.

"No more spanking?" she asked quietly, her body sated from his loving but the slow burn in her bottom cheeks a stinging reminder of what had transpired between them.

"You won't do that again," he said with conviction, the words not just words but a promise of dire consequences if she did.

"Mmmm," she hummed, keeping her head tucked under his chin.

"I mean it," he said softly, one hand under her chin tilting her head up, the other cupping her sore bottom cheeks. "You will not do that again, not ever," emphasizing his words with an arched brow.

"Are you going to spank me again?" she asked in answer to his words.



"Yes," he said, standing and pulling her to her feet and when she resisted, easily picked her up and took her still wet to their bed. He tossed a towel on the bed and sat and pulled her over his knees, her protests loud and angry ones.


He raised a thigh to bring her bottom closer to his mouth and when his lips graced the heat emanating from the spanking he had delivered earlier, his hand beneath her brought forth a different kind of heat from her core.

"No," she gasped as the pleasure began to build anew. "It's too soon."

"Not soon enough," he whispered as he teased her.

Holding her close, he watched her float back to him, her body still damp from their shower and covered in the fine dew of sated bliss. His mouth found her breasts, his tongue tasting the richness of her body. "I want your word," he murmured as he suckled at her breasts. "I want your word you will never do that again."

"I can't make that promise," she struggled to reply, her voice still working its way up from her throat. "There are circumstances that..."

"You will give me your word," he repeated firmly. "Your word or your bottom, little one. Which will it be?"

"You'd spank me again?" she asked with futility because she knew he would.


"And then it would be done?" another futile utterance on her part.

"No. Not until I have your word. A hard spanking every day," he murmured as he cupped her face. "Maybe more," he let the words dangle for the length of a breath. "Until I have your word that you'll *never* do that again."


"Your word," he said so softly that she wasn't sure she actually heard his voice; perhaps, he had just mouthed the words.

"But what if...? I mean, there could be a time when..."

"Only when I'm with you, no other time," he spoke softly but adamantly and he held her gaze, not letting her look away.

"I..." she bit her lip and tried to duck her head beneath his chin but he held her face in his hands.

"Your word," he said again, lifting her as if to turn her over his lap once more.

"My word," she said softly. "I give you my word I won't ever do that again."

She said it again and then again as he held her gaze and when he was satisfied that she meant what she said, he pulled her close and kissed her. The kiss was soft and sweet and then demanding... and hard... and when she yielded fully, his mouth turned soft and sweet again. It was a seal, a bond, an affirmation of the trust he put in her to keep her word.

"Would you really have spanked me every day?" she asked later when they lay together on the couch, her body stretched out on top of him, his hands caressing her bottom cheeks.


"Really?" she asked, lifting her head.

"Really," he agreed, turning them so she was beneath him.

"How long do you think I would have lasted?" she asked in all seriousness.

"A day," he answered as he bent his head to kiss her. "My heavy hand on your bottom would have made sure of that."

"It would have been a white hot spanking?" she asked, worried and relieved at the same time.

"Until you gave me your word," he murmured, kissing her. "I would have given you a white hot spanking every day, my love. And each white hot spanking would have been followed by white hot lovin'. I think we could use some of that white hot lovin' now."

~ End ~

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