Snippets One...
by sarAdora

"My next physical fitness test is around the corner, bambina. I'm thinking about making a parachute jump again. It's been a few years since I did that," JC mentioned casually over breakfast.

"Jump out of an airplane?" There was a stunned look on her face and a brief moment of silence until her wits returned. "You do that," Spencer shouted, standing and pointing a finger at him, "and I'll blister your ass!"

"Ohhhhhhh...." Her hand instantly covered her mouth, shocked at what had come out of it.

He roared with laughter, his whole body shaking with mirth.

"Quella piccola Little one," he chuckled, swinging her into his arms and up in the air before depositing her on top of the kitchen counter. "Ti amo, Spencer," he continued to chuckle as he took both of her hands in his. Kissing one palm and then the other, he looked at her with a wolfish grin. "You're going to blister my ass? With these little hands? Tell me, baby," he asked, his laughter back in full force. "I want to know how you're going to get me over your knee."

She giggled.

He laughed and pulled her off the counter and into his arms. "I think you need to be across my knee, bella."

"You're going to spank me?"


Oh, thank God!

"Then you're going to love me?" she asked hopefully.

"What do you think?" he murmured as he carried her upstairs to their bedroom.

"I think I'm your weakness in life."

"Your sweetness is my weakness," he whispered as they pulled each other's clothes off.

He warmed her bottom with a loving hand, the spanks delivered slow enough to tingle and make her squirm. His other hand stroked her back and finally, his arm surrounded her waist so his hand could cup her vulva and tease her while she arched into his hand. When she calmed, he turned her onto her back and inhaling the scent of her arousal, indulged his mouth before plunging into the center of his universe.

~ End Snippets One ~

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