Snippets Ten...
by sarAdora

They fell asleep to a light rain, windows opened slightly, the sound soothing them as they lay entwined in each other's arms.

Thunder in the distance rumbled softly on the conscious edges of her mind, her body turned toward his, her face nestled in his neck. His arms automatically tightened around her, his deep drawling baritone comforting her and taking precedence in her dream state.

All was quiet until the wee hours...

Lightning flashed, filled the room with neon fireballs... spitting... crackling.. roaring its presence into their bedroom...

She screamed awake, heart racing, breath gasping, body tensed...

"Sono qui I'm here,"  he murmured, pulling her back into his embrace. He held her tight as she burrowed into his chest, hiding her face and her fears in his arms.

It quieted again but she was restless, waiting for the death light to flash again.

"Bambina," his voice whispered. "You're safe. I'm here and you're safe. Nothing's going to hurt you."

She responded to his voice and his touch, her body a blossom opening its petals to him as he gentled her with his hands and mouth. Soon, his body filled hers, loving her, taking the time to prolong his pleasure and hers. Drenched with fear and then passion, her tears flowed in the aftermath of their loving, her body trembling as he cradled her to his chest, his words lulling her back to sleep.

"Shhh, mia amore. Shhh, bambina. I'm here and I'm loving you."


The sun had long since heralded the morn when she finally opened her eyes, the warmth of his body familiar and comforting.

"You're staring at me," she told him as she reached for his lips.

"Like to watch you sleep," he murmured, returning kisses.

"Why?" she asked as she had countless times before.

"Like to look at you," he said simply. "Like to look and know that you are mine."

"Did you love me last night?" she arched a brow, trying to remember.

"Mmmm," he replied, his mouth zeroing in on her throat.

"Did you touch me?" she sighed as his lips made contact.




"Were you fresh?"


"Ohhhh. Are you going to be fresh again?"

"Oh yeah."



"What are you going to do?"

"Touch you... kiss you..." he murmured as his head dipped to her breasts.


"All over, bambina."

"All over?" she sighed, the soft feel of his lips beginning the sweet slide of pleasure.

"Everywhere," he murmured as his mouth slid south. "Every inch of you is mine, zucca pumpkin.  Every inch."

"Are you sure?"

"Dead sure."

"Do other men love their wives like you love me?" she asked as her body responded to his ministrations. "Do they make love as often as we do?"

"Don't know," he replied as he sat up and turned her over his lap. "Some couples mate," he said as he bent to kiss the back of her neck, one hand under her, the other resting on her bottom cheeks. "If it's sex for the sake of release, it's just that and nothing more. But if it's to bring both of us pleasure," he whispered as his hand began the stinging tingling spanks that drove her wild. "Then it's lovemaking in its purest form - lovemaking that should happen often to reinforce the bond between a man and a woman who love each other."

"And you love me," she gasped as his hands worked in concert, one teasing heat from her core, the other applying heat to her bottom cheeks.

"And I love you," he affirmed as he turned her over and showed her just how much he cared.

~ End Snippets Ten ~

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