Snippets Eleven...
by sarAdora

Early days...

"Bambina, I'm home!" he called as he walked through the door.

"JC!" she came running and leaped into his arms, making him chuckle. "I had my hands full or I would have been here sooner," she sighed as she kissed him hard. "You're home early."

"My arms have been empty all day," he murmured, holding her tightly to his chest. "I've missed you terribly," he added as he nuzzled her neck.

"Everything okay?" she asked, cupping his cheek.

"It is now," he smiled, carrying her into the living room to cuddle on the sofa. "What did you do, today?" he asked as he settled her on his lap, his arms holding her in a loose embrace, his lips brushing her brow.

Thought about that bet we made," she grinned. "And I walked the whole trail a couple of times and I bet I can still beat you!"

Laughing at her declaration, he kissed her until she lost her breath, then stood and tossed her over his shoulder. "Okay, bambina," he chuckled when she squealed and headed toward their bedroom. "You're on! Let me change clothes and we'll see who can run that trail the fastest."

The running trail was a path through the forest behind their Virginia home. It had been walked so many times, it had been worn down to little more than a narrow and long winding clearing that was mostly free of branches and other natural debris. JC had run on the path for several years and had shown it to Spencer shortly after they were wed. He ran each morning before reporting for duty and again, most evenings. He was a U.S. Navy Seal on active status and it was one of many physical activities he engaged in to keep physically fit. He could be deployed at a moment's notice; his physical fitness was necessary to accomplish any mission his team was assigned; it also helped insure his life and the life of others.

There was no way Spencer would be able to finish the course faster than he could. He smiled at the imp as she changed into her running shoes and thought about the penalty he'd make her pay for losing the race.

Spencer wasn't born yesterday...

She had been walking and jogging JC's personal running trail for several days. She felt comfortable with most of the ins and outs of the path, where to avoid a few low branches and where most of the large roots were that could trip her. There was a fork in the path about midway to the end - both were about the same length and either was fair game. Spencer knew that the only way she could run the entire path and beat JC was to find a shortcut that would take her to the end of the path. She'd leave her hair ribbon to prove she'd been there and then zigzag back to their house before he realized what happened. And... she had discovered a shortcut. Unfortunately, it meant climbing a tree and working her way over the twisted branches of several more, but it cut about ten-twelve minutes off the run. It would take her about four or five minutes to use the shortcut and that would put her five minutes ahead of JC. Five minutes going and five minutes returning was a distinct advantage. She was ready to take him on.

"We'll warm up with a little jog," he told her as they came down the back stairs and into the yard. "You just walk a little briskly, bambina. Don't want you to wear yourself out so early in the race."

Spencer snorted at his antics. "Are all the Commanders in the U.S. Navy as smug as you?" she baited.

He had jogged ahead of her but heard her biting comment and laughed with glee. Jogging back to her, he circled her a couple of times and then swung her in the air. "Do you yield, innamorata sweetheart?"

She laughed at him. "Fat chance! And we forgot to discuss the stakes. What do I win when I beat you?"

"Whoever wins gets to be on top," he teased. "You'll be beneath me," he breathed into her mouth just before kissing her. "My hands will be on each side of your breasts... my thumbs will tease the peaks... Sound good, mia amore?"

"JC," she sighed, giving in to the moment. "What if I win? What happens then?"

"Well," he murmured as he held her close before setting her back on her feet. "You'll be above me, your breasts will swing free... in my face... near my mouth... tempting me. Hmmm," he winked at her. "Maybe I'll slow down and let you win after all." His laughter rang out as Spencer blushed a fiery red. "C'mon. Let's run."

JC let Spencer take the lead and kept a steady pace beside her. They hadn't been married long and he didn't know her quite as well as he thought he did. Spencer wasn't terribly competitive... usually happy to yield to whatever he wanted to do, but jogging was something she enjoyed fully. She was determined to show JC she wasn't an easy mark.

JC was confident he'd win the race. He had thought about keeping just a few steps ahead of her so when she lost, the race would be close and Spencer wouldn't feel too badly about losing. U.S. Navy Commanders (and Seals) are supposed to be confident of their skills; however, not all of them have a wife that can wipe the look of arrogance off their faces.

They were running at a steady clip, neither breathing hard when they reached the fork. Spencer took one path, JC took the other and chuckled, thinking Spencer would run at a faster pace and quickly run out of steam. The race was his.

He was right; she did run at a faster pace, but only until she reached the copse of trees with the aerial path. Quickly, she climbed up to the twisted nest of branches that cut across the tops of heavy tree trunks - the same tree trunks that were rooted in hilly soil that caused the running trail to veer one-quarter mile in a round-about direction. In no time, she slid down on the other side of the trail and reached the end of the path before JC did.

They had previously agreed to leave a memento at the end of the path. If Spencer saw an empty key ring, JC had beaten her to the halfway mark. If he saw the hair ribbon with the special knot he tied in it before the beginning of the race, Spencer had reached the halfway mark before he did.

She heard his roar just as she reached the aerial path on her return trip and giggled in triumph. JC could still win the race if he put on the speed but she had an edge and was determined to give it the good ole' college try.

To his great disgust, she was sitting on the back steps waiting for him. Chest heaving, he walked up to where she was sitting, and took the stance of command - feet apart, his arms folded across his chest, his "look" of disapproval quickly morphing to a glare as he attempted to stare her down.

She giggled.

He chuckled, unable to be angry with her for winning, but determined to know how she did it.

"Tell me what you did," he ordered. "There's no way you can run faster than me and maintain the pace. Did you sprout wings?" he teased.

"Sort of," she grinned, ignoring his tone.

"Tell me how you did it," he ordered again.


"I'll spank you!" he threatened as he swung her up into his arms.

"I won fair and square!" Spencer hissed. "You should be proud of my... my ingenuity!"

"Hmmm," he mused, tossing her in the air and catching her only at the last minute.


"Tell me how you did it," he insisted again.

"Didn't you tell me that Seals accomplish their missions any way they can?" she asked as he sat on the back steps, settling her on his lap.

"That's right, bambina, any way we can," he confirmed. "But we also try to follow the predetermined plan."

"Wellll," she drawled as she reached up to cup his face and kiss him, "I had a predetermined plan and I accomplished the mission. I won the race!" she chortled, very pleased with her strategy.

"Did you run the entire path?" he asked, wondering how she could have avoided doing so, the ribbon she left at the turn-around was the one he handed to her at the beginning of the race.

"Uh huh," she replied.

There was something in her tone... he was suspicious.

"Tell me how you did it," he asked once more, his voice softer now and husky as his hands began to wander over her.

"Name, rank and serial number! That's all you'll get!" she snapped as her hand rose in a gesture similar to a salute.

JC chuckled. "I see this calls for more serious interrogation. We'll continue this investigation inside... in the shower."

"Wooooo hooooo!" she snickered, then yelped as his hand landed a sharp swat on her posterior.

He couldn't understand how she had won the race but the warm shower spray and the lather she was soaping on his chest caused him to shelve his curiosity for the moment. Her wet bare breasts were pressed against him, her hands were composing rhapsodies... her mouth... his body hummed a happy tune...

She had won the race so when they finally made it to their bed, she was on top... her breasts in his face... he was very happy.

"Want to race again?" she dared to ask when they were sated, limbs entwined.

He looked at the imp in his arms and laughed softly. "Yes," he agreed. "Let's race again and this time, I'll take the same path you take."

"On the other hand," the imp improvised. "Perhaps we should consider another bet... something else. How about... I'll bet you can't figure out how I won and if you can, I'll... um..."

"You mean you didn't win fair and square?" he growled, sitting up and turning her over his knees before she took another breath.

"I did!" she squealed as his hand swatted her butt, light tingly spanks that soon had her purring.

"Tell me what you did," he murmured as his lips kissed the cheeks he had pinked.

"Name, rank, serial number," Spencer whispered, giving in to the wonderful sensations caused by JC's hands and mouth.

"Spanking, loving, more spanking, more loving," her husband whispered back.

"Ohhh," Spencer nodded. "You win."

~ End Snippets Eleven ~

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