Snippets Thirteen...
by sarAdora

First honeymoon...

He pulled sweats and T-shirts out of the duffel bag for both of them, and insisted she wear socks so her feet wouldn't get cold. When she was clothed, he held her at arm's length and wanted to know who she was.

"What happened to the sensuous siren who loved me senseless this morning, woman? Who *are* you?"

"Hmmm," she hummed, crossing her arms over her chest. "I'm... your superior and commanding officer," she decided.

"Don't look like any commanding officer I ever had," he pursed his lips.

"Actually, I'm the wife of one of the Navy's up and coming stars," she admitted, cupping her mouth and whispering the secret. "He's one of the Navy's best kept secrets, you know... and a Seal. So you better show some respect."

"You're married to a Seal?" JC asked, arching his brows in shock. "Just who the hell is this Seal?"

"He's a squid," the imp grinned, heading for the door. "Just another little sailor in the big blue sea."

He was on her in a second, an arm around her waist, lifting her off the floor and tickling her. Pulling her sweats down to her knees, he tossed her over his shoulder, grinning as she wavered between laughter and protest. "I recognize that butt," he chuckled, rubbing his palm over it. "I think you might be my commanding officer, after all."

"I order you to put me down, squid," she tried to snarl, but choked on her laughter instead.

"Aye-aye, ma'am," he responded smartly, still holding her fireman style as he went down the stairs.

"Now, little sailor!" she ordered. "Or I'll order you to strip."

"Okay with me as long as you're naked too, ma'am."

"That's it! Drop and give me two hundred, squid."

"Aye-aye, ma'am. I'll do them on top of you."

"Five hundred demerits, Mister!"

"That's a lot, bella. Is that negotiable?" he smiled, lowering her feet to the floor and cupping her bottom.

"Not when you're touching me like that, it isn't."

He pulled her sweats up and gave her a light swat. "What are we having for breakfast, sweetheart?"

"Are we talking food?"

"Yes, food," he grinned, "but other sustenance later."

She rolled her eyes and groaned. He laughed.

They were still at the breakfast table when he lifted her, his practiced hand pulling her sweats off, and then pulled his own down to his knees. It seconds, he had impaled her on his hard shaft, her legs straddling his waist and his hands cupping her butt, keeping her pressed to his groin. "Ride me, baby," he urged, pushing up into her. "Push down... all the way, sweetheart... all the way... that's good..." he groaned between breaths. "Harder, sweetheart. I want to feel you... every inch of you... grabbing me... squeezing me..."

Spencer felt the warm gush of his ejaculation and collapsed against him, breathing harder than usual. JC stroked her back, then slipped out of her as he stood, laying her on the tabletop. Their coupling had been swift and brief and he wasn't sure Spencer had peaked. He bent over her, inhaling the aftermath of their joining, and put his mouth on her clit, instantly sucking the wet pulsating bundle of nerves.

"JC..." she moaned.

"Hush, baby. Close your eyes, enjoy," he murmured, his tongue and lips quickly bringing her to climax.

He watched her float back to him, never tiring of looking at her, always eager to share her pleasure. Helping her sit up, he kissed away the few tears on her cheeks, no longer surprised when she shed them in coitus. He shook his head at his sensuous bride. Of all the women he had known, she was the only one able to expose his carefully guarded emotions, bringing them to the surface, his defenses useless in her presence.

"I love you, imp," he said quietly, another affirmation of his recent vows. "You make my life full."

"Mmm," she hummed, stroking the side of his neck.

"Tell me you love me," he demanded, his voice still soft.

"I love you, squidlet," she tweaked his nose. "And it's because I love you that I forgive you for making me sore."

"How sore?" he asked, rubbing the butt he had kept rosy since they arrived at their honeymoon cottage, his fingers snaking down to test the fullness of the other pinked flesh surrounding her opening.

"Almost as sore as the first time you loved me," she murmured, covering his hand with hers, stilling his movements.

"Do you remember that first time, baby?" he asked, moving to the couch, still holding her, his hand comfortable between her thighs.

"How could I forget?" she blushed. "You loved me non-stop for over a week. Every time I..."

"Couldn't resist you," he murmured, pushing her back against his arm, spreading her thighs a little further apart. "Can't resist you now."

"JC," she moaned softly. "Promise me you'll never take aphrodisiacs."

He chuckled, covered her mouth with his and squeezed her. "Don't need any, sweetheart. You're the only stimulant I need. I look at you and I need to touch you. I touch you and I have to kiss you... and after that, I have to bury myself inside your sweetness." His lips roamed over her face and neck, his hands cupping her breasts as she kissed him back.

"Let me feel how sore you are," he said, his palm gently easing over her vulva, one long finger probing her heat. "You *are* a little tender, baby," he confirmed. "I can feel a little swelling here. Do you remember how we got the swelling to go down the time we...?"

"The time you loved me all night after our first party? That time?"

"Yes," he grinned, remembering details of that night. The imp was in full blush. "As I recall, I came home the next day and found you sleeping with a large pillow between your legs."

"No couth," she muttered. "Absolutely, no couth."

He laughed. "I'll put warm wet cloths on your sore spots," he promised. "But first, I want to kiss them and make them better."


"Have to kiss them, wife," he murmured, slipping down between her thighs. "It's my duty as your husband to take care of you." His lips rubbed against her slightly swollen folds, the tip of his tongue gently teasing her. "Then, there's conjugal rights. Did I tell you what that means?" he asked as his mouth moved over her pink opening, his breath warm on her tender flesh.

"I know what conjugal rights are, squidlet," Spencer moaned softly, his lips and warm breath making her want more of him.

"You probably think they mean marital rights, the joining of a husband and wife."

"Isn't that what it means?"

"For other couples, yes, but in *our* marriage, it's more than that, dolcezza. It's loving you in all ways that bring you pleasure," he told her, his hands cupping her bottom and lifting her closer to his mouth. "It's sharing that pleasure. It's your willingness to yield to me any time and anywhere and every time I need to love you - which is *always*," he vowed.

"Wicked," she murmured, reaching for him but he straightened up and pulled her with him, pulling her thighs over his shoulders. His mouth closed over her clitoris, pushing her to the edge of an orgasm, then drew back to lap her nectar.

"Now, JC," she insisted. "I need you now."

"You're too sore," he teased, the flat of his tongue teasing her clit again, her orgasm imminent.

"Please," she begged.

"Follow my orders while we're here?" he asked softly.

"Only if you follow mine," she countered, her breath getting heavier as she reached up to tweak his nose.

"Insubordinate imp," he laughed softly, bringing her fulfillment, watching her body tense, buck, and then relax in his embrace. Pulling her onto his lap, he held her while she regained her breath, content with her in his arms.

"Still sore?" he asked a few minutes later.

"Terribly," she confirmed, smiling impishly.

"I'll have to do something about that," he smiled back. "Every day, imp," he cupped her cheek, kissing her brow, at peace with the world.

Spencer closed her eyes and dozed, her head on JC's chest, his arms around her, at peace in the arms of the man who loved her.

~ End Snippets Thirteen ~

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