Snippets Sixteen...
by sarAdora

Early days...

Married six months, they often spent entire weekends loving each other. She was sated, but exhausted. When she wasn't at the door to greet him, he entered quietly and moving on silent feet, searched for his imp.

When he saw her, his face broke into a wide grin. She was asleep on her side lying on the futon in her sewing studio Ė with a huge pillow between her knees. She must be feeling a little tender. He pursed his lips.

I'll have to do something about that.

Instead of her normal sleepwear - one of his T-shirts and panties - she wore dark blue silk pajamas he had never seen before. The Seal trident pendant he had given her was clutched in one hand, but he had no illusions as to why. He was sure she was conjuring up mischief in her dreams. He didnít call her his imp for nothing.

Tossing his cover, he removed his jacket, shoes, and tie and lay down behind her, burying his nose in the nape of her neck and inhaling the scent of her. Smiling contently, he slipped his hands under her pajama top and around to her silky breasts. He caressed them gently, relishing the fullness of them in his hands and stretched his thumbs to tease her nipples. They hardened immediately; she turned to look at him.

"I see you're home early," she said softly. "Didnít take you long to pick up where you left off either." Placing her hands over his, she stopped the movement of his fingers. "Is there no end to your libido, sailor? Isnít it time to haul anchor and move on to another port of call? I think youíve worn this one out." She reached up to kiss him. "Give me your mouth, you beast. I need to taste this end of you."

JC smiled at her words and kissed her fully. His tongue explored her mouth and her tongue explored his. "You canít keep me away, sweetheart. As for my libido, I only have to touch you and I want more. I see you and I think how much I want you. Another port of call? Never, baby. We have just begun to love each other." He kissed her mouth again and moved to her throat and then, he licked the shoulders he was exposing as he unbuttoned her pajamas.

"Tell me about this," he grinned and patted the pillow between her knees.

"I am so sore. JC, you have no couth. You tortured me last night."

He laughed. Her face was turning rosy.

"Mmmm, I probably need to kiss away that soreness. Let me see." He pulled at her pajama bottoms, but she resisted.

"No! Iím keeping them on."

"No, youíre not." He pulled at them once more and she held onto them again. "Let go of them, Spencer."

"No!" she snapped, annoyed for no reason.

JC arched a brow. She was the only person he knew who didnít hesitate to defy him. Spencer showed no fear of him and he admired her courage. He glared back at her, smothering his laughter. I've seen warriors seasoned from combat stand down when I've glared at them. But not this sassy imp. Not that it mattered. He wasnít going to give in. He covered each of her hands with his and firmly removed them from her pajama bottoms. Then he held both of her hands in one of his and pulled those pajamas down. She fought him, but it had been a losing battle from the start. She was naked now, from the waist down. Her silk pajama top was unbuttoned and the edge of her breasts peeked at him. She took his breath away.

She was erotic and sensuous and spitting mad. She squirmed and wiggled and tried to loosen his hold Ė and from her point of view, she called him terrible names: cretin, bully, octopus... as if octopus was an insulting substitute for squid, he chuckled. He knew she was sincere. These were the words Spencer used when she was angry. He gazed at the wildcat in his arms and caught a glimpse of the unmanageable ragamuffin she must have been as a child. God, how I adore her!

Using his no-nonsense voice of authority, he gave her the look he reserved for any breach of insubordination. "Are you going to behave, woman? Or do I have to use more drastic measures?"

Oh yeah, like that was going to work.

"Drastic measures? Who do you think you are?" Then, realizing the absurdity of the situation, she giggled.

JC chuckled and lay down again to hold her. "Who do I think I am, you imp? I've told you many times; Iím the sailor who loves you." Pulling her top away from her breasts, he leaned down to suckle at them and to run his hand down her smooth belly. "Now let me see if I actually did any real damage to your beautiful..." his hand reached a little lower and stroked her lightly. "...delicious... bottom."

She turned away from his hand and kept her thighs together. He sighed, put one gentle hand on her bare butt Ė still rosy from the previous night's lovemaking - the other on her stomach - and simply turned her over. Parting her resisting thighs, he held her in that position. Her folds were still puffy and passion's button was still enlarged. But she didnít look nearly as swollen as she had been when he left this morning. "What did you do to reduce the swelling, sweetheart?" he asked as he blew little breaths on her labia.

Spencer was suddenly shy that he was looking at her and remained silent. JC found her shyness delightful and grinned. "Tell me."

"Stand down, mister," she commanded. "Or stand up or... whatever. Come here... where I can see your face next to mine."

Her words made him chuckle but her sex exposed to his gaze invited his attention and he placed a light kiss on her most sensitive spot.

Spencer immediately jerked back and he chuckled again, moving up to kiss her blushing face. "Tell me, sweetheart."

Burying her face in his neck, she mumbled a few incoherent words.

JC pulled her face up to his, his mouth split with a wide grin. "What? Tell me again." She tried to turn away, but he held her in place. "Tell me," he smiled, enjoying the sweet blush on her face.

"Youíre a beast, JC."

"This beast loves you. Tell me what you did," he said again and cupped her face with both hands. "

I... uh, I could barely stand, JC. I was so... sore. I... umm, I canít believe Iím even telling you this," she moaned, her face getting pinker with each word. "I canít believe I... I put hot, umm...warm... very warm washcloths between my legs to ease the swelling. I had to do this... uh, several times." Spencer was now in full blush and couldnít meet his eyes. "Iím not in the habit of, umm... I mean, except for a shower or a bath, I donít... uh, touch myself."

JC completely lost it. His whole body shook with laughter, his breath coming in gasps as the laughter bubbled up and rang out. He was fortunate he was hugging her because if her arms werenít pinned, she would have made every effort to do serious damage with her fists.

Spencer didnít find any humor in the situation and glared at him, most indignant at his response to her confession. "And you, you lecherous squid, do more than enough touching for... I mean, I certainly donít *have* to touch... will you please tell me what is so funny?"

"Sweetheart," the big lug continued to laugh. "I regret I wasnít home to rub those warm washcloths over all your delicious parts. I would gladly do that for you..." He paused, the laughter consuming him again, making her glare at him. " you wouldnít have to touch yourself. Iíll make it up to you. Iíll do it for you...later." When he could stop laughing long enough, he leered at her. "I forgot how virginal you were before we met."

Her teeth snapped together as she tried to bite him.

"Of course, I canít say that now," he chuckled.

She aimed for his neck, nipping flesh before he could stop her.

"Now, your talent and your skill almost matches your hunger for my body." He arched a wicked brow that made her eyes grow wide. "Youíve turned into a wanton, sexy siren," he whispered huskily. "...luring me... enticing me... entrapping me...loving me."

Spencer knew she loved JC but they had been married a short time and she was still unsure whenever he teased her. It gave JC great pleasure to tease his bride and to see her blush. And he knew her admission had made her shy. He had loved her thoroughly the night before and she had been responsive to his every touch, loving him in return and now she was suddenly shy that he was looking at her body. He loved that shyness in her, that ambivalence, and he knew that made her blush as well. He also knew a few other ways to make her blush and he would show her what they were...later.

"Did you eat anything today?" he asked, his mouth at the hollow in her throat.

"I had two glasses of milk," she replied automatically, her hands in his hair.

"Anything else?"

"Some chocolate and a box of Twinkies."

He pursed his lips and raised his head, looking sternly at her. "What am I going to do with you, bambina?"

"JC, please tell me that question was purely rhetorical."

He laughed at that. "Put your pants on imp before I decide to warm your bottom and love you senseless."

Spencer groaned, her bottom was still pleasantly sore from numerous sweet spankings and slightly swollen from much intimacy the night before. She was dressed in record time.

"I brought home Chinese. I thought you might like that." Swinging her up in his arms, he carried her to the dining room. When she started to protest that she was capable of walking, he shook a finger in front of her nose. "I donít want to hear any complaints out of you. You said you could barely stand. Understood?"

"Hmmm," she said as she grabbed that finger and sucked it hard.

"Oh baby," he groaned. "Keep doing that and I'll forget how sore you are... I'll love you right here," he set her on top of the dining room table. "... And have you for dinner."

"JC, I'm hungry," Spencer complained, reaching for the takeout containers.

"Me, too," he assured her, his hand reaching under her pajama top.

"Feed me!" she demanded.

Laughing, he pulled her onto his lap and opening one of the many containers of food, began to feed her with his fingers.

"I'm not a baby," she told him. "I'm perfectly capable of sitting in a chair and feeding myself."

"Youíre *my* baby," he murmured, kissing her between bites. "Eat up, mia amore; I'm hungry for you and you're dessert."

~ End Snippets Sixteen ~

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