Snippets Seventeen...
by sarAdora

The night before... he went to sea after they were wed.

Suddenly and without warning, he turned onto his back, pulling her with him. "I need you, sweetheart," he said huskily. I need to bury myself inside you. I need to be a part of your body." Lifting her hips, he thrust into her with great urgency and held her tightly against him. With his hands pressing her hips to his, he pushed into her as far as he could and stayed there, holding her, relishing their union. His arms held her in a tight embrace while his lips moved over every inch of her face and Spencer knew he was memorizing her features before he sailed.

"JC," she whispered as her hands reached up to cup his face. "Slow down, my love. We have all night."

All night wasn't long enough. JC couldn't get enough of her and hoped she wouldn't be too sore in the morning. He loved her hard, burying himself in her body, flooding her womb. He cupped her bottom when she curled against his side, his hand squeezing and kneading flesh, the occasional tingling spank keeping her bottom warm in his hand. And when he couldn't wait any longer to love her again, he kissed every inch of her, his mouth following the trail of his hands, inhaling... tasting... loving her. He absorbed as much of her as he could, knowing he would call on these memories over and over again while he was away.

Spencer loved him back. This would be their first separation and her need was equally great. She kissed him and touched him and took her time enjoying the velvety feel of him and rejoiced in the feel of his hands and mouth and body touching and loving hers. When he entered her, his loving was so intense they were no longer two separate bodies, but one complete and single entity soaring through time and space and into the wee hours of the night.

0630 Hours
When JC woke, neither he nor Spencer had moved all night; his arms remained wrapped around her. Most of Spencer's body was on his chest; her head was on his shoulder and her breath was warm against his neck. She had one hand covering his ear; the other stretched down and tucked beneath his hip. He moved a hand to the back of her head and ran his fingers through her hair. She stirred slightly and he murmured to her, turning his head to kiss her brow. "Spencer baby, I love you," he whispered.

Before he left, she told him she had slipped a package into his duffel bag and gave him instructions. He was not to open it until he was ready for bed. He held her tightly before he left and was startled that he had trouble letting her go.

"JC, my love. I'll miss you. Call me if you can. I'll be here waiting for you, squid."

JC gave her a soft sweet kiss that became a demanding one. As her lips moved beneath his, her hands caressed his face and the kiss became soft and sweet once again.

At sea...

Ship's movement had consumed his attention until they were well under way. When he was finally settled with the day's events behind him, JC was good and ready for bed. He was also eager to open Spencerís package. He read the note that was taped to the top.

Quietly - I wait for you
Heart full and arms empty.
Silently - I wait for you
Hugging our love, my body aching.
In solitude - I wait for you
Wanting you, my soul beckoning.
Come to me, my love
I wait for you.

"Mi manchi, mi manchi, mi manchi, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you," he murmured.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. He was busy every minute of the day and many nights, following his manifest, giving orders, seeing them through and fulfilling his missions. And when he was finally relieved of duty for a few hours, his thoughts drifted to the woman who held his heart. He shared as much of his life with her as he could, writing long letters, calling at least once a week, more often if he could get a ship-to-shore line. When his ship moved into less friendly waters, the calls ceased.

It was a long and hard separation.

She worked all hours of the day and night, exhausting herself so she could sleep at night. She talked to him while she worked, making audio tapes to send to him in care packages, adding long rambling written notes, the occasional current picture and always included boxes of homemade cookies. After a few months, she told him she was going to go back to school, work toward a graduate degree. He was pleased; the time would go faster for her if she added classes to her daily routine. He encouraged her to pursue that goal.


Too many months later...

She turned the water off, tied a towel around her waist and stepped out of the shower. The bathroom door was open and he walked into the bedroom just in time to see her reach for a second towel to dry her hair. When she bent over to rub her scalp, he stood stock still, his eyes focused on her bare breasts. Catching a glimpse of him in the bathroom mirror, she froze for a long moment and then squealing with delight, ran into his arms, losing both towels along the way. JC's heart immediately filled and he laughed at her impulsiveness, catching her up in his arms and into a tight embrace.

"JC! JC! JC!" she murmured, kissing him. "I missed you, I missed you." Hugging him tightly, she couldn't rain kisses on his face fast enough and once started, she couldn't stop.

He held her high against his chest, one hand on her bare butt, the other on the back of her wet head. Barely humming a response, he returned kisses with increasing desire.

"I'm home, sweetheart," he finally murmured. "And I am so *damn* hungry for you." Not wasting a moment in small talk, he tumbled them onto their bed, continuing to kiss as many parts of her body as he could... a breast, a thigh, her throat, the inside of her elbow, her navel... and somehow managed to shed his uniform in under a minute. Holding onto her, he rolled onto his back so he could feel the entire length of her body on top of his. It had been too long since they had touched but his hands knew her body well. He had been empty without her and like a hard-core addict moving back from methadone to the real high, the more he touched her, the more he wanted her and there was no way in hell he was going to stop the momentum.

Familiar territory was remapped, his hands moving up and down her back squeezing her bottom and caressing the skin. He was eager to spank her the way he loved to spank her, the way she responded to each tingling sensation. And then he let his fingers travel up and down her sides, tickling her lightly just to hear her soft giggle. Catching the edge of the fullness of her breast, his mouth moved toward it to suckle lightly. His hands and mouth rejoiced as they moved over her, remembering all the details, touching the familiar places, reestablishing their physical bond.

Her hands were not idle. She rubbed his neck and shoulders while she murmured endearments. When her mouth finally caught his, she sucked his lower lip between hers and when he groaned at the sensation, she nibbled on his jaw. And when she finally lowered her hands to the tops of her thighs - where they met his and touched - she slid both thumbs over the tip of him. His groans were barely uttered before she lifted her hips and guided him toward her core.

In a single fluid motion, he turned her over, lifted her thighs up and apart and plunged into the sweetest heaven on earth. She was in his arms... again. She was with him... again. All was right in JC's world.

~ End Snippets Seventeen ~

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