Snippets Eighteen...
by sarAdora

"Damn, damn, damn!" she hissed, grabbing her foot and holding it. "Ohhh, it hurts, hurts," she moaned, abruptly sat on the floor, rocking and hugging her foot to her chest.

He was at her side in an instant. "Bambina! Let me see. What did you do?"

"Nooooo, don't touch!" she yelled, pushing him away.

Ignoring her protests, he picked her up, kissed the tears on her cheeks and took her into the bathroom. Holding her on his lap, he lifted her foot and ran warm water over it. "This is a bad scrape, bambina. Did you catch it on the refrigerator door?"

"Hmmm... that's enough," she said, pulling her foot back.

"No, have to clean it, it's bleeding a little."

"It's okay."

"No, it isn't." Despite her efforts to pull her foot away from his grasp, he held onto it while he reached under the bathroom cabinet to retrieve the bottle of Betadine soap.

"Nooooo," she protested again. "That's going to sting."

"It won't sting, sweetheart, and it needs to be cleaned so it won't get infected."

"I'll do it," she said, reaching for the soap.

"But I'll do it right," he smiled, kissing her pouting face.

"You're a piss ant!"

"Uh huh. I am," he agreed, gently washing her scraped foot. "When was your last tetanus booster, Spence?"

"When was yours, squidlet?"

"You need a tetanus booster, baby. No need to take chances. It's just a shot."

"I'll get one if you do."

He thought for a moment. "Agreed. Let's get you dressed. You'll wear thong panties so nothing has to be pulled down," he informed her. "I know how shy you are about your body," he grinned.

When he put her down, she threw the bed pillows at him, making him chuckle.

The nurse at the infirmary was happy to accommodate the Admiral and his wife and asked who wanted the shot first.

Spencer volunteered immediately, making JC instantly suspicious.

She bent over the exam table, pulled her sweats down on one side and in seconds, it was over.

"Your turn," she smiled at her husband, rubbing her butt.

He was very proud of her for not making a fuss... when he should have been suspicious about her compliance.

He bent over the exam table and slipped his sweats down. The nurse lifted one side of his boxer shorts and aimed the needle toward his right buttock.

Just as she was about to touch skin, Spencer fell against the nurse's arm causing the needle to stab sharply into his flesh.


The unexpected stab startled him and he yelped.

Spencer laughed. "Such a wuss you are," she told him, patting his rump when he stood. "And here I thought you were a brave Seal. Tsk," she admonished. "Yelling about a lil 'ol shot."

The nurse giggled; she was a lieutenant. The senior ranked officer pursed his lips and arched a commanding brow. The nurse made a very quick exit.

"You want me to drive, honey?" Spencer asked with a wide-eyed and practiced look of pure innocence.

"I don't suppose you had anything to do with that needle stabbing me, did you, imp?" he asked with the same arched brow as his excessively large hand wandered suggestively over her tush, a spanking implied.

"I love you, squid," she told him as she slid into the passenger seat.

"Good thing," he chuckled. "It will make spanking you that much sweeter."


He had work to do and after one firm swat and a tight hug, left her alone when they returned home. Later in the day, he went looking for her to check on her foot and to reapply a healing cream. She was sitting on their bed reading a novel.

"Give me your foot, bambina," he said as he reached for it.


"Give me your foot, Spence," articulated slightly firmer.


He loomed over her, his hands gently pushing her shoulders down until she lay on the bed. Going nose to nose with her, his grin widened as she glared at him.

"Give me you foot, Spencer," he said softly, "or give me your foot after I warm your tush."

"Did I ever mention you have no couth?" she yelped as she suddenly found herself draped over his thighs, her bottom bared and in the air.

"A few times," he chuckled as his hand came down in a brief volley of spanks that merely stung and were soon forgotten as the same hand provided deliverance in the form of gentle pats and very satisfying rubbing.

"More?" he asked.

"Only if it's sweet," she hummed. "Otherwise, no."

His soft laughter was wicked and sweet all at the same time, and she thought she might let him take care of her foot later if it would make him happy. He continued the tingling spanks for a few more moments and then with skill honed to perfection over the years of their marriage, he pulled the rest of her clothes off as he turned her in his arms.

"What are you doing?" she asked as he rolled over and pulled her onto his chest. "I'm naked and you're not."

"I will be in a minute." And he was.

"I think there's something about this bed," she sighed as his hands and mouth followed the path to greater pleasure. "I'm always naked when you're around."

"Li desidero il senso che avete entrato nel mondo, bambina. That's because I always want you the way you came into the world, bambina,"  he murmured as he covered her body with his own. "Nudo... amare... ed il miei propri. Naked... loving... and my own."

~ End Snippets Eighteen ~

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