Snippets Twenty...
by sarAdora

When she opened her eyes, he was leaning on an elbow staring at her. She smiled and then remembered that he had spanked her a little too hard the night before. Her lower lip jutted out, a pout forming as she thought about what she would say to him.

Smiling, he knew what she was thinking and bent his head to suck that pouting lip between his own. His smug smile irritated her and he drew back just in time to avoid her snapping teeth.

"Bambina..." he warned.

"You didn't have to spank me so hard," she pouted. "I didn't do anything wrong and you let me think it would be a sweet spanking. That was low," she hissed and turned her back on him.

Smothering his laughter, he nuzzled his mouth into the back of her neck, her long curly hair silk on his face, the scent of her more arousing with each passing second. "I love you, bambina," he murmured, his arms surrounding her, pulling her closer to his bare chest, his hands traveling south to bring her greater pleasure.

"Why did you spank me so hard?" she asked softly, trying to pull his hands away from her body and failing miserably.

"It started out as a sweet spanking," he explained, stroking her inner thighs and slowly spreading them to give him better access. "You were so wet, mia amore," he husked "and you weren't protesting... I didn't want you to burn but I wanted you to feel the heat so that when I loved you, you would warm my belly. I love to feel your hot tush when I make love to you," he whispered, his fingers slipping down the center of her folds, up again... down... until she moaned.

"It turned you on?" she asked, breathing hard. "A hot tush makes you want to make love?"

"Spanking is very sexual, bambina. Whether it's sweet or harsh, it's a sexual act. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

"Even when it's a hard spanking that I don't want?"

"Si, when it's a hard spanking, I want it over with and then I need to give you pleasure to remind you how much I love you."

"You mean it turns you on and you need to make love to me so you can forgive yourself for spanking me so hard."

His soft laughter rubbed her the wrong way and she pulled away from him only to feel his arms catch her easily and immediately enfold her into his embrace again. "Would you rather I made you stand in a corner like a naughty girl?" he asked, his voice soft as he gently pushed her onto her stomach, his larger body covering hers and holding her down, his breath warming her neck.

"Like that would ever happen," she snorted indelicately.

"What makes you think it wouldn't?" he replied as his teeth nipped one earlobe and then the other.

"Because I would never stand there, that's why," she smirked, confident.

"And if I gave you a hard spank every time you moved out of the corner?"

"You'd hurt me on purpose?" she asked softly.

"Never, bambina," he swore, lifting up to turn her over and cradle her close. "Mi spiace I'm sorry.  I was teasing you, bella. I could no more hurt you than I could forget to breathe and I would never put you in a corner. Now closets..." he grinned. "I'd be happy to put you in a closet... with me... naked... on the floor... making whoopee."

"You're a wicked man," she told him, cupping his face and kissing him sweetly. "A very wicked man."

"And this pleases you?" he smiled as he kissed her back, one hand kneading her bottom cheeks.

"You please me very much," she told him. "Except when you spank me too hard. I don't want you to do that ever again."

Considering his words in response to her demand, he pulled her head to his chest and rested his chin on her hair. It would be easy to tell her that if she behaved, she wouldn't get sound spankings, but that was the kind of thing one said to a child and she wasn't a child.

He bit the bullet.

"I love to give you sweet spankings," he murmured as he tilted her head back to kiss the hollow in her throat. "You're delicious and each time I spank you like that, you beg me to love you. I love when you beg, bambina and I can't wait to love you. But know this," he said softly in that tone he used when he had made a decision that wasn't going to change. "If you need a sound spanking... for whatever reason... you're going to get one."

"Did I ever mention you're a beast?" she grumbled, pushing him away.

"Did this beast ever mention that I love you very much?" he smiled at her continued petulance and lay back on the bed, pulling her on top of him. "And the more you object, the stronger I feel about it. You earn that spanking and you will get that spanking. End of discussion."

"So if I never do anything again that you think deserves a hard spanking, then you won't do that again, will you?"

"I have a feeling that's not likely to happen, bambina," he chuckled as he rubbed her butt. "You are who you are and I am certain you'll do something that will deserve a serious discussion between my hand and your parte inferiore bottom cheeks  and that discussion will take place over my lap," he added as he rolled them over, his manhood probing her heat.

"You have no faith in me," she protested but softly because her arms had automatically encircled his neck when he spread her thighs.

"I have every faith," he laughed softly. "I would be sorely disappointed if you were no longer my birbantella dolce sweet naughty imp."

"See! You need an excuse to spank me," she huffed even as her legs wrapped around him.

"No, I don't," he smiled as he thrust into her, the sensation of her tight womb surrounding him making him shiver. "And I don't need an excuse to make love to you, either," he whispered between breaths as he brought them closer and closer to that special place lovers go when they are joined and each is eager for the other.

"Promise me all our sweet spankings will stay sweet," she said softly when she could focus again.

"I will try, bambina, but I cannot promise," he murmured as he rolled them onto their sides and gathered her closer to his chest. When she would protest, he placed a finger on her lips and then rubbed his cheek against hers, his mouth brushing feathery kisses over her face.

"I love you so much," he whispered against her temple, his arms enfolding her as his hands stroked her back. "When I touch you, I need to touch you everywhere. When I hold you, sometimes... I need to hold you so tight, I'm afraid I'll crush you and when I spank you sweetly, mia amore..." he breathed into her mouth as his hands cupped her bottom. "My need for you is so great... It takes all my willpower not to overwhelm you with my strength. I want you so," he swore. "All I can think of... is sinking deep inside you and feeling your body respond to mine. I want you again and again and..."

"Promise me lots of sweet spankings," she murmured as she snuggled against him, his love all that really mattered regardless of the occasional extra stinging swat in the middle of their lovemaking.

"Prometto I promise,  he swore as his body sought hers again. Per voi... sculacciate dolci ed amare dolce, molto amando. For you... sweet spankings and sweet loving, much loving."

~ End Snippets Twenty ~

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