Snippets Twenty Four...
by sarAdora

A few months after they were wed...

"I'm thinking the Laurentians," he told her one January morning. "I've arranged for three weeks off duty and we could spend it in a cabin deep in the heart of those Quebec mountains. Lots of snow there, woods we can hike in and nobody around when we want to make whoopee." His eyebrows wiggled at her, making her laugh. "Or if you'd prefer, we could go somewhere warm - maybe, Naples or Punta Gorda or the Virgin Islands. What do you think, bambina? St. Croix is nice this time of year. Where do you want to spend that honeymoon I promised you?"

"Ummm...I can't swim, JC. Let's go to the mountains."

"Can't swim? You never learned to swim?"

She shook her head.

"I guess I'll have to teach you," he said softly, pulling her onto his lap. "How come you never learned to swim?"

"Public pools... too far to the lake where it was safe enough to swim and..." she paused, biting her lip. They were married but still very new to each other...

"And?" he probed.

"And I didn't own a bathing suit."

"I'll buy you all the bathing suits you want, bambina," he promised. "And when we return from our honeymoon, I'll take you to the pool at the base and teach you how to swim."


There weren't too many people at the pool on a chilly evening. The Navy used the facility year-round but serious training was conducted during daylight hours and though the pool was heated in the winter, few families took advantage of it. Except for a few sailors swimming for pleasure, they had the pool to themselves.

"I will never ever get enough of you," his words soft, filling her ear with his rich Texas drawl. They sat on the side of the pool, her back to his chest with his arm around her, letting her get used to the water lapping at her bare feet. "Do you like your bathing suit?" he asked, his chin on her bare shoulder as his eyes drank in the view of her cleavage.

"Didn't you get enough of me on our honeymoon?" she teased, cupping his cheek with her palm. "And I *do* like my bathing suit, thank you."

"Will never get enough of you, bambina."

"I'm going to get in the water now," he said later. "Okay?"

She nodded and watched him slip in and then go under, come back up and shake his head to splatter her. She laughed and with that laugher, he reached for her and holding her by the waist eased her off the side of the pool and into the water.

She had his neck in a chokehold.

"Bambina," he chuckled. "It's alright. I'm holding you. You can let go. Nothing's gonna happen to you. I've got you."

"It's deep; I can't reach the bottom," anxiety in her voice.

"I'm holding you, Spence. Relax. Get used to the water. I won't let you go."

She loosened her grip around his neck only slightly, her breasts plastered tight against his chest, her legs moving up to straddle his waist.

He laughed, enjoying the feel of her body and the buoyancy of the water surrounding them. Murmuring his encouragement, he urged her to take a big breath. "We're going under, bambina. Just to get us wet, 'k?"

"We're already wet," she squealed as he dipped into the water.

"I'll hold you," he murmured as their heads went under and no sooner were they totally submersed, he brought them right back up again.

"You okay, sweetheart?" he asked, her death grip on his neck tightening and threatening to choke his larynx.

"Mnggghs," she uttered and took a big breath.

"You afraid of the water, baby?" he asked gently, one arm around her waist, the other rubbing her back.

"A little," she admitted.

"Okay, don't want to turn you into an Olympic swimmer, just want you to feel comfortable in the water, comfortable and safe. Move your legs with mine - back and forth. We'll tread a little while, that's it, bambina. You're doin' it right."

"You won't let go?"

"Shhh, I won't let go, I promise."

"What happens if we stop moving our legs like this?"

"We sink," he chuckled and stopped moving his legs and dipped them under the water and back up again.

"JC!" she gasped and hiccuped, her hands around his neck again.

"Spence," he pretended to choke. "You're gonna strangle me, ease up."

"I can't."

"You better," he smiled, pulling one of her hands away from his throat. "How am I gonna explain the marks you're leaving on my neck? Well sir, you see it's like this. I was at the pool and this mermaid attacked me and tried to pull me under and..."


"I'm not letting go of you, Spencer. I promise. Now let's float, okay? Stretch out baby."

"I can't."

"Yes, you can. I'm holding you," he murmured, dipping his head to kiss her.

"JC... I..."

"Shhh, sweetheart, it's all right. Let's do it this way." Easing back until he was floating, he slowly pulled her on top of him, his soft murmurs encouraging her, his arms holding her loosely until she was settled on the length of his body. "There... is that better?"


"Good. Now, kiss me, sweetheart."

She inched up to kiss him, her weight shifting their balance in the water and causing his body to dip beneath the surface a little further.

"JC!" she squealed.

"Baby, it's okay," he quickly soothed her. "We're okay. Kiss me. Show me you feel safe with me holding you."

Spencer kissed him... a gentle flutter of her lips on his, one hand clutching the back of his head, her fingers grasping his hair.

"You call that a kiss?" he growled softly. "I need more than that, Spence, much more. Come on, kiss me. Put your arms around my neck and kiss me."

She took a big breath and trusting him to keep her safe, she put both arms around his neck in a tight embrace and kissed him, her lips moving over his until she gasped for air.

"Holding your breath?" he chuckled.

"In case we go under," she said, taking another deep breath and kissing him again.

His laughter was soft in her ear and he suggested she take a really big breath because they *were* going under... She did and he covered her mouth with his, the underwater kiss exciting and scary at the same time. His lung capacity was far greater than hers but he brought them up for air long before she was straining for breath. And then he told her he needed to kiss her again... and again... and soon Spencer began to relax under the water for those brief episodes, safe in his arms.

"That's my girl," he murmured when he finally surfaced for a while. "Get on top of me, easy sweetheart. Good, bambina," he smiled as she inched her way on top of him, no longer in a panic each time his body dipped. "Relax, Spence, that's it. You're doing great. I'll turn you into a mermaid in no time."

"Have you always known how to swim?" she asked, feeling more confident now, the only hint of her previous anxiety showing itself in the way one hand continued to hold tight to his arm.

"Can't remember a time when I couldn't swim," he recalled. Spent a lot of summers in Galveston growing up - we had a beach house on the Gulf. My Dad used to take me out sailing, too. Those were some good times," he smiled. "And now we'll have some good times, you and me, mia sirena piccola my little mermaid."

"Sirena?" she asked. "A lady siren?"

"A mermaid, bambina. Gonna turn you into a sexy mermaid. You already have the sexy part down pat," he assured her, nipping her earlobe as he turned her so her back was to his chest. With his arms holding her, his legs slowly treaded water and then maneuvered them into a corner of the pool, his broad back shielding her from the other swimmers.

His arm around her covered her breast and gently, he pressed against it. The slightly taut nipple teased his skin, the surrounding softness of the round globe a sweet sensation. His free hand cupped her other breast, his thumb rubbing the nipple until she sighed and then his mouth nibbled at her ear while his palm replaced his thumb.

"Is this part of the swimming lesson?" she asked, a hint of laughter in her voice.

"Your reward for being so brave," he whispered.

"I think the reward is two-fold, squidlet," she laughed. "You're such a randy squid you couldn't wait till we were home again. Double dog dare ya to admit it," she teased as she reached back to cup his cheek.

"It's a simple matter to lift you a little higher, bambina," he chided, "and spank you right here for being so sassy."

"Wait till we're home," she smiled and slowly turned in his arms until she faced him. Lifting her head for his kiss, one small hand reached down and fondled him.

Startled, he yelped, pulled back and scowled.

She laughed and then, so did he.

"Feeling brave, sirena piccola little mermaid?"

"Uh-huh," she smiled, leaning against the wall of the pool and suddenly lifted a leg and pushed her foot into his groin. Just as suddenly, he grabbed her by the waist and turning her toward the open pool, pushed her onto her back and held onto her as his legs scissored them through the water.

"JC!" she exclaimed, alarmed.

"Una sirena piccola malandrino A naughty little mermaid,"  he chuckled. "And one who is going to be spanked royally," he added. And within seconds, he turned onto his back with his naughty little mermaid safely anchored on top of him. His arms held her close, his hands gentle on her back as he soothed her with soft words.

"That wasn't very nice of you," she grumbled when she could breathe easy again. "Scared the beejeebees out of me."

"I'll be nice to you when we get home," he promised.

"How nice?"

"Lots of kisses and chocolate," he assured her as he moved them toward the edge of the pool, lifted her out of the water and then pulled himself up to join her.

"Kisses and chocolate?" she arched a brow at the prospect.

"And a royal spanking, sirena piccola little mermaid,"  he smiled.

"But a sweet one, right?" she asked as he wrapped a towel around her. "I mean... I'm a sexy mermaid and sexy mermaids deserve sweet spankings, don't they?"

"Oh yeah, very sweet," he chuckled as he tossed her over his shoulder and delivered one firm swat to her bottom much to the delight of the sailors still in the pool.


"Mermaids can't walk, bambina; they don't have legs."

"This mermaid is going to get even with you, mister!"

"Can't wait, piccola little one,"  he laughed.

By the time summer rolled around and the Navy's pool was filled with more families, Spencer knew how to swim well enough that JC let her get into the water without him by her side. He kept her in sight at all times but let her experiment a little on her own. The sailors that had been in the pool during her lessons were also aware of her presence in the water and inadvertently, watched her as well. She was water-safe.

"I might drop by the pool," Spencer told her husband one very warm day just as he was leaving for work.

"Who's going with you?"

"No one. I want to do a few laps and then maybe, read a good book."

"I don't want you near the pool by yourself, bambina. Stay home, today."

"I can swim, JC!" She was most indignant. "You're the one who taught me!"

"I'm the one who spanks you, too," he reminded her in that voice he used when he had made a decision. "And just in case you decide to go anyway..." he let the thought dangle like icicles. "I'll call ahead and warn the pool manager that if you show up, he's to call me and let me know."

"You...!" she sputtered but he chuckled, hauling her into his arms and delivered a quick hard smack to her bottom.

"And that's just a taste of what you'll get when I catch you, mia birbantella piccola my little imp.  Imagine how entertained the audience will be when I spank you in front of them!"

"You wouldn't dare," she scoffed, then not really certain... "Would you? Would you spank me in front of them?"

"No, bambina, but I think I'll do that now so you're not so eager to put on a bathing suit that might show off your rosy bottom. What do you think?" he asked as he removed his jacket, the prospect of arriving late to work not phasing him in the least.

"JC..." she backed away from him but his long arms reached her before she could get away.

"A royal spanking, mia sirena piccola my little mermaid,"  he smiled broadly, picking her up and heading back to their bedroom. "And then a royal loving," he murmured as he set about to fulfill both royal events.

~ End Snippets Twenty Four~

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