Snippets Twenty Seven...
by sarAdora

Way back... in the beginning...

He had been watching her since he woke, his hand palming her cheek, his lips dropping occasional kisses on her brow as he inhaled the scent of her in slumber.

They lay face-to-face and when she opened her eyes, she smiled at him, her first smile of the day and nowhere near her last.

"Good morning, funny face," he smiled back and rubbed that smile on her mouth.

"I have a funny face?"

"You have a pretty face."

"I'm pretty?"

"You're beautiful, sweetheart."

"What were you doing?" she asked, covering a yawn with the back of her hand.

"Watching you."



"Because why?"

"Do I have to have a reason?"

"I'm hungry," she announced, ignoring his question.

"You're always hungry. I think you need a little lovin' before we have breakfast."

"No, I'm sore. We've been loving non-stop all week and I need a break. I'm too sore for more loving. Let's eat instead."

"I'll kiss all your sore spots," he assured her, pulling her closer and rubbing her bottom cheeks.

"That's how I got sore in the first place," she murmured and took advantage of her position to nip his neck.

"Don't leave marks on me," he warned. "I'll be in uniform tomorrow and I don't want to have to defend your honor."

"Defend my honor? As if!" Spencer nipped him again and then yelped when he landed a firm swat on her butt.

"Of course I'll have to defend your honor. Everyone knows we're an item and they keep asking when I'm going to make an honest woman out of you."


"When they see you've left love bites on me, they'll want to know if we're serious or if you're just another sweet little gal waiting for me in just another port of call."

"Let me up!" Spencer demanded, trying to pull back from his embrace.


"So I can go find your pistol and shoot you!"

"Sweetheart," JC laughed. "I'm teasing you. And you wouldn't want to shoot the man who keeps you so sweet and so sore, would you?"

At her look of cynicism, he hugged her tight, his mouth making inroads on her throat, between her breasts and further south. His hands caressed, stroked, squeezed gently and when he was finally seated within her, he told her how much he loved her.

"How many other women are waiting for you around the world?" Spencer asked when she could breathe easy again, her arms around his neck, her fingers playing in his hair.

"Only you. No one else, baby, only you."

"Do you say that to all the ladies you bed when you sail into another port of call?"

"No. I tell them I'm saving myself for you."

"You haven't known me long enough to tell anyone that."

"Next time I will."

"Next time?" Indignation filled her voice and she grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked it hard.

"I am definitely going to spank you if you make me bald before my time."

"Spank me? As if!"

"Give me kisses," he demanded.

She kissed him and when he was finally satisfied - for the moment - he loosened his hold on her and again, told her how much he loved her.

"You haven't known me long enough to love me."

"You're getting closer and closer to that spanking I warned you about."

"You're too old for me," she informed him. "And you have a birthday in a few days. What do you want for your birthday, old man?"

"Marry me."

"Marry you? How long have we been seeing each other? A few short weeks? You want to start a life-long relationship based on a few short weeks?"

"I know I love you," JC murmured, his hands still stroking her. "And you love me so we should go ahead and make it official and get married."

"What makes you think I love you? I don't even know you!"

"You don't?"

"Okay, you're great in bed but... YEEOUCHHH! That hurt!"

"*Your* butt, sweetheart. Are you going to marry me or do I have to keep toasting your butt until you say yes?"

"Not the most romantic proposal I've ever heard," Spencer replied, frowning as she thought about his words. "Do you promise to feed me?"

"I'll feed you."

"What about my cats?"

"I'll feed your damn cats."

"And..." she arched a delicate brow.

"And I'll change the litter box."

"Ohhhhhhh," Spencer sighed. "That's true love. Okay, I'll think about your proposal. I'm starved. Let's eat."

"Let's take a shower first," he said and pulled her into the bathroom, holding her while he turned the water on.

"Don't get feisty," she warned. "I'm still sore and..."

"And you need some of my gentle lovin'," he announced.

"JC! Enough!"

"Never enough," he grinned, his hands slowly doing naughty things, her soft sighs all he wanted to hear.

She toasted bagels while he made cream cheese omelets, slathered cream cheese on them and ate half of one despite his protests that she would be too full to eat his eggs.

She ignored him and started on the other half when his arm snaked around her waist and she was lifted off the floor, the bagel dropped to her plate.

"You're going to eat my eggs," he told her.

"You're a very bossy sailor," she informed him, grabbing hold of her uneaten bagel.

"If you don't eat the eggs, I'm gonna toast your butt."

"Tsk. You and what Army?"

"Army?" the naval officer snorted, making her laugh.

She ate the eggs he made for her and while he lectured her on how superior Navy squids were to Army grunts, she stole his bagel, drank his coffee, and wanted to know what was for dessert.

"Where do you put it?" he asked, dumbfounded at the amount of food she consumed and still managed to remain slender.

"When you love me non-stop, it burns fast," she said matter-of-factly. "Any danish? Doughnuts? Coffeecake?"

"How about kisses?" he murmured as he pulled her onto his lap. "Kisses and another reminder that I want to marry you."

"Maybe for your next birthday," she whispered, his kisses halting anything else she might have said.

"That's a whole year you'll be standing," he told her between kisses, kneading her bottom cheeks.

"You're not gonna spank me till I say yes."

"Wanna bet?"

"What happens if I say yes?"

"We'll get dressed, go the courthouse and get a license, get a chaplain to do the honors, and get hitched."

"That's it?"

"No. As soon as we're hitched, gonna spank you for making me wait so long and then I'm gonna love you for the rest of our lives."

"I think I'm going to make you wait a little longer, squid."

"I think I'm gonna start spanking you right now."

... And he did.

... And a few short weeks later, Spencer finally said yes. Happy Birthday Squidlet!

~ End Snippets Twenty Seven ~

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