Snippets Three...
by sarAdora

"Hey Squid!" Michael yelled across the garage, his hand filled with nails. "I need a wood hammer to finish this bookcase. Where's yours?"

"Barney's right over there," JC pointed, then chuckled.



Several months earlier:

Even though they had long since returned from their honeymoon, they still spent most of their weekends in each other's arms.

But it was inevitable. It had to happen. Eventually, they had to get out of bed - where they had spent the last several hours... making love, cuddling, snuggling, dining off each other's bodies, teasing, dozing in each other's arms, making love, doing what many newlyweds do if they're lucky enough to love and be loved. They had paused only long enough to eat takeout, shower, change the linens, open a window for fresh air and then went back to making love...

JC had to get out of the house. If he didn't get out of the house, he was going to haul Spencer back into his arms, rip her clothes off and start the honeymoon over again.

Spencer had to get out of the house. If she didn't get out of the house, she was going to jump JC's bones and her tush was a little too warm from all the spanking games and she was feeling a bit sore from all the loving.

"I need to work on the car," he told her.

"Okay, I'll stay here and read a book. How long will you be?"

"Don't know," he murmured, kissing her brow and fastening his jeans, headed for the garage.

And changed his mind.

"Spence..." he turned toward her.

She giggled.

He chuckled and pulled her back into his arms. "Come into the garage with me. You can hand tools to me as I need them."

It was another hour before they made it to the garage. Spencer's midriff was short enough to expose her belly button which lured his mouth, kisses progressing to other parts of her body, her giggles, his chuckles, their happy sighs... their need to touch each other again... their loving all that mattered.

"Hand me that big pliers," he said when he finally raised the hood on the car.

"This brown thing?" she asked handing it over.

"Uh-huh," he murmured thanks, his hand accepting the tool, his eyes on one of the mysteries that made a car run.

"You sure have a lot of tools, JC."

"Uh-huh. Hand me a screwdriver, Spence. The Phillips and I'll take that Allen wrench while you're at it."

Phillips screwdriver? Allen wrench? They have names? Who knew?

She looked at the large array of tools neatly lined on his workbench and wondered which one was Phillip and which one was Allen... This could be Phillip, she decided, picking up a medium sized screwdriver and examining it. Of course, it could be a Benjamin, too... hmmm. Looks more like a Benjamin.

"Spence?" JC called out. "The Phillips are the screwdrivers that look like drill bits at the end."

"Ohhhhh, of course," she exclaimed, wondering what drill bits looked like. This is definitely Phillip,  she decided, picking up an ice pick-looking tool. But what a stupid name. Looks more like Tony, the mobster. Leave it to a man to name them all wrong.

"Here you go," she smiled, handing Tony a.k.a. Phillip over.

"Baby, this is an ice pick... You don't know what a Phillips screwdriver is, do you?" He chuckled. "Let me show you."

He pointed out the various Phillips screwdrivers, all with the same pointy tip and in different sizes. Then he picked up an ordinary looking wrench and declared it was Allen. Spencer rolled her eyes. She knew a Bill when she saw one. Tsk.

"And this, I suppose," she said pointing to a smaller set of gripping tools are Joseph, Joe and Joey."

"No," JC smothered his laughter. "These are vice grips and they don't have names."

"Are you laughing at me?" she glared, certain if one of the tools had a name, they all had names."

"Never, bambina," he choked on his words. "You can give them all names if that will make you happy."

"What's this one's name?" she asked, picking up a heavy mallet a.k.a. wooden hammer.

"Uh... Barney," JC replied with a straight face. "That's a Barney."

"Ahhh..." Spencer smiled. "Looks just like a Barney to me."

"And this," he declared as he cupped her bottom, "is a tush that needs some lovin' attention."

"What do you call it besides a tush?" she grinned, backing up into his embrace.

"Mine," he murmured as he scooped her up and took her back into the house.

~ End Snippets Three ~

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