Snippets Four...
by sarAdora

Early days... They hadn't known each other very long when they wed; the love was evident between them and growing, but they were still learning each other's habits, idiosyncrasies, limits...

They had spent a vigorous afternoon entwined in each other's arms in bed and in the shower and had paused for a bite to eat. Spencer didnít want what JC was eating. She toasted an English muffin and layered peanut butter and then blueberry jam on each half. Pouring a glass of skim milk, she stood at the kitchen table to eat, her bottom a little tender from all the sweet spankings.

JC had made an overstuffed sandwich of cold cuts and cheese. He reached for a beer but at the last minute, decided to have a glass of milk as well. He sat on a kitchen stool relishing the snack but mostly he was watching Spencer eat and enjoying that. Her wet hair had been brushed back and her face was squeaky clean. At this very moment, he could not find a lot of the woman he so recently made love to in the shower.

Standing there, he thought she looked like a little kid in his over-sized T-shirt. There was a dab of peanut butter on her chin and a drop of milk at the corner of her mouth. She seemed to be taking great pleasure in licking the jam off her muffin before biting into the peanut butter. And he noticed she kept a hand on her glass of milk at all times. Childhood habits,  he thought. She hasnít outgrown them.

Spencer was working on a second glass of milk and didnít want the other half of her muffin. Reaching for the glass that was half way to her mouth, JC gently pulled it away from her. "Iíd rather you filled up on that," he pointed to the muffin. "You can finish the milk later."

"No. Give me the milk please."

"Come here," he said opening his arms. Lifting her onto his lap, he pulled the muffin closer. "Iíll take a bite and you take a bite, okay? Then, you can have some milk."

Spencer was not sure about this and she momentarily held his gaze, but she was getting tired and JC was holding her gently. "Okay, you take the first bite."

He did and it was a very small one. Then he held it for Spencer to take her turn. She took a normal sized bite, swallowed and reached for the milk. He let her have it but removed it when it looked like she was going to drink the whole thing. She looked at him sharply but didnít pursue it. Taking another bite, she purposefully aimed the muffin toward JCís mouth and tried to smash it in his teeth. He let her push about half of it in and there was very little left. Not commenting, he chewed and swallowed, wiped his mouth with a paper napkin and then turned to her with the remainder. Reaching for her mouth, Spencer grabbed it from him and put it in her mouth by herself, eyeing him very suspiciously. He let her finish the milk and then reached down to caress her bare bottom.

But Spencer was not happy with his bossiness and catching his arm, let him know it. "JC, I am not a little girl. Please do not treat me like one. Iíll eat what I want and Iíll drink what I want. Is that clear?"

Keeping a neutral expression, JC didnít respond but looked at her pensively, as if he was thinking about an appropriate retort.

"Is that understood Mister!" she snapped.

The humor of the situation did not escape his notice. Spencerís little speech had been delivered sternly but his bare thigh was starting to react to her warm bare bottom. The corner of his mouth was curving up and did not escape Spencerís attention.

"Was there something funny about what I said, Mr. Sailor Man?"

With one hand on her back and the other precariously close to her bottom, JC maintained his neutral expression and tone of voice; not an easy thing to do when his fingers itched to stroke her. "Yes maíam Ė no maíam. Perfectly clear maíam. Understood maíam."

Spencer was sure he was not taking her seriously. "JC, put your hand on your own thigh. Now listen up. I want to tell you something."

The tone of her voice was not harsh but it was one that JC recognized as similar to his own no-nonsense tone when he was about to deliver a dressing-down to whomever had just displeased him. She had surprised him and he listened intently.

"When I was a kid, about ten or eleven, there was a boy in school who liked to pick on me. He was your average cretin bully type. He would pull my hair or pinch my arm as I walked by. Sometimes, heíd grab my notebook and throw it in the air and Iíd have to scramble for it. Heíd trip me in the hall and Iíd go flying across the floor. Heíd poke me every time he got close enough. One time he caught me outside the restrooms and pushed me against the wall and touched me all over and it was awful."

She paused a moment as if remembering the details of that embarrassing event. "He was bigger than me and stronger and he made sure I knew it. He constantly taunted me with ugly threats about what he was going to do to me. I got pretty good at avoiding him but as Iíve told you before, I get even. It may take a while but I can be *very* patient when necessary." Spacing her words very carefully, she announced, "I Ė got Ė even!"

"What did you do?" JC was curious to know the details.

Spencer looked him in the eye and held his gaze. She smiled.

"Well?" he asked.

"I got even, JC. It was *very* satisfying. I got even!"

"What did you do?" he asked again, a hint of exasperation in his voice. "Did you catch him with his pants down? Push him into traffic? Hit the S.O.B. with a baseball bat? What?"

Spencerís smile got broader and a low chuckle escaped.

JCís curiosity was at an all-time high and he demanded answers. "Tell me this, is the guy still alive?"

"If he isnít," Spencer remarked with a smile. "It wasnít anything I did."

"Is the guy still walking around?"

"If he isnít, it wasnít anything I did." Her smile was wider. JC did not like the way the conversation was going. When he asked questions, he expected immediate answers. He gave her a look that said he clearly expected an answer. "Spencer, what exactly did you do?"

Laughing aloud, she looked back at him with a very wicked smile. "I Ė got Ė even Ė JC. Now, do *not* treat me like a little girl again. Remember that."

"Spencer, do you know the penalty for threatening a U.S. Naval officer?" His voice remained soft, but his look was clearly intimidating. He had morphed into officer's mode. Under other circumstances, Spencer might have been a little frightened by the way he delivered this missive. For sure, no one under his command would have done what she did next.

Slipping off his lap she put her hands on JCís chest and gazed back at him. "Worried JC? You should be." With that impudent remark she ran her fingers down and lightly over his crotch and then, kissing the hollow of his neck, she whispered. "Be afraid, Commander, be very afraid."

Rushing to make a quick exit, she paused just long enough to add a little more fuel to the fire. "Gonnaí throw me in the brig, Mr. Sailor Man? Put me on bread and water? Make me beg for mercy?"

JC gave her a head start and then silently came up behind her as she entered the bedroom. Slipping an arm around her waist, he pulled her close to his chest and whispered in her ear. "Iím not gonna throw you in the brig little girl, but I might warm your bottom 'til you beg me to make love to you. I wonít put you on bread and water but little girl or full-grown woman, I will not allow you to get sick because youíre not eating enough. And for damn sure, I am going to make you beg for mercy."

Turning her in his arms, he looked at her sternly but the look gave way to a tender smile because he wasnít really angry. "No one has ever given me the sass you dish out regularly... and lived," he teased. "No one has ever had the nerve. Have you no fear, woman? Youíve threatened a Navy Seal. Do you know what Seals are like? Do you know what they're capable of doing?"

"Slapping their flippers together while balancing a ball on their nose and stinking of fish breath?" asked the sassy, and totally fearless woman in his arms.

"Oh yes," he promised, cupping her bottom and lifting her to his chest. "I am *really* going to make you beg for mercy."

Later... when he had warmed her bottom until she begged him to love her... and he loved her and loved her and loved her until she begged for mercy... he held her sated and sleepy body in the cradle of his arms.

"I'm exhausted," JC told her. "You keep jumping my bones and..."

"Me?" Spencer objected. "You're the one who..."

His mouth covering hers halted her outburst and as she regained her breath, she drifted into sleep, safe in the arms of the man who loved her.

"And if you ever stop jumping my bones," he whispered to her sleeping face, "I will die of starvation from want of you."

~ End Snippets Four ~

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