Snippets Five...
by sarAdora

Early days...

"Were you a good girl, today?" he asked when he came home.

"Of course I was," Spencer replied. "I'm always good."

JC rolled his eyes. Spencer laughed.

"And when I'm bad," she pulled out of his embrace to wink at him. "I'm *really* good."

"I know you are," he said, his voice husky with desire. "I brought you something. Let's go look at it."

Moving to the living room, he took a large gift box out from behind the couch where he had hidden it the day before.

"For me?" she asked with some wonder, her eyes wide as she looked at her husband of eight months. "JC, Iíve never... you're always giving me presents. Before I married you, nobody ever gave me... why?"

"Because I wanted to. Come here." He held out his arms; she sat on his lap on the couch. Placing the gift box beside them, he urged her to open it. He was eager for her reaction.

Spencer untied the big pink bow and slowly lifted the box top. When she removed the top tissue paper, she stared at a face staring back at her. It was a doll. A large cloth doll Ė with red curly hair and a painted face with a very wicked grin. She lifted the doll out of the box and burst out laughing.

JC grinned.

The doll wore a can-can costume Ė a scanty bustier with its prominent breasts barely covered Ė the nipples clearly visible through the bodiceís ties.

The multi-layered ruffled skirt was short in front and long in back and she wore fish net stockings and high button shoes. Her whole body was pinkish and Spencer was sure she was more than just a can-can dancer.

"Is she wearing garters, JC?"

"Why donít you look?" He was really enjoying this.

She lifted the dollís skirt to take a peek. Not only was the doll dressed in garters, it was also wearing a G-string. Spencerís face turned crimson. The crotch of the G-string had a hook and JC reached over and unhooked it. The doll was anatomically correct - the slit was a feathery mound with a dark pink button peeking through Ė and a slight indentation near the bottom.

"Sheís a slut!"

"You think so, sweetheart?" He was shaking with uncontrollable laughter at her reaction.

Spencer quickly covered her up and still blushing, grabbed his jaw. She started to glare at him but the giggles were escaping. "Was there a particular reason you gave me a doll that... that is totally lacking in couth, Commander Lech?"

"Well..." he drawled. "I was in a gift shop looking for a doll for you and this sexy number was sitting on a piano. The proprietor came over to show me the dollís... umm... finer points..." JC was still chuckling. "...and immediately, I thought..."

"You thought of me?" Spencerís eyes opened wide and she stared at him. "You didnít! You didnít dare! You did, didnít you?" She gave him a hard pinch. It must not have been hard enough because the lech was still laughing. "You didnít tell the proprietor it was for me, did you? Did you? JC!" She was sputtering.

"Well, it did remind me somewhat..."

She grabbed more of his flesh, but he caught her hands, pushed her onto her back and covered her mouth. "We could always compare your... umm...bottom with hers, sweetheart," he teased. His reflexes were good and he moved just in time to avoid her knee and her fist. In the ensuing tussle, he got her pants off and his mouth where he wanted it, and then it didnít matter to Spencer what the dollís finer points were. When he carried her to bed, the slut of a doll was lying spread-eagle on the couch with her head off the side and her bottom Ė with its finer points - in the air.

The next evening, Spencer went into the bedroom to find the slut doll sitting on their bed with a leg raised. The G-string was unhooked and one hand was touching itself intimately. She shrieked when she saw it and JC, in another room, knew she had discovered the doll, and roared with laughter.

~ End Snippets Five ~

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