Snippets Six...
by sarAdora

Spencer heard JC pull into the driveway and poured the wine. Tonight, they were going to privately celebrate his promotion. When he opened the front door, she was lying on their couch against the armrest wearing a floor length navy bathrobe. One leg was on the floor and the other was on the back of the couch. Her robe was closed and she had a glass of wine in each hand.

JC grinned broadly and placed all his packages on the nearest chair. Tossing his cover and removing his jacket, he kicked the door shut and was sitting between her legs in a matter of seconds. Pulling her close to him, he kissed her deeply. "I thought this day would never end. I couldnít wait to hurry home and love you." She offered him a glass of wine and as he sipped, he eased one hand under her robe.

"Uh-uh. Patience, Captain, patience."

He took her wineglass and placed it with his on the floor beside the couch. "Iíve never had a lot patience, bella and right now, Iím fresh out." He pulled her onto his lap and kissed her again. "I love you, Spencer. I love you." Slipping a hand under her robe once again, he didnít feel skin and pulled her robe completely off her shoulders. "Whatís this?" he asked as he pulled her upright so he could see what she was wearing.

"Does the sailor who loves me approve?" She was wearing a navy silk camisole that barely reached her belly button. Sewn in gold thread across her breasts were the words, "Property of the Navy's newest Captain."

JC cupped both breasts and grunted. "He approves." Reaching lower, he wanted to see what else she had on. When he pulled her robe completely off and spied the G-string, he burst out laughing. Also embroidered in gold thread, the tiny triangular navy silk patch bore the letters "JCís."

"Mmmm, the Captain believes this needs a much closer inspection." Grinning, he pulled her up to her feet so she was standing on the couch between his legs. He turned her slowly and when her bare derriere was in his face, he rubbed his cheeks back and forth on her sweet bottom over and over again and kissed her there. Then he turned her blushing body so that he was facing that small silk triangle and placed his mouth there, kissing her through the cloth.

His breath seeped through the silk and though Spencer was holding his head against her, she was losing her balance. He reached up to pull her back down beside him and stretched out on the couch holding the length of her beside him. Stroking her neck and breasts, he pushed a muscular thigh between hers and murmured. "Youíre mine, bambina. You belong to me."

They fed their initial hunger for each other by kissing and touching familiar places. Then Spencer, always ready to eat, wanted to know what he had brought for dinner. "This is as naked as I get at the dining room table, Captain. So if youíre ready to eat, nowís your chance before I change my mind and my clothes. Wouldnít hurt if you had a few less clothes on either," she added with a wicked leer.

He thought the little pieces of silk she was wearing were quite adequate for what he had in mind so he quickly divested himself of everything but his boxer shorts. "Sit, stay here, donít move." he commanded.

"Aye-aye, sir."

JC thought she agreed too easily, so he gave her a stern look that made her giggle. He grinned at that. He loved her giggle.

He placed two dining room chairs so they were facing each other a few feet apart. Then he filled a platter with cold shrimp and large sea scallops next to a bowl of cocktail sauce. Their wineglasses and a tall bottle of white zinfandel were available at his right hand.

Picking her up so her legs would straddle him, he placed Spencer on his lap and began to feed her. A bite of shrimp dipped in sauce Ė a sip of wine. A scallop dipped in sauce Ė a sip of wine. He also indulged, but had several bites of the cold seafood in between sips of wine. Eventually, he was balancing her tipsy body so she wouldnít fall over.

A few sips of wine later, he stretched his legs out until they were propped on the other chair and leaned Spencer back so she was lying on them. Pulling her camisole up, he smeared cocktail sauce on each breast and then took a scallop and licked the sauce. Keeping his warm lips on her nipple as his mouth chewed and swallowed the cold seafood created those sensations that caused her to make those throaty sounds he loved. Treating both breasts equally, he was ready to remove her G-string when she sat up.

"Have to go to the bathroom. Donít move. Sit. Stay. Iíll be right back, Captain. And thatís an order."

JC chuckled. She couldnít even sit up without falling over. He hauled her up into his arms and took her into the bathroom.

"Get out. I can do this by myself," Spencer insisted. "Why donít you lay down in the bed?"

Good idea.

He carried the wine bottle to bed, removed his shorts, and lay down. She came out of the bathroom shortly afterwards. "I did what I had to do and I washed in case you... um..."

"In case I what, sweetheart?" His grin was a mile wide knowing that Spencer could never have said those words if she werenít tipsy.

Spencer didnít answer him but somehow managed to get on the bed without assistance and knelt between his legs. She motioned for him to hand her the wine bottle and took a small sip. Then without any fanfare or warning, she took his quickly thickening shaft into her mouth and swirled the wine around it with her tongue. And then she swallowed. She repeated this several times and finally sucked hard and swallowed instantaneously.

He delivered.

She continued to stroke him while he regained some semblance of normal breathing. Her brain was more than a little fuzzy from the wine and was getting even fuzzier as she continued to drink straight from the bottle. When he looked like he could talk, she scooted up his body until she was straddling his chest. "Your turn," she yelled.

JC was convulsed with laughter. The sober Spencer would die of embarrassment before she would say anything like that, and if forced to admit she wanted him to love her with his mouth, her entire body would turn crimson. He wished he had a camera recording this so he could embarrass her over and over again.

Her sweet bottom was a few short inches from his mouth. Inserting a finger under the silk triangular patch, he asked her what she wanted. "What do you want me to do, zucca pumpkin?"

"You donít know?"

"Tell me," he grinned.

Spencer was exasperated. The wine had removed most of her inhibitions and all of her patience. "For Godís sake JC, youíre a Captain! Canít you figure it out?"

He started laughing again and she moved as if she were going to get off his chest. Pulling her back to him, he pushed the small piece of silk to the side. The wine he had consumed combined with the scent of her, set the stage for his libido to rise once again. Holding her closely, he gave her what she wanted.

She held his head to her and made the most satisfying purring sounds. JC wanted more. He sat up, pulled her across his lap, and removed the G-string. The sweet stinging spanks she loved... his other hand cupping her sex... threw her over the edge. Her climax was instant and complete and he turned her over to fill his mouth with her moist sweetness. When he entered her, his own release was equally swift.

They napped briefly and then showered. The warm water rinsed some of the effects of the wine and a cup of hot tea cleared their minds even further. Holding her on his lap on the couch, he teased her unmercifully about her demands on him. "Were you satisfied, Madam Commanding Officer?"

"What do you mean?" Spencer asked with a startled expression.

"You ordered me to strip and get into bed..."

"I did not!" She was very indignant.

"You did. And then you ordered me to lay there while you had your way with me." The blush immediately rose on her face and her mouth opened to protest. He closed it gently with his thumb. "And you put your mouth around me in such a delightful way," he sighed. "I really didnít mind at all." The corners of his mouth were curling up as her blush deepened. "And thatís only the half of it."

Pushing her onto her back, he drew little circles on her breasts with his thumbs. "Then you sat on my face and commanded me to pleasure you with my mouth."

Spencer was in full blush and sputtering.

"I did not! I could not! Please tell me youíre making this up!" She was almost hyperventilating. "Iím shredding that G-string. I *knew* that was a bad idea. And I am not drinking any more wine with you ever again."

JC was laughing openly now. Her blush was so delightful and he was enjoying every moment of it. "Youíre not shredding that G-string. Iím the only one allowed to shred your undergarments. I like that G-string. As for the wine," he murmured, "Iím ordering a case of it tomorrow."

"Oh no you donít. Iím not going to let you get me drunk again."

"Yes you are, bambina. I wouldnít miss your performances for anything in the world." He was laughing again. "Youíre totally unpredictable when youíve had too much wine." He grinned at her rosy face. "And totally uninhibited..." His lips moved to her throat. "And wanton... and sexy... and erotic..." His kisses reached her breasts. "And complete and utter joy."

"Doesnít matter," she mumbled in between her sighs as he continued to caress her. "Not going to let you get me drunk again, you... sailor."

He smiled around her breasts while his hands roamed her lower parts. "Would you deny me that pleasure, piccola little one?"

"Would this be a negotiable matter, Captain?"

"No." he chuckled, "it is not. In this matter, *I* have the final word."

"Well, if youíre going to get me drunk," she reasoned, "canít you simply keep it to yourself? Do I have to know every excruciating detail?"

His lips came back to her blushing face. "Half the enjoyment is witnessing your performance, mia adora," he murmured as he kissed her. "The other half is watching you blush as I tell you all about it."

"I knew you were totally lacking in couth even before I met you. You are... you are... a bossy squid." She gasped as he quieted her protests by covering her mouth with his and then by kissing and tasting other selected and delicious parts of her body.

~ End Snippets Six ~

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