Snippets Eight...
by sarAdora

0600 Hours

He woke at 0530 hours, the way he always did but stayed in bed instead of going out for his morning run. The imp was sleeping on her side - facing him, one hand between her thighs, the other between his. It had taken a great deal of willpower not to laugh out loud when he felt her hand on his groin and he hadn't stopped grinning since he woke. She would be mortified when she opened her eyes. The thought made him chuckle and she stirred in her sleep.

Slowly, he turned toward her, parting his thighs so her hand slipped down to his balls and was firmly entrenched when he closed them again. Her soft warm hand felt good and he was immediately erect.

Spencer tried to turn in her sleep, pulling her hand with the movement of her body but couldn't. It woke her. He remained still, with his eyes closed. She jerked back when she realized where her hand was and tried to turn it and slide away from his body, but he tightened his thigh muscles around it. She sat up, made a frustrated sound and smacked him on the butt with her other hand.

He burst out laughing.

"You! You thing, you!" she shrieked. "You did that on purpose!"

"Good morning, imp," he chuckled, pulling her onto his chest and hugging her. "I knew you were hungry for my body, but I didn't know you were so fresh..."


"What?" he laughed, enjoying the blush that tinted her cheeks.

"I didn't! I..." she giggled. "Did I really do that?" She tucked her face under his chin, and sucked the hollow of his throat. "I've gone to hell in a hand-basket."

"I love your wantonness," he continued to laugh. "I love the way you love me and the way you jump my bones and... ouch!"

She pinched his butt.

"You are a very wicked man," she murmured, the heat from her blushing face warming his neck.

"You're the one who had your hand on my..."


"What?" he grinned, turning them over and burying his face in her neck.

"What am I going to do with you?" she asked as his mouth moved south, his hands beginning the dance of love.

"I have a few ideas," he murmured, rubbing his lips over her belly, his tongue flicking out to tickle her navel. His smile pressed into her flesh when she laughed, her words of mocking protest interspersed with her giggling, and his heart full that she loved him.

"JC, come back up here. There's something I want to tell you," Spencer said with a hint of seriousness.

"I'm listening," he answered with the same degree of seriousness.

She kept her stoic expression and trailed a finger down the center of his bare chest and watched as his abs rippled under her touch.

"What is it?" he murmured, catching her hand and bringing it to his mouth.

"Well..." the naughty imp drawled, climbing onto his chest and settling between his thighs. "I have a confession to make."

"Oh?" he arched a brow. Spencer did not make confessions of any kind...

"I like your body, Squidlet. In fact I love your body," she confessed.

"Glad to hear that," he chuckled. "I love yours, too."

"And you know what else I love?" The twinkle in her eye did not go unnoticed.

"Tell me," he husked, watching her slide further south.

"Your yummy stick," she purred as she caressed him.

The groans she heard when her mouth engulfed him were music to her ears. Whatever she was doing made him arch his hips and reach for her. She smiled around him... her hands touching and teasing while giving him pleasure.

"Baby..." he gasped as fulfillment loomed.

Exploding stars and shivers accompanied his release, crazy tingling ribbons shimmering through his body... in freeze time morphing to peaceful bliss.

Propping herself on her elbows, her body on top of his chest, she watched him as his pulse slowed and his breath eased. "How much do you love me, squid?"

"So much," he murmured, turning her over and onto her back, his turn to bring her pleasure. Slipping a hand under her butt, he squeezed her bottom cheeks. "I love your body, bambina, and I really love your tush."

"I know you do," she smiled as he turned her over his lap, one arm around her and under her. His hand teased while the other one began the tingling spanks that were mere prelude to further promise, a promise he delivered.

~ End Snippets Eight ~

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