Tidbits Three...
by sarAdora

The aftermath was always a little hard... He rubbed his lips across her brow, felt her tears wet his T-shirt... Her sniffles made his heart ache and her occasional hiccup and harsh breath hurt. It wouldn't last long - the sounds and recriminations were usually brief but still...

Spencer was determined to have the last word.

"That was about as rude as it gets," she exclaimed between hiccups. "You didn't have to do that. I didn't do anything wrong. You're a bully! And it hurts," she added, moving her arm back to rub her stinging backside.

Gently, JC pulled her arm to his chest and held it there, his other arm balancing her against his body. "No rubbing, bambina. I want you to feel that burn as long as it lasts. It's going to fade a lot quicker than the burning I feel in my heart when you don't take care of yourself."

"Didn't do anything!" Spencer insisted.

"Exactly!" he agreed. "You didn't eat much supper last night; claimed you were too tired to eat. Skipped breakfast this morning," he paused in thought... "Except for that pot of chicory coffee you drank and for lunch you ate a huge meal! What was it? A plum tomato and a piece of cheese? A body can't live without proper nourishment, zucca pumpkin and you're going to eat if I have to toast your tush every day. Capisca?"

"Siete una bestia You're a beast."

"Ho cioccolato. I have chocolate," he whispered.

"Oh, I'll have that."

"After you eat, bambina."

"Siete una bestia."

"This beast loves you," he reminded her as he nuzzled her neck, his words a sentiment often voiced. "Come circa un bacio, forse due? How about a kiss, maybe two?"

"No kisses for the beast who spanked me," Spencer hissed, pushing him away, wiggling off his lap and into the bathroom.

JC let her go, his gaze fixed on her slightly swaying backside, its deep rose color drawing him like a magnet. He followed her into the bathroom and into the shower stall she had just entered.

"Come circa un bacio per il vostro amante? How about a kiss for your lover?" he asked, nudging her against the shower wall and lifting her so her legs wound around his hips.

"No kisses until you apologize for spanking me for no reason," Spencer said firmly, a few tears still lingering on her cheeks.

"Don't kiss me, bambina," JC spoke softly, lips brushing hers. "I'll do the kissing and you deserved that spanking."

"I didn't!" was the indignant reply but that's as far as it got; JC's mouth covered hers, his hands cupped her chastened bottom cheeks and his arms pulled her tight to his chest.

"I never get enough of you, bambina."

"You'd get more if you weren't such a bully," she hissed.

"I don't think I could take more," he laughed. "You're so hot for my body as it is, jumping my bones day and night and..."

"WHAT! Now just you wait a white minute. I never... you're the one that's always... why are you laughing?"

"A *white* minute?" JC's laughter reverberated off the shower walls. "Where did you hear that expression, bambina? A white minute?" He couldn't stop laughing.

"It just slipped out." Spencer grinned in spite of her ire, then giggled, relaxing in her husband's arms. "I don't know where I heard that," she said, as he backed her up against the shower wall once again. The cool wall was soothing on her hot tush and she remembered she was mad at him...

"But that doesn't mean you're getting kisses or anything else from me tonight. Spanking me for no reason!" she hissed. "Jumping your bones night and day," she added. "As if!"

"As if you loved me more than anything else on this earth," he murmured, pulling her back against him. The whispered endearments and sweet touches that followed made other parts of her body burn.

They forgot to turn the water on...

They didn't notice they had slipped to the shower floor ... or that it was a hard floor...

She demanded an apology as he hovered over her.

In answer, he pulled her legs around his hips.

She said - just for that - he had to make supper for the next two weeks.

He agreed, telling her she was going to eat those meals or suffer the consequences; then, he demanded kisses and lots of them.

She wanted chocolate for breakfast, lunch and supper.

He laughed, told her he loved her and if she didn't start eating right, tonight's spanking was just a prelude to what she could expect because he'd be toasting her tush every night for the rest of their lives.

She said he was a bully and did he know what a white minute was.

He said he'd tell her after she kissed him and then, only after she begged him to love her.

She begged... forgetting the white minute, concentrating on all the loving ones that followed.

~ End Tidbits Three ~

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