Tidbits Four...
by sarAdora

It was an old and favorite habit of his... watching her while she slept... her chest rising and falling with each soft breath. Her skin glowed, still flushed from their lovemaking the night before, pink and peach, beckoning his touch. Waiting for her to open her eyes was a sweet agony, his need for her growing, his loins tightening in anticipation.

He had plans for their day.

Slipping a palm under the back of her neck, he lifted her head to meet his mouth and kissed her awake. Gentle nibbles at her lips, the corners of her mouth and then a slow sweet thrust into the moist cavern.

The kiss wakened her. Opening her eyes she smiled at him, his coffee-caramel brown eyes twinkling, a prelude to mischief. The sky was gray with the promise of snow but it was toasty warm under the covers.

"You awake, sweetheart?"


"You have that sleepy goofy look. I may have to keep kissing you until you’re certain you know what’s going on."

"I know what's going on." Spencer rolled her eyes, pinching his belly. "Wait! Sleepy goofy look? Goofy?" She pinched him again, harder.

JC chuckled, grabbing her hand so she couldn't pinch him again. "Yes, goofy. C'mere. I need more kisses."

"I'm insulted," Spencer gasped between kisses. "You sure you love me?"

"Gonna spank you for that," her husband replied. "Love you more than I have words."

"I could use a few words. How about you love me a lot? Add a description or two."

"I love you bunches," he said, his lips moving to that sweet spot behind her ear.

"Bunches? Like bunches of carrots? Ewwww."

"Okay, I love you bushels."

"Bushels? Like bushels of corn? Tsk," she snorted, pushing him away. "I don't care how high your military rank is, you're still just a hayseed from the Lone Star state."

"Definitely gonna spank you for that," he said firmly this time, his arms pulling her back into his embrace, his mouth moving to her throat, his teeth nibbling.

"Ha! You can't handle the truth! Dish it out but can't take it. If that isn't just like a man…"

"My love for you is deeper than the ocean, higher than any mountain, bluer than any sky," JC pronounced, sitting up to place a palm over his heart as if that would make his words more sincere.

Spencer rolled her eyes. "Thank you Perry Como."

"Oh yeah. Gotta spank you for that," JC promised, one palm cupping his wife's round bottom, the other tangled in her hair. "Got to spank you for that," he mumbled. "Kiss me."

"I love you, JC," she whispered, her lips meeting his… her arms winding around his neck… her body pressing into his...

With that declaration, the man was lost.

~ End Tidbits Four ~

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