His Birthday Girl
by sarAdora

The first year...

JC woke early the morning of Spencerís birthday. He made a pot of coffee for himself and a half dozen soft-boiled eggs Ė 5 and a half minutes, the way she liked them Ė and toasted English muffins. After filling a small pitcher with milk, he brought the breakfast tray into the bedroom.

Spencer was still asleep. Picking her up in his arms, he sat up in bed and began kissing her awake. She made unintelligible sounds and buried her face in his chest, trying to get back to the comfortable, sleepy place she had been.

"Wake up, dolcezza. Itís your birthday." The tip of his tongue slipped behind her ear and that made her squirm and then he sucked at the hollow in her neck, and that made her moan. Finally, he nibbled on her lips and inched his way into her mouth.

"Too early to get up," she complained, backing away.

"No, itís not, baby. Wake up, sleepy head. We have a lot to do today."



She was wearing the navy camisole he liked and he lifted one arm over her head so he could tickle the underside of it with his lips. When she started giggling, he wanted to know if she was awake or desperately in need of more torture.

"JC, thatís not fair," she yawned and closed her eyes, snuggling against him again.

He sighed and held both arms above her head with one hand. "Knew you werenít awake," he muttered, and then proceeded to kiss her armpits. When she couldnít stop laughing and squirming and was breathing sufficiently hard enough to be awake, he moved to her mouth and possessed it fully. "Awake sweetheart?" She nodded as she tried to take a few breaths. "Good. I brought you some breakfast."

He pulled the tray over and holding her against his chest, dipped an English muffin into the eggs and offered it to her. She took it and then gratefully accepted the milk he poured for her. They alternated bites. She took one and he took two, sometimes three and JC was pleased she had eaten as much as she did. There was strawberry jam on the tray in case Spencer had wanted some on a muffin but she hadnít. He didnít think it should go to waste and dipped his fingers in it, smeared some on her belly, and was licking it off before she realized what had happened. She giggled at the sensation but soon urged him to have more. He happily complied. When he lifted his head, she wanted to know if there was any left. He nodded and she pushed him off her and helped herself. "My turn."

He thought she was going to put the jam on his stomach, but she reached for his shaft. "This ought to taste yummy on your... um... yummy stick," she winked. But she didnít smear it on his yummy stick. She took a large helping into her mouth and then sucked the tip of him in and swirled the berry-laden jam around him. JC felt the goose bumps rise and the shivers migrate from his yummy stick up his chest, past his neck and over his head and down his back at the speed of light. It was one of the most erotic sensations he had ever felt. Whatever else she was doing didn't matter; he didnít want her to stop. And when she pursed her lips hard and simultaneously massaged his testes, he lifted her onto him and plunged upward with an enormous thrust.

Spencer thought the look on his face when he shot into her was one of absolute ecstasy and she sat up to enjoy his expressions of pleasure. Breathing heavily, he held her on top of him while his heart rate returned to normal. "You okay, sailor?" she teased. "I didnít hurt you, did I?"

JC grinned but silently plotted his revenge. When he was capable of moving, he picked her up and headed for the shower. Once he had her confined within his embrace, he began the sweet assault that would render her senseless. Soon, she was lying on her back on the shower floor with his arms under her and his head between her thighs. He held her, dropping light kisses on her mons while she peaked and waited until she returned to him.

"Howís my birthday girl?" he smiled.

"Birthday?" she mumbled as she tried to sit up but aftershocks swept through her. Reaching behind him to turn the water off, he was content just holding her until she was calm again.

Back in bed, he took a small package out of a bedside drawer. "Open it, baby."

Nestled on the tissue paper were a few Davenport chocolates Ė cherry flavored, large and succulent. Spencer popped one in her mouth, closed her eyes and just enjoyed the rich sweet morsel. Then she gave him one. "Mmm, these are so... decadent and theyíre..." Her mouth curved into a wicked grin. "Almost as good as... your yummy stick."

He chuckled when Spencer blushed at her own words. "Now look under the tissue, bambina."

Spencer parted the tissue paper and lifted a gold bracelet that looked like finely twisted rope. In the middle of the length was a small heart that was engraved. "Mia amore - Mia adora" and JC's initials beneath it. "Itís an ankle bracelet, sweetheart. Will you wear it?"

Spencer couldnít speak, too overcome with emotion. She could only nod her head. JC fastened the bracelet around her ankle and secured the guard. He hoped she wouldnít remove it Ė ever.

"Iíve never... celebrated my birthday, JC. Thank you for making it special for me." She reached up to kiss him and then hugged him fiercely. He knew this was the first birthday that didnít frighten her or cause her to remember all the bad ones. If he had his way, it was just the first of many wonderful birthdays they would share.

"Letís get dressed. We have lots to do today."

"What are we doing? Are we going somewhere?"

"Uh-huh. Slip into some jeans and a shirt and wear comfortable shoes."

JC had carefully planned Spencer's birthday. He had a list of places they were going to visit in the Virginia suburbs and a detailed map on how to get to each one. It was going to be a full day and he didnít want to waste any time back tracking across the state. Hustling Spencer into the car, he checked his watch so he could gauge their trip.

"Where are we going?"

"Youíll see."

"Do I get a hint? Do I get 20 questions? Are we late? JC! Tell me!"

He laughed at her curiosity. "Youíre awfully nosy today, but I'll tell you this. Weíre not late and we *are* on a schedule." Reaching over to run his hands through her hair, he told her she could try 20 questions."

"Are you going to answer them?"

"Thatís one," he laughed.

"JC, thatís not fair."

"Allís fair in love and war, my love."

"Are we at war?"

"Thatís two."

"JC!" she said with some exasperation. "All right. Weíre starting out early so we need to drive a distance to wherever weíre going. And we donít have anything with us so weíll be home this evening. "Am I close?"

"Yes, you are and thatís three."

"Weíre dressed casually so weíre... going shopping in the country?"

"Good girl. Yes, and thatís four."

"What could we possibly be shopping for? We donít need furniture or clothes or... weíre getting food for you, right?"

"Iím sure we will. Thatís five."

"What else?"

"Canít answer that one, bella. Thatís six."

"Not fair."

"Sue me."

She gave him a stern look. "I wonít sue you, squid, but Iíll think about how Iíll pay you back."

He grinned. "I canít wait, zucca pumpkin."

She looked like she might take a swat at him but he grabbed her hand and kissed her palm and started sucking each finger. "Keep your eyes on the road, squidlet." Spencer was puzzled about what they might be shopping for. "Are we out to enjoy the day and maybe take in a weekend bazaar or something?"

"Thatís two questions. I expect us to enjoy the day and weíll probably take in a bazaar or something. Twelve more, bambina."

She looked at him closely. He had that smug satisfied look on his face that bespoke of commanding officer arrogance and a hint of mischief. "I bet if I grab your... if I grab you between your legs and hold on, youíll tell me what I want to know pretty quick."

He laughed. "Better not even think about it. Because if you do, Iíll pull over as fast as I can and warm your bottom and give you a little lovin' right along side the road."

"No, you wonít." Spencer was positive he wouldnít do any such thing. "Weíre on a main highway. People would stop to look. Weíd be arrested for indecent..."

"I haven't given you a birthday spanking yet, dolcezza," he grinned. "Want to test it?"

He chuckled as she immediately pinked up and then turned her back on him to look out the window and think. JC pulled her to him and gave her a one-arm hug. "Think, bambina. What do you love most in this world?"

"You mean, besides you?"

"Yes," he smiled, kissing the top of her head. "Besides me."

"You mean my quilting? And donít say thatís nine." He gave her his smile but remained silent. "I think Iíll hold the rest of my questions for later." She sat back to look at him and then crossed one leg over the other, pulled down her sock and examined her ankle bracelet. Turning it so she could read the inscription, she asked him if he had always been so possessive.

"Not till I met you, my love." At her curious look, he continued. "Iíve always been concerned and supportive of my subordinates and in my personal life, Iíve certainly been protective and concerned about loved ones. But I wouldnít say I was possessive of them. But when I knew I wanted *you* in my life, I also knew I would never let you go. End of discussion, imp."

"What would you do if I disappeared from your life, JC?"

"Impossible. I have the resources to help me track you down. Iíd find you wherever you went," he said with great confidence.

"What would you do with me when you... if you found me?" she asked softly.

"As soon as I found you, Iíd chain you to my side."

"Would you...?"

"Hurt you?" He glanced at her briefly and pulled her closer to him while his eyes returned to the road. "Never, my love," he said huskily and hugged her even tighter. "But Iíd give you a rosy bottom and then make love to you over and over until you believed your whole life depended on my touch."

"What makes you think it doesnít already?" she whispered and was content to sit close to him as he drove.

It wasnít too much longer that they came to the first stop on his list. Pulling up to a nondescript farmhouse, a young girl answered JCís knock. When he introduced himself, she told him her great grandmother was expecting them.

Full of curiosity, Spencer followed JC to the back of the house and into a turn-of-the-century weaverís shed. She gasped when she saw the rainbow of threads and yarns and thin twines on display. There were skeins of satins and mattes in a multitude of colors and twisted coils of hand-dyed rope. There were cones of mohair and wool and hanging from the rafters, the purest of silks. The elderly weaver was stooped; her hands and body arthritic, but when she saw the look on Spencerís face, she smiled at the younger woman.

"You like my work?"

"Indeed I do." Spencer was clearly awed. "I would like to buy some. Will you sell it?"

Weavers are a strange lot. Not all of them weave to earn a living. Some are simply passing their craft down for future generations to enjoy. Some believe that the buyer has to earn the right to own their finely woven goods. The old woman reached behind her and picked up a small quilt. It depicted the sun rising over the sea. The brilliant rays filtered through the dawning sky in subtle shades of bronze and pale golds. The heralding of a new day was in sharp contrast to the hard, smooth, surface of an endless blue-green-gray sea Ė a sea that mirrored and reflected those colors back to the rising sun. The different threads that had been quilted on its surface created each color and texture on the cloth.

Spencer smiled as she recognized the quilt. She had created it for a class she had taken a few years earlier and then donated for auction. Somehow, this woman had acquired it. The old woman smiled at Spencer. "As you can see, I like *your* work, too. Please choose what you like. I will sell it to you."

Spencer knew what she wanted Ė the silks and the finely woven twines. From experience, she also knew the weaver would only allow her to purchase a few items. She made a wide selection so she would have enough to eliminate when the weaver limited her choices.

She estimated that her selections were valued at about $200 and waited for the weaver to close the sale. The old woman removed two of the twines and three of the silks and wrapped the rest. "That will be $25 please."

JC reached for his wallet.

"That canít be," Spencer said with some amazement. "Hand woven thread is much too precious to be given away. Please tell me its true value. We owe you much more."

"Please accept it as a gift. You will make beautiful things with my threads and my work will be even more beautiful because of your skill."

Spencer was deeply touched. She hugged the old woman and gave her thanks. "I will bring you something I have made with your beautiful threads. Thank you."

When they were back on the road, Spencer inspected her purchases again and was thrilled with her choices. JC caught the look of joy on her face when she ran her fingers through the fine threads and his heart filled. "What will you make with her threads, bambina?"

"I don't know; Iíll have to think about it. Are we on our way to another weaverís shed?"

"Maybe," he smiled. "And thatís nine."

She gave him an exasperated look that made him laugh. "I love you, mia amore," he smiled as he reached over to tousle her hair.

"Not as much as I love you, squidlet."

"Impossible. I love you more."

Their next stop was a textile outlet. Not just any textile outlet, but one that bought excess fabric remnants Ė remnants the outlet dyed and resold. They also had remnants left over from their sales as well. It was these Spencer was drawn to. The small quarter and half yard pieces of fabric in the baskets and barrels were highly unusual and one of a kind. JC took her purchases to the car but before he opened the door, he took the time to put his arms around her and hold her closely.

She looked at him and stroked his cheek with her thumb. "I love you, squidlet."

"Not as much as I love you, imp."

"Impossible. I love you more." He laughed at that. This was a word game they played over and over and never tired of.

Before they stopped for lunch, they visited another weaver where Spencer acquired more unique threads. She was *very* happy and thought she was having a glorious birthday. JC consulted his map and soon they left the main thoroughfare and were on a heavily wooded side road. Just when he was sure they were lost, the manicured lawn of a large estate peeked at them out of the trees.

Parking in an arched courtyard, he led Spencer into an old, but well preserved mansion. When he gave his name to the butler, they were escorted to a covered porch overlooking a beautiful lawn and the beckoning forest behind the house. In minutes, the butler returned with a large basket and asked JC if he wanted an escort into the woods. JC declined.

"What is that, JC?"

"Thatís ten, bambina," he teased. "And itís our lunch. Come on." Taking the basket in one hand and Spencerís arm in the other, they walked across the lawn onto a path through a heavily wooded glen. When they came to a fairly secluded place where JC was sure they wouldnít be disturbed, he spread the blanket that had been packed in the basket. Together, they emptied the contents. There was an assortment of cheeses, bite sized pieces of cold filet mignon with horseradish sauce, sourdough baguettes, plum tomatoes, black olives, sliced peaches, cheesecake and a large bottle of white Zinfandel.

"Come here, sweetheart. I want you closer to me." Spencer moved onto her husband's lap, cupped his face and kissed him deeply.

"Thank you, my love. I never realized a birthday could be so sweet."

Holding her tightly, he kissed her back. "The day isnít over yet, bambina. Thereís more. Now letís eat before I start devouring you."

He poured the wine and keeping her close to him, fed her with his fingers. He kissed her between bites and she fed him between kisses. She filled up long before he did but that didnít stop the kissing and touching and soon the food was pushed aside for other matters.

JC cradled Spencer in his arms and inhaled the scent of her as he gently rubbed his face back and forth against her face. Pulling her shirt out of her jeans, his lips captured the sweet rosy buds of her breasts that instantly hardened as she moaned her pleasure.

Working her fingers down to his zipper, she released his burgeoning shaft. Gently at first and then with increasing pressure, she caressed him. Slipping completely out of his pants, he quickly got her out of hers. She was more than ready for him but his desire to taste her sweetness overwhelmed him and he indulged his mouth. When he was finally seated deep within her, their joining was fierce with joy.

JC could not imagine any greater pleasure than being where he was and reveling in how much she loved him. Spencer had never known such joy and was filled with him and the strength of his love for her. They rested a while in that secluded glen. It hid them from the outside world and they took their time returning to it.

It was late afternoon when they returned home. After a quick shower, JC wanted Spencer to take a short nap. She didnít know they were expecting company that evening and he wanted her wide-awake to enjoy her first birthday party. "Iím not sleepy, JC. I think Iíll..."

Picking her up, he pinned her to the bed. "Do I have to tie you to this bed?" he growled. "Because if thatís what it takes, Iíll do it, woman! You will rest now or..." He began tickling her, making her gurgle with laughter.

"JC, Iím not sleepy. Why do I have to...?"

"Because I said so. Iím the commanding officer and I *will* be obeyed. Understood?" He continued to growl as he kissed her neck and began making inroads toward her breasts.

"Aye-aye, your squidness," she sighed as she felt delicious shivers and began making purring sounds in the back of her throat. "Understood."

"Your squidness?" He sucked hard on her flesh. "Woman, your sass is getting worse by the minute."

"Sorry, sir," she whispered as she pulled his mouth to hers. "I meant to say, aye-aye Commander SquidnessÖ or uh... mmm... do that again, Commander Squiddles."

JC grinned broadly and raised his head to look at her. "If you ever use those words in front of other people, I will take personal delight in driving you out of your mind... with my mouth and hands... inch by inch... by inch. And he proceeded to give her a taste of what it would be like. Spencer thought she might have to test this theory since what he was doing was an extraordinarily delicious way to go mad. Not surprisingly, she was soon asleep.

JC lay beside her to watch her. His loving had left its mark. Her body was delicately flushed and her mouth was slightly swollen from his kisses. He chuckled at her sassiness. Squidness? Squiddles? Spencer had an entire repertoire of sassy words all related to his position in the Navy. Each one seemed to be sassier than the next and he eagerly awaited the next impertinent moniker she would use.

She woke an hour later feeling quite refreshed and with an awareness that she was happy. Focusing on the arm that held her close to his body, she put her hand on his biceps. Lightly tracing them with her fingers, she moved down the inside of his arm and up and down again Ė testing the feel of him, first with her fingers and then her palm. Next, she moved to the hand that rested on her thigh. Using both hands to pull it to her mouth, she licked between his fingers. Finally, she placed his hand on her breast and held it there.

JC had been dozing when he felt Spencer wake. When she touched his biceps it took sheer will power not to flex those muscles. He knew if she thought he was awake, she would stop her exploration. He loved the feel of her hands on him Ė and when she thought he was asleep, her touch was especially enjoyable. When she licked between his fingers, shivers tingled down his spine and it was an enormous effort not to move. But when he felt her breast in the palm of his hand, he was lost, and no matter what his brain commanded, his hand simply would not obey. It moved on its own and gently tested the fullness of her flesh.

When JCís hand squeezed her breast, Spencer thought he was caressing her in his sleep and that filled her with joy. Her eyes swept over his muscled chest and her fingers made a trail down the center of the furry ridge from his collarbone to just below his navel and up again. He stirred slightly and she held her breath, hoping he wouldnít wake. Tentatively, she placed a finger on one flat male nipple and when he didnít stir, she replaced it with her tongue.

When JC felt her fingers move down the center of his chest, he almost left the bed. It was such a simple touch, unexpected, and so unbelievably erotic. He wanted to touch her but fought to remain still. And when she licked his nipples, he wanted so much more.

Sitting up, she feasted her eyes on him. He was a magnificently beautiful man. She knew she would never tire of looking at him, never tire of touching him and for certain, never tire of loving him. Resting on her elbows, she explored his lower belly and then began to stroke his inner thighs.

JCís body was fast betraying him. He wasnít sure how much more he could take without letting her know he was awake. He had been exercising great restraint, but her touch was driving him to the brink of madness. Any second now...

Spencer couldn't restrain herself any longer. She reached for him and inhaled his fullness. She was pretty sure he was awake.

He *certainly* was. He gave up any pretense of sleep when he felt her lips on him. Watching his chest rapidly rise and fall, she reached for his hands. When his breathing slowed and the pulse in his throat reverted to a slow steady beat, she opened her hands and covered his palms with her own.

Opening his eyes, he smiled, and squeezed her hands. "JC, do you have any earthly idea how sexy and sensuous and satisfied you look?"

He looked at the sexy and sensuous and satisfied woman resting on her knees looking at him, her face rosy and her lips full. His eyes focused on her round breasts tilted toward him and begging his kisses and then dropped his gaze to her lower belly and to the silky curls of her mound. Her earthiness overwhelmed him and he gathered her to his chest. Turning on his side, he laid a thigh across both of hers, and tucked most of her under him. His hands cupped her face and he licked her lips and the inside of her mouth, tasting himself. "Mia amore, mia amore dolce my sweet love," he murmured.

He urged Spencer into the shower once again. Their company would be arriving within the hour and he didnít want evidence of their lovemaking on her body. Rushing her, he told her to hurry and dry her hair while he made a snack.

"Why are you rushing me, JC? Are we going somewhere? Are we late?"

"Weíre on a schedule, sweetheart," he reminded her.

When her hair was dry, she pulled on a robe and wandered into the kitchen. JC had warmed the soup Spencer had cooked and frozen a few weeks earlier. There was a cup for her and a bowl for him and egg salad sandwiches.

They ate in quiet companionship except for Spencerís toes creeping up JCís leg and JCís hand constantly touching her face or the back of her neck. When her toes reached his thighs, she braced herself on the table and slipped them under his crotch, wiggling them. He grinned as he slid off the stool, pulled her slippers off and slipped under the table.

"Hold on," he warned. And then he licked the backs of her toes, first one foot and then the other. Spencer felt the goose bumps rise on her back and she held onto the table for dear life. JC knew what that did to her and grinning again, he opened her robe, wrapped his arms around her hips, and placed soft kisses on her moist vulva.

"JC," she barely whispered. "Are we still on a schedule?"

"Yes, we are," he laughed, and placed a juicy sucking kiss on her moist sex. "Come on, letís get dressed."

"JC," she moaned. "Donít leave me like this."

"Like what?"

"Like... like..."

"Tell me," he laughed.

"Sometimes you are an absolute beast."

He hugged her tightly as she buried her face in his chest. "Like you need a little more loviní?" She nodded. He tilted her head so he could enjoy her blushes. "Like you want me to finish what I started?" She nodded and inhaled deeply. "Do you know you leave me that way day in and day out Ė that Iím always hurrying home to love you? And as soon as I have, I want you again." He kissed her gently and told her they had to get dressed. They were falling behind schedule. He laughed again. He *wanted* her hungry for him.

Feeling unsettled and frustrated that JC didnít finish what he started, Spencer went into the bedroom to rummage through the closet for something to wear. He came up behind her, nuzzled her neck, and handed her a deep plum tunic sweater with a V-neck and a skirt with a matching flowered print in a paler shade, floor length like so many of her clothes. It was one he liked a lot. When they were finally ready, JC looked her over with great satisfaction. "Sit on the couch, bambina. I'll be right back."

Coming out of his study with his arms filled with packages, he set them on the dining room table to answer the knock at the door. "Iíll get it, sweetheart. You stay right there." He opened the door to their friend, Michael who totally ignored him and went straight to Spencer.

"Happy birthday, SweetCheeks. Has it been a sweet day for you?" The big man leaned over, picked her up and swung her above his head. She laughed at him and hung onto his shoulders.

"Put me down, jarhead."

"And if I donít, my little sugarplum?"

"I will box your ears." He gave her a decent glare. She laughed and then whispered in his ear. "Do you want me to tell everyone I know that you have a sweet baby face?"

He put her down right away, stepped back, folded his arms over his chest and glared at her. She stood straight, folded her arms over her chest, and glared back. Michael laughed at her.

Watching from the door, JC laughed too. "Youíre getting really good at this, bella. Put that marine in his place. Donít let him get away with anything."

"Stand at attention, mister," she ordered. He did. "Are you still capable of dropping and giving me 200, jarhead or are you...?" JC chuckled at her words and she turned her glare on him as well. "You can stand at attention, too, squid."

Walking over to stand next to Michael, he stood at attention. "Aye-aye, maíam."

She inspected both of them Ė front and back. When she saw JCís mouth twitch and Michael's eyes stray from looking forward, she barked at them. "You call that attention? Both of you will drop and give me 200, gentleman."

They looked at each other, then JC slipped his jacket off and they both got on the floor and began their pushups. Spencer thought about placing a foot on each back but then realized they might not be in sync and sheíd fall. When she said she was going to call 911 and keep them on hold in case they were needed, both men reached for her. She was saved by the ringing doorbell. Giggling, she opened it to other friends.

"Hello, and welcome. I wasnít expecting you. JC, what...?"

When Spencer answered the door, JC and Michael got off the floor and dusted themselves off. JC slipped an arm around her shoulders and squeezed. "Did I neglect to mention we were having company this evening, bambina? Good evening, folks. Come in, please."

Spencer was flabbergasted. She looked at JC and blinked back a few tears. He hugged her and said just loud enough for everyone to hear. "I hope those are tears of joy, bella, because if theyíre not, Michael is going to try to beat the crap out of me for making you cry."

"Damn right I am, you pathetic squid!"

They were still laughing as everyone gathered around the dining room table now filled with birthday cake and champagne, Zinfandel, and coffee. They sang the birthday song to a blushing Spencer who blew out the candles to sincere applause.

JC urged all of them to take their cake and drinks to the living room. Steering Spencer onto the couch, he sat beside her. When their guests presented her with gifts, she was speechless once again. JC kept his arm around her shoulder. This was Spencer's first birthday party and she was overwhelmed with their kindness and needed the anchor he provided, leaning into him slightly.

Later, as they were getting ready for bed, he pulled her into his arms just to feel her body touching his. She reached both hands up to capture his mouth and spoke softly. "Thank you, JC. This has been the most glorious day."

"I almost forgot something," he said, as he placed her on her feet and reached into the closet. Taking a prettily wrapped package out of the pocket of one of his jackets, he placed it on the bed. "Come here, bambina. One more gift."

She eyed the package and gave him a wicked grin. "Is this your sad attempt to get me into bed? 'Cause if it is, itís not going to work."

"Is that so?" He moved toward her in a crouch; she danced away from him and made it only as far as the living room. Catching her by the shoulders, he spun her around to face him and bent her back over his arm so he was supporting her weight. His mouth went to her throat and he kissed her there until she was softly moaning. When his lips reached the hollow of her neck, his other hand slipped under her skirt and removed her panties. With one arm around her shoulders and the other holding her intimately, he picked her up and moved back into the bedroom.

"JC," she gasped. His hand on her crotch was sufficient stimulation to get her juices flowing and she was panting by the time he laid her on the bed. "JC, please."

"Please what?" he teased.

"Do you want me to beg?" Her look of raw hunger inflamed him.

"You just did, sweetheart." Leaving her clothes on, he pushed her skirt up and out of the way and with ease, turned her over his knees. Caressing her hips with both hands, he told her that a birthday spanking was a special spanking and that he had been waiting for just the right time to deliver it.

"Is it a sweet spanking?" she asked with a smile as she felt his palms caress her bottom cheeks.

"Very sweet, mia amore," he murmured as his hand descended, beginning the slow stinging spanks to each cheek. "Twenty, baby," he enumerated as the slaps rained heat. "One for each year and one to grow on." Raising his thigh, he bent to kiss each pinked cheek, his tongue tasting the rising heat. "And another so you have a sweet year ahead of you and one because I love you," he added as his lips followed his hands. "And one more because I need you so much," he whispered, turning her back over. He lowered his mouth to her and with slow intense strokes, laved passion's button. Her climax was intense and he reveled in the taste of her. Now he urgently needed to love her hard and quickly unzipping his fly, entered her moist and velvet world. When they returned to each other, JC stroked her face and throat while Spencer traced his jaw and the thick cords in his neck. "You still havenít opened your present, sweetheart."

"There's more?" she asked, still floating from the sweet heat in her bottom and the sated and contented feeling post coitus.

Lifting her, he pulled her skirt down and his pants up and positioned her between his legs. "Open your gift, baby."

Parting the tissue, she was slow to reach for the first of several colorful... "Thong panties? You bought me thong panties, JC?" He chuckled at her rapidly blushing face, Spencer completely alert now.

Turning the gift box over, more than a dozen wispy bits of silk fell out. Spreading the colorful collection across the bed, he asked. "Which one, dolce?"

Spencer didnít know what to say. Thong panties were so... "Where did you get these, JC? Did *you* go into a lingerie store? He grinned and nodded. "You did? You? The saleswomen must have drooled when they saw you... in uniform?"

He laughed. "I donít think they drooled because I was in uniform. I think they drooled because they saw what I was buying and..." he grinned remembering the scene. "One or two were willing to model them for me."

"And did they?" his still-new bride asked in a neutral tone.

"No, bambina. They didnít," he smiled as he kissed the tip of her nose. "But I think they were seriously jealous that a beautiful woman they didnít know was going to model them for me. Now which one do you want to try on?"

Spencer looked them over. She had worn her G-string to tease JC, but to wear thong panties to... the grocery store, the bank... "I think Iíll try this one." She picked a pretty violet pair and he reached over and took it from her hand. Sitting behind her he told her to bend her knees and put her feet together. When she did, he leaned over her, slipped the thong over her feet, and caressed her skin as he pulled them up her legs, over her thighs and settled the thin elastic at her hips. His long and efficient fingers smoothed the small triangular patch over the curls of her mound and gently, he pushed her off the bed. Standing behind her, he unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor.

Her tunic sweater covered her hips so he pulled it up to her waist to better enjoy the view. Turning her around and around, he admired the fit of the thong panties in front and on the sides, and oh, yeah! the back view was especially lovely. Spencerís complexion was pinking by the second but she didnít make a sound. He pulled her close to him and tilted her face so he could kiss her. "Happy birthday, mia amore."

Spencer noticed he kept a hand on her very bare rear end. Hugging him around the waist, she leaned against him and laughed softly. "I think this particular gift was really for you, JC."

He laughed at that and pulled her sweater off and his own clothes as well. Pulling her into the shower, she protested that she was still wearing the thong. "Keep it on, sweetheart. Iím hoping it will shrink."

Later, when she was cradled next to him and using his chest for her pillow, he stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head. "I love you, bambina."

"Thank you for my birthday, JC." Her eyes closed as she spoke.

"Youíre welcome, my love. I think I enjoyed it even more than you did." Kissing her sleepy face, he watched his birthday girl drift into sleep.

~ End ~

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