Dear Santa...
by sarAdora

Dear Santa, PleAse seNd me a few Kisses, soME candy and toys. We're having SPARKLING driNKs at my hoME on Christmas Eve. MAybe you'll KEep ME company. Hope to tempt you with a HOT and spicy menu. PUT ME on your list And CROSS check it twice. YOUR LAP is the one I want to sit on.


The ChristmaS PArty is CajuN so Keep this in Mind. This yEar there'SWine to sErvE TilL You almost Pass out! LEAve SomE for me! I WANdered T-TO the liquor store and Found a fEw winEs - Lovely ones. YOU'll GET sucH A Real Decadent kick out of them, I'm sure.Bring thE toys aNd plEnty of AnyTHing else you MaY like. AcTUally, anything will be yuMMY. I WANT YOUR FINe fiGurE to Roam and Smile and TO WANDER BETWEEN MY SOtted guests, PoPING up whenTHey are listenInG to tHe Sweet carols (...EXasPerated. LORd, we're sINGing off-key.) ALL OF us want you there, especially ME. I WANT YOUr lap to sit on and if you're really good, you can SPANK ME SANTA.

Also, if you like, we can 'mmm 'mmm 'mmm like rabbits.
~sweet sar~

~ End ~

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