Gonna Spank You Hard
Part Three
by sarAdora


"When Spencer stopped crying and was sufficiently calmed, he lay her on her stomach on the bed, her head on the pillow, her sore bared bottom cooling in the air. Kissing one tender cheek and then the other, he went downstairs to make breakfast.

Her emotions were on overload, the spanking harsher than any he had given her in the past and though the pain was bearable, she knew it would be worse when she tried to sit or stand. She felt she had endured enough punishment for something that clearly was not her fault and she had every intention of telling him so as soon as she could. The thought comforted her and she dozed.

Her bottom seemed redder when he returned with a breakfast tray, his gaze fully captured by Spencer's nudity. Her bottom cheeks were a little puffy from the spankings and even the area near the apex of her sex was pinker than usual. She had spread her thighs and the thought of the heat he would find there - if he touched her - caused a yearning in his groin. Spencer was the most sensuous woman he had ever bedded - one moment the siren purposely captivating his senses - the next, an artful innocent touching him in ways that came as natural to her as breathing. The erotic spankings they enjoyed brought out her sensuality but this punishment spanking had released her inner child. He shook his head at the paradox she was, and loved every facet of her personality that she displayed.

"Wake up, sleepy head," he murmured, bending down to kiss her neck and stroke her face. "Breakfast is hot."

"Don't want anything," she mumbled, moving away from his mouth.

"You're going to eat, baby," he said, lifting her into his arms. "I made soft boiled eggs the way you like them and toasted an English muffin for you. There's strawberry jam and..."

"Not hungry," she insisted, gasping when her sore butt made contact with his thigh.

"You're eating, anyway," he assured her, positioning her butt between his legs, lessening the contact.

"Can't eat when I'm naked," she protested.

"Yes you can," he chuckled. "And if you spill something, I'll lick it off your body. He wiggled his eyebrows at her, his grin wolfish, causing her to blush.

"Don't want anything," she backed away.

"Spencer..." he sighed. "You're going to eat. Either you help yourself or I'll feed you. Which will it be?"

She knew that tone of voice did not bode well for her, but she had a stubborn streak and crossed her arms over her naked chest and stared at him.

Staring back at the naked nymph in his arms, he had only one thought - forget breakfast and make love to her. "We could forget the food," he said softly, "and I'll just turn you over my lap and spank you again. Would you rather eat breakfast or get another spanking?"

"I hate you!" she hissed, reaching for a spoon and the cup that contained the eggs. "You are a bully and... and a piss-ant!"

Smothering his laughter, he helped himself as well, watching her take a bite and determined she would stay right where she was, naked and on his lap, until she had eaten enough to satisfy him.

Gingerly, she turned her back on him, putting her hands on his thighs, bracing herself as she moved into another position. She took another bite and then reached for the tall glass of milk on the tray. He let her have a few sips before taking it away from her.

"Give it back," she demanded.

"Eat a little more, baby," he said softly. "Then you can have the rest of the milk." She always craved milk in the morning and he knew she'd fill up on it and then be too full to eat.

She took another bite and reached for the milk.

"No," he set the glass out of her reach and wrapped his arms around her. "You ate very little this past week, Spence and you've dropped a few pounds. I want you to eat breakfast." Nuzzling her neck, his hands cupped her breasts. "For me, baby. Eat some more, please."

"Are you going to spank me if I don't?"

"Eat breakfast, Spence," he said wearily, returning to his own meal, "or I will feed you."

He watched her take a few more bites and then play with the food, stuffing the remainder of the muffin into the egg until it was mush and then set it back on the tray. Her eyes filled as she leaned back against him, her arms folded across her chest daring him.

His heart broke.

He pushed the tray away and turned her in his arms, his mouth seeking her tears, and kissing them away. "Baby, baby," he murmured. "Don't cry. Please don't cry."

"You don't love me," she sobbed. "You don't love me any more."

"I do love you," he whispered. "I love you more than I have words."

"Then stop spanking me," she sniffled, the tears still falling.

"I can't, little one," he murmured, tilting her chin up so he could look at her. "I'm going to spank you until I'm sure you understand why."

"I'll leave you," she threatened, hiccuping her words.

"I'll find you and bring you back to me," he whispered, his breath warm on her face as he kissed the top of her head.

"I'll hide on the other side of the world; you'll never find me."

"I'll hunt you down," he said calmly. "You belong to me."

"You'll never find me," she insisted, glaring at him through her tears.

"I'll find you, Spence," he smiled at her petulance. "I have to, baby. I'd die without you in my arms." He smoothed her hair behind her ears, his hands gentle on her as he looked at the woman who held his heart. "My life would be an empty shell without you. You're mine, little one. I need you as much as I need to breathe air. I'll never let you go."

"Stop spanking me."

"Soon," he murmured, gently rubbing her sore bottom. "Soon, my love."

"I'm too hot," she complained, pushing away from him.

"A quick shower?" he asked, lifting her against his chest before she answered.

"I can do it by myself," she protested.

"But I hate to shower without you," he answered as he moved into the bathroom with the naked nymph in his arms.

"Don't you dare make love to me again," she warned, making him smile.

"Gonna wash you first, little one," he murmured, holding her in his arms under the warm spray. "Then, I'm going to make love to you."

"You're not!" she protested as he set her on her feet, bending to kiss her, one hand on the back of her neck, the other fondling her breast.

"Kiss me," he breathed into her mouth. "Kiss me, baby."

"Don't want to," she moaned when his tongue slipped between her lips.

Her hands pushed against his chest but he was not deterred. He held her close to his body, one hand gently rubbing her sore bottom, his fingers teasing the cleft, then pressing the erogenous zone just below her spine.

"JC..." she complained softly. "Don't you dare love me while I'm mad at you."

He smiled at her soft complaint, ignored it and lifted her until they were face to face. "I'm not mad at you," he grinned, kissing the tip of her nose. "You can make love to me, if you prefer."

She hissed at him, making him laugh as he hugged her. "I love you so much, it makes my heart hurt," he told her, lifting her even higher so he could nuzzle the valley between her breasts.

She braced her hands on his shoulders as he teased her, her legs seeking purchase around his waist and when his hands slipped beneath her thighs, his fingers spreading her, she was lost.

He filled her, gently thrusting up and into her, and then paused while she adjusted to his girth, her flesh slightly swollen, sore from their previous encounter. "You okay, my love?" he asked, his warm breath blanketing her, his hands stroking her bottom cheeks as he pushed into her again.

"Mmmm," she hummed, then gasped as he squeezed her butt, the sting of the spanking lingering. "Put me down," she said. "You can't love me when I'm mad at you."

He turned so her back was against the cool tiled wall, his hands still cupping her sore butt and thrust into her again. She bit his neck and he growled at her then bent his head to nip her throat. "You're mine, Spencer... all mine," he rasped as his hips pounded into her. "All mine... to love."

She hung on for dear life, his body filling hers, her breaths timed with his thrusts, her own hips arching forward to meet his demands... her body responding and making demands of its own. She was climbing... higher and higher... and was almost at the top... when he stopped thrusting, his breath harsh but his hips still.

"JC..." she groaned.

"What do you want, Spence?" he asked as he gulped air. "Tell me."

"You," she admitted. "I want you. Make love to me, please."

"I love you," he growled, hammering into her. "I love you," he roared when his hot pleasure erupted into her. "I love you," he murmured when he toweled her dry. "I love you," he said softly when he gathered her into his arms as they lay next to each other.

"And I'm gonna spank you... hard."

~ End Part Three ~

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