I Do!
Part Four
by sarAdora

When he let her breathe, she screamed in his face and then was abruptly silenced when his mouth found the hollow in her throat... his free hand - moving on its own - cupped... and explored a soft round breast... and then all hell broke loose!


What he was doing was good... so good... too good... She felt herself losing control, his mouth a sin to be confessed, his hands... Oh God! His hands... She wanted him so badly... so much... wanted him to fill her... take what there was for the taking... do it now.

"NO!" she yelled and managed to squeeze her thigh into his groin. "Stop! I don't want this," she shrieked pushing her flesh as hard as she could into his rising passion. "You can't do this to me. I won't allow it!"

"Shhh shhh," he murmured, lifting off of her and turning her in his arms. "I'll stop, Louie. I'll stop. Don't want to hurt you," he groaned as he cradled her in what he hoped was a comforting embrace and started grinding his teeth to keep from shouting his frustration.

"I can't do this," she continued to yell, not realizing that he had stopped touching her intimately.

"It's okay," he said as he tried to control his breathing and willing his erection to subside and to stop demanding satisfaction. "We don't have to - I got carried away. I apologize," he groaned.

"Oh..." she whispered belatedly. "Thank you for that. I..." and she collapsed against his chest, aware that while her bottom was still sore she also had an empty unfulfilled feeling and didn't know how to express her desire that he would... but of course he wouldn't... especially when she told him to stop.

"I think I hate you," she said softly, pressing her head deeper into his neck.

"Because I spanked you?" he asked as his hand with a mind of its own reached down to cup and stroke her bare bottom.

"Mmmm," she responded, her body struggling to remain in neutral, her mind unable to form too many coherent thoughts with his hand touching her like it was touching her...

"Or because I kissed you?" he wondered aloud as his palm glided over the heat of her bottom, his fingers starting a little dance of their own.

"Mmmm," she hummed and wondered if his hands would stray further and if they did, she'd skewer him when she got up enough energy to do so but if he didn't go any further... she didn't know what she'd do.

"Maybe because I got a little fresh?" he persisted.

"Mmmm," she agreed and placed a palm on his bare chest.

He groaned at the contact.

She explored. Her hand slid over his chest, testing the resiliency of the curly fur by tugging on it gently... then catching a flat male nipple between her index finger and thumb... clearly aware that the shiver she felt came from him... not from her.

"You shouldn't do that," he said as he sucked air into his lungs, exercising a great deal of willpower to keep from tossing her onto her back and ravishing her on the spot.

"Shouldn't do what?" she asked, her voice lazy with desire but waiting for him to take the upper hand.

"If you keep touching me like that, I'll have to finish what I started. You can't expect me to just get up and walk away. I'm a man and I..."

"If you don't make love to me in the next thirty seconds, I'm gonna take what I want," she swore softly, then wondered when she had turned into a hussy and where the hell those words had come from.

"Mr. Hunk Stuff at your pleasure," he chuckled, relieved at her words and ridding them of the rest of their clothes.

"Now!" she demanded, opening to him.

"Yes, ma'am," he complied and thrust into a wet and warm heaven unlike any he had ever known.

Their joining was fierce and rough... no bells, no hearts, no flowers, just one man and one woman eager to mate and so hot together it was a miracle they didn't spontaneously combust.

Her scream of release was lost between his lips just before he roared his own pleasure. "More," she demanded when she caught her breath, his body nestled between her thighs, his weight crushing her.

"I need a few minutes," he gasped and then transferred some of his weight to his forearms to relieve the pressure on her torso.

"Can't wait," she complained.

"I didn't satisfy you?" he chuckled between sucking breaths. "I could have sworn the sounds you made were because I pleased you."

"You're just a dumb cop," she goaded him. "Probably don't have enough stuff in you to do it again."

His arched brow and deafening silence should have warned her... Wrapping an arm around her waist, Joe Taggert rose to a sitting position and with a practiced stoicism, drew one naked Louise Rogers across his naked lap.

Easily ignoring her sudden protesting vocalizations, he proceeded to sear the bottom he had promised to blister previously. His hand tired before her body went limp and he delivered another dozen swats - extra hard - before he stopped.

"Louie?" he asked softly as he lifted her to his lap. "You still breathing, doll?"

"I'm going to cut off your balls," she said between halting breaths and as calmly as she could considering all her concentration was focused on oxygen, the lack of it in her lungs and the blazing fire in her rear end.

"If you did that," he smiled as he fingered the path of her tears, "I won't be able to prove to you that this dumb cop can pleasure you upside down and sideways and go non-stop 24/7."

"You couldn't go round #2 if your life depended on it," she managed and tried to punch him but she was exhausted from the spanking and her effort was feeble and futile at best.

"You have a sweet butt," he said as he stroked her sore cheeks. "I'm gonna rub it for you," he added as his palm slid over her heated globes. "Then I'm gonna kiss it till you beg me to love you again. You know what I'm gonna do after that?" he asked.

"Wait till Hell freezes over? Cause it will take that long to happen before you ever get it up again."

"After you beg me," he murmured, "I'm gonna roast your butt again and then... maybe..." his voice a little firmer and a little louder as he flipped her onto her belly. "You'll learn some manners, doll face!"

"You pig!" she shouted when she realized his intent.

"At your service!" he laughed and holding her hips tight, he lowered his mouth to her flaming bottom and bit her - hard - first on one sore cheek and then on the other.

She screamed and then she screamed obscenities.

He laughed and kissed the same spots... and then he kissed the rest of her heated flesh... And when she finally begged him to love her again, he took her to her bed and pressed her sore bottom into the mattress and made her soar. When she looked like she'd float away... he rose up and pushed between her thighs and made her soar again while he took his own pleasure from her body.


"How'd a dumb cop like you get to be a detective?" she asked out of the blue.

"How'd a little doll like you get such a filthy mouth?" he retaliated.

"From bumping into dumb cops like you," she answered with as much sarcasm as she could muster.

"You're very brave for such a little thing," he murmured, bending down to capture a nipple that had been begging for his attention.

"You always pick on people smaller than you?" she gasped as his mouth made indecent proposals to her breast.

"I'm gonna cure that mouth of yours," he warned when he lifted his head. "And you're gonna hate me for it."

"You're gonna rip me a new one? There's not much left after you beat the living sh..."

"Uh uh!" he cautioned, putting a finger on her lips. "Don't say it. Don't ever say it. I don't want to hear that kind of language out of your mouth."

"Who the hell...!" she exclaimed and then tried to beat his hands away when he lifted her legs up and over her head, his hand landing a harsh swat on a rear end that was already so sore and so tender from the spankings.

"Don't you dare!" she yelled when he spread her thighs and then choked on a breath when he entered her for the third time that day.

"Three times?" she gasped. "How the hell can you go three times?"

"Sorry, ma'am," he chuckled. "We dumb cops don't know how to count, either."

"Just don't count on spanking me again," she said when they were sane once more. "I'm not taking that kind of punishment no matter who you think you are."

"I have other ways to cure your naughty mouth, Louie, my girl."

"Uh huh, sure you do," she smirked.

"I'm gonna love you non-stop and when your belly is filled with our child..."

~ End Part Four ~

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