Mine to Spank
by saradora

"This is the story of Alice
Told without any malice.
Alice was loved by Algernon.
And there's no wondering..."


"Let me get this straight," he growled, hands on hips glaring at her defiant stance. "You were speeding - a cop stopped you, and..."

"I was only going 5 miles over the limit," she stated, indignant at his tone of voice.

"Says here he was willing to let you go."

"Ggnnsff," she muttered.

"What did you say?" he snarled, exhausted from a long day at work, his patience at an end. "Were you swearing at me?"

She pursed her lips, then met his stare with one of her own.

The big man stared back and then hummed as he read the rest of the police report. "Not satisfied with being let off with a warning, you decided to compliment him?" He stared at her. "It says, and I quote: You're such a good policeman, Officer Madison. I had no idea anyone could do their job that well... especially, with an IQ almost as high as today's temperature."

She swallowed, waiting for the other shoe to fall.

Arching his brow and smothering his laughter, he asked if she really said that. She nodded. "And what was the temperature today?"

"62 degrees."

"Woman!" he yelled.

"Jeez, Louise! At least it was Fahrenheit. Would have been a lot lower if we measured in Centigrade."

"In the bedroom, NOW! I'll be up in thirty minutes and we can get to the seat of this matter. When I get up there I expect to see you in the corner with your nose to the wall. Is that clear?" he thundered.

"Ggnnsff," she mumbled, turning away.

"And don't let me catch you sitting on the floor reading a book or listening to a CD while you wait for me. Nose to the wall, brat," he barked, giving her butt a hard swat as he pushed her to the stairs.

"Ggnnsff," she muttered, rubbing her behind and dragging her feet.

"Jenny Rebecca!!"

"Jesus! Such a fuss over a little ticket. You can just go to hell and fuck yourself when you get there," she muttered under her breath, too low for him to hear.

"You better not be swearing," he yelled at her retreating figure.

"Corner, my ass!" she fumed, going into the bedroom to get her keys and wallet, then slipped into the guestroom where a large tree branch rubbed up against the bedroom window. Climbing out and closing the window behind her, she shimmied down the tree and bent down below the front windows to make it to her car. Just for spite, she took his, instead and laughed when she heard his roar as she drove away.

Merging onto the entrance ramp of the freeway, she automatically answered her cell phone.

"Get your ass back here right now or so help me..." he growled.

She hung up.

It rang again.

"Don't you dare hang up on me!" he shouted.

She hung up.

"When I get my hands on you..." he warned when he called again.

She hung up and turned the phone off, wondering where she could spend the night until he cooled down.

Jenny and Misha had been married six years. They owned a large martial arts school where her husband was one of the instructors and she took care of the office - appointments, bookkeeping, and all the other myriad details necessary to keep a business solvent.

Twice weekly, Misha worked with the local police precincts, helping to keep area officers and other personnel in shape and honing their fighting skills. When Jenny was pulled over for speeding, the officer in charge made sure her husband got the details of his feisty wife's encounter.

Misha was of Russian descent and was raised to believe in immediate discipline for misbehavior. He remembered the punishments his father had inflicted on his bare ass - harsh and lengthy strapping sessions with a heavy leather belt. He didn't see any reason to discipline his wife in that manner but he did discipline her. So when Jenny's behavior was outrageous, he spanked her bare bottom with a talented hand. That usually kept her out of mischief for a week or two.

Their marriage was furious and sensual. They were both hot blooded, their love for each other strong and both were fiercely independent. No matter how often they made love, they sought each other out to exchange a loving word, or touch or kiss.


When Jenny was feeling feisty... or put upon... or antsy... or horny... or mischievous... or having menstrual cramps... or having a pity party... or moody... or just felt like doing her own thing. Rarely did she get away with anything. Misha tolerated a lot but Jenny went out of her way to make him crazy.

She said she loved his hot temper. He said he loved warming her ass. She didn't like that part and fought it every time.

They had a happy marriage...

Misha didn't care about the ticket. He was pissed that Jenny had insulted the police officer - a very nice officer who just happened to be one beer shy of a six-pack when it came to the fairer sex. Nevertheless... his wife's attitude needed an adjustment and it would have been a mild one if she hadn't badmouthed him, avoided the inevitable and STOLEN HIS CAR!

"You're in for it, now, my sweet czarina," he chuckled, unable to stay angry at his little spitfire of a wife for very long.

Jenny stopped for a bite to eat at the local diner, parked in the alley, smart enough to know Misha probably had the police put an APB out for his car. He had. He didn't have any problems having her picked up, cuffed and arrested. In fact, he was hoping that would happen so he could pick her up, paddle her cute little ass on the spot and then take her home and paddle it some more.

Since she took his car, she knew the safest place to be was in her own home and she returned after a couple of hours by way of a circuitous route, avoiding the regular police beats. She parked the car in its regular spot and hid in the basement until she thought Misha was asleep.

He was in the kitchen drinking vodka when she climbed the tree she had shimmied down and re-entered the guestroom. He was worried about her but thought she was probably seeking sanctuary at her girl friend's house. He hoped that's where she was... that's where she usually went when she tried to avoid a spanking and it was hell to get her out of there. Her friend's property was guarded by four large Rottweilers that adored his little Jenny. He adored her, too and he was going to make sure his hand adored her little ass until it was flaming red.

A knock on the door early the next morning woke him. It was a police officer who said he found his car.

"Where is she?" he asked, trying not to yawn in the man's face, having spent a restless night.

"Don't know about your wife, Mish, but your car is right there," he pointed to the vehicle parked in its regular place. "You sure she took your car?"

"Jenny Rebecca! When I get my hands on you," he muttered, going in search of her.

He found her in the guestroom, in bed and asleep on her stomach. Her T-shirt had rolled up her back, leaving most of it bared, and her white cotton bikini panties framed her sweet, round ass. The covers had slipped off, leaving one small foot covered, the rest of her exposed to his hungry gaze.

He was going to blister her ass!

What he wanted to do was plunge into her hot, sweet center in the worst possible way.

She's going to kill me with her antics and I'm going to make sure she doesn't sit down for a month if it's the last thing I do!

He sighed, his erection tenting his boxer shorts. She looked so innocent lying there...

Slipping into bed, he gently rubbed her butt, slipping a warm hand under her panties and slowly pulled them down and off. She turned toward him, her sleepy body reaching for him, her eyes still closed.

He inhaled her scent, she smelled good - like a woman should smell in the morning - warm and delicious like sweet spice and raspberry wine. He wanted her so bad...

"Hi honey," she murmured, her voice like silk rippling over him, her hands reaching for him.

"Hi yourself, czarina mine. Where've you been all night, brat?"

"Oh shit!" she yelled, pulling away from him, remembering she was going to be spanked.

"Gotcha'!" he laughed as he pulled her back into his arms.

"Misha..." she pouted.

"Jenny..." he answered with a feral grin.

"You still mad?" she asked with hope in her voice.


"Oh, that's good," she said, relieved, reaching up to kiss him.

"But it's not going to get you out of that spanking you've got coming to you, brat of mine," he said a little too calmly.

"That's not fair!" she complained.

"You think it was fair to tell me to go to hell and to fuck myself when I got there?" he asked in a voice that quietly tallied her misdeeds. "You think it was fair to drive away when I specifically told you to stand in that corner? And with my car?"

Jenny sighed. She hated it when he lectured.

"Do you think it was fair to hang up on me when I tried calling you? Do you think it was fair to have me worry all night wondering where you were and if you were safe? Do you?" his voice got just a little louder. "Answer me!" he finally shouted in her face.

"Um.... Could you start over? I don't remember the first question."

"Jenny Rebecca!"

"Please, Mish. Let's make love instead. You'll feel much better if we do."

"So will you," he laughed, his good mood restored. "We WILL make love first, and afterwards, I'll give you your long overdue spanking."


"I could spank you now - then make love to you - then..." he offered.

"Then, what?"

"Then give you another one for being a brat and worrying the hell out of me," he yelled, flipping her over and across his knee, her T-shirt suddenly history.

His hand came down hard and fast. Slap... ow! Spank... yeow! Swat... Ouch! Aarrcch! That hurts! Stop! Spank... swat... scream... curse... ...And the band played on...

He held her down until she caught her breath, using the time to admire the crimson cheeks, rubbing them gently. No matter how often he had to spank her, he truly loved the spitfire in his arms. He turned her over gently.

"Hush, barushka, it's over. It's done," he murmured, hugging her, rubbing his face against her. "Let me kiss your tears and put lotion on your tush. Then, we'll love each other and we'll both feel better."

"No, we won't," she hissed, pulling away from him.

"Why not?" he asked softly, pulling her back against his chest.

"'Cause you said you're going to spank me again. Not right, not fair," she complained, trying to move off his lap, her ass burning.

"Would you rather I finish the spanking now?" he asked quietly, his hand moving between her thighs, testing her heat to see how wet she was.

"You're not spanking me again!" she cried, raising up and kicking him, her bare breasts in his face.

There was only so much the poor man could take. He pushed her onto the bed, spread her thighs and buried his face in her steamy sex. She protested, crying that she couldn't take another spanking, then was lost when his tongue teased her until she floated away from him.

"You're mine, barushka, my sweet czarina," he said when he finally plunged between her thighs. "All mine... mine to love, mine to spank, mine to love again."

~ End ~

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