More Than I Have Words
Part Three
by sarAdora


"Tell me what I want to hear," he said later when the breakfast dishes were cleared and they were relaxing on the couch.

"I love you," she replied.

"What else?" he wanted to know and cupped her cheek so she would look at him.

"I won't go out in the rain," she said, knowing that was what he wanted to hear.

"Your word on it?"

"I can't give you my word, JC."

"Why not, bambina?"

"I might not be able to keep it and I don't like to make promises unless I'm sure I can keep them."

Her honesty made him smile; he knew she wouldn't say the words he wanted to hear just to appease him. "You know what will happen if I catch you?"

She nodded her head.

"And if I don't catch you but find out later that you were out in the rain?"

She nodded again.

"There will be times I'll be out and it will start to rain," she reminded him. "I don't mean when I'm shopping. I mean when I'm jogging or..."

"As long as you take care to keep dry - not intentionally get soaked or make yourself ill. Capisca? Understand?"

"Yes, but will you believe me when I tell you I got caught by accident. I mean..."

"I'll believe you, bambina," he smiled as he kissed her. "You might not tell me everything but you've never lied to me either. Do you know how much I love you?" he asked as he gently kneaded her bottom cheeks.

"If your love is as strong as the spanking you gave me... you must love me a lot."

"I'd warm your backside again just for that comment, bambina. But I'll wait. You're still too sore."

"Just for that, you can make dinner."

"I will," he promised.

True to her word, she stayed out of the rain. She knew she was prone to upper respiratory distress and the prospect of pneumonia held no appeal. Then there was the promise of a harsh spanking. JC didn't make idle promises. She wasn't looking forward to his retribution.

A chilly Spring finally gave way to a warmer one and the rain was warmer, too. If she could just take a brief walk... in sweats and a rain poncho with a hood... galoshes... It would feel so good... warm light rain... I wouldn't get sick.

She changed into sweats... added extra heavy socks, and contemplated that walk in the rain. Standing at the window, she watched it fall... thinking...

"Bambina, I'm home!" JC called as he walked in from the garage.

She rushed to greet him, hugged him tight and put her fantasy walk away for another time.

He hugged her tight, pulled her onto his lap while he sat on the couch, told her about his day and made no comment about the two pair of socks on her feet. The rain was just the kind of rain Spence loved to walk in; he was sure he got home just in time. He didn't want her in the rain... catching her... and he didn't relish the idea of giving her a hard spanking.

"Dinner out?" he asked. "We can go to a supper club, maybe dance a few? What do you think?"

She thought that was a good idea and told him they should shower together to save time.

He laughed. She giggled. They had a wonderful evening.

The rain was the same the next day... light, warm and inviting. Spencer had a great urge to be out in it but she tried to ignore her need. Finally, in desperation, she donned those sweats, wrapped herself in a thick quilt and opened an upstairs window. Kneeling on the floor in front of the window, she leaned close to the screen, the wind and cool rain flicking her face with drops. It felt good. So good she eventually dropped her head to her arm and was soon asleep with the wind and the rain in her face.

She was dry from the neck down and JC didn't know if he should just shake his head at her ingenuity or paddle that tush of hers. He opted to hold her on his lap while he dried her face and hair and when she opened her eyes, she wanted to know if he'd spank her.


"Thank you."

"What is it about the rain that draws you to it, bambina?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's the freshness of it - or the tempest. Maybe it's a primal need to return to the water, evolution and all that. I don't know. You enjoy the sea. Maybe it's something like that. I just... I wasn't outside," she added. "Honestly, I wasn't."

"I believe you," he told her.

Spring ended with a torrent of rain. Spencer knew she wasn't likely to see that kind of rain again until Fall and again, she didn't allow herself the luxury of walking in it. She had experienced the occasional sore throat, high fevers and coughing episodes during the winter. JC had been patient, supportive, attentive and tender in their lovemaking. If she went out in the heavy downfall, he would light a fire on her behind.

But the rain called... it whispered her name. She opened a window and inhaled its cool sharp freshness, the last days of Spring washing away as Mother Nature prepared the world for Summer.

It was a long time till Fall and cooler weather. Summer beckoned, the heat and long sunny days filled with flowering trees, ripening vegetables, outdoor cookouts, weekends at the beach - all good things. They'd have lazy backyard picnics, romps in the grass, trees to climb and early evening trysts in the stone gazebo her lover built for her. They'd sip wine there, watch the sun set, cuddle and when she least expected it, he'd grab her and kiss her till she could barely catch her breath... touch her... He's so fresh,  she smiled, thinking about it.

But there would be little or no rain.

The rain continued to fall - heavy drops - rapid rain - soaking the ground, making the deck slick, beads forming on the newly polished wood. It wouldn't last forever...

She donned heavy sweats, heavy socks, a raincoat, rain hat and galoshes and opened the door to the deck and sat in the doorway and inhaled the rain. It was wonderful. It was glorious.

And short lived.

JC came home from work and into the house looking for her. She was his first priority. The rain was a tempest, a storm. It had come down so heavily he barely saw the hood of his car as he drove home. He thought it would break the new flower buds, ruin her vegetable seedlings, and drown her if she was in it.

She wasn't in it but her face was still getting wet.

He picked her up so fast she cried out, startled by his arm suddenly around her, startled when his hip slammed the door shut, suddenly frightened when he upended her and delivered one firm smack to her clothed bottom.

"I'm not wet!" she shouted. "I'm covered up."

He put her on her feet, unwrapped her, pulled her sweats down and delivered another firm smack and then he hugged her so tight she yelped.

"No spanking!" she yelled and punched him. "I wasn't out in it. I was..."

"You've pushed me to the edge, bambina. You may as well have been out. You were breathing in all that wet air. You were..." He stopped talking and just held her. "You weren't out in it. I apologize. I have no regrets about the smacks and there's a good chance I'm going to warm your tush further..." He paused to look at her upturned face, the face he loved, and he kissed her.

Kisses and endearments were all he could manage as he unceremoniously stripped her of her clothes, his clothes following, a trail of discards from the kitchen door, up the staircase, down the hallway, and into their bedroom. When they were both naked and in bed and one hand palmed her bottom, the other on the back of her neck, his mouth continued to kiss her. It found her throat and her neck and then her shoulder. Her mouth found his ear and then he stopped kissing and pinned her arms above her head and told her he was going to light a fire on her tush and she begged him not to... so sweetly he was undone.

Turning her over his lap anyway, he delivered a half dozen light spanks, fondled her, spanked her again and then bent his head and bit her pink cheeks. She giggled and gasped and threatened to deny him. He laughed at her words and lifted her to her knees and loved her as if they were new lovers enjoying a one-night stand but destined to spend eternity together.

"Don't do that again," he told her later. "I don't want you breathing in cold rain."

"I apologize for worrying you," she yawned as she cuddled into his arms.

"Not sorry for sitting in the rainy doorway, are you?"


"I didn't think so."

Summer came and brought long sunny days, warm ones, a few heavy with heat and humidity and no rain. In mid-July the morning started with welcome mist, dew heavy and cool. By noon, it sprinkled, wetting the yard, all the roofs, and rinsing all the foliage. By late afternoon, it was raining - lightly, warm, and refreshing.

JC came home early, hugged his wife hello and then tossed her into the air making her squeal. "Put on socks," he told her.


"Yes and sweats and a long-sleeved tee shirt."

"Okay," she laughed, wondering what that was all about.

He changed, too, and when both of them were dressed similarly, he pulled her out onto the covered part of the back deck. "Stand still," he told her and pulled his rain poncho over both of their heads, the hood covering his head, a separate rain hat covering Spencer's.

Spencer was dumbstruck by his actions. "JC?"

"It's a warm summer rain and I don't want you to miss it," he said softly as he picked her up and went out onto the open deck, settled them on a lounge and cuddled her close.

"We're in the rain?" she said, amazed at this turn of events.

"Don't want you to miss it," he said again.

"Ti amo, Squidlet."

"I love you too, zucca pumpkin."

"You love me a lot."

"More than I have words."

~ End ~

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