I Need This Man...
by sarAdora

Spanking and the lovely sexual gratification that follows... is more than spanking and sex. It's about relationships... a life-long contract... a few stolen moments... with someone you care about... and who cares about you.

My alter ego ponders this as I survey the Doms and Tops and Spankers that I've met here. When it comes to really sweet spankings and really fine afters, I fantasize... just a little. What would it really be like with...?

Ohhhhhhh yes... He's nice, v-e-r-y nice. Love the way he writes - love the romance in his soul - love his kind of dominance - love the words he uses to describe the spankings and the sweetness that follows. He can take me across his lap *any* day of the week. Bet he sings in the shower, and off key. Oh yes, a weekend with him... a log cabin... I could wear a lace teddy; he could wear leather... The wine, the chocolate, the soft sweet spanks with just the right amount of tingle... the talking, the laughter, the touching, the sharing, the kissing, the cherished moments, the sweetness, the delicious lovemaking. Mmmmmmm, I am so-o-o there.

Christ on a clamshell! That man gives me shivers. The things he says he does to women! His stories are absolutely mind blowing! Whew! Hot stuff! So sexy, so sweetly and firmly dominant, so... Goddddsss forgive me! Just once, I'd like to spend a weekend with him. Won't matter what I wear; he won't notice till I'm naked and bent over his lap. Don't think there'd be a lot of dialogue... more like... "Mmmmm... that's so good... so-o-o... so-o-o... delicious..." and "You okay, sweet one? Going to turn your bottom pink..." Ohhhhh, the delicious after care. Tingling and wet just thinking about it.

So suave, so cocksure, so demanding and commanding and insistent. So-o-o charming and so much more loving than he allows the world to see. Bet he'd actually be easy to twist around my fingers. Bet he spanks a lot lighter than he lets on, but his stories... Such a dominant man, such a really sophisticated writer, such a trip he takes me on when he writes. So why do I feel like hugging him close? Why do I feel as if my hug could make his world right? Why do I feel like telling him how wonderful he is and... more? And... why do I want him to want me?

What can I possibly say about this man? His stories tease, flirt, scold, cajole, excite, and fire my fantasies. A trip across his lap would be an adventure to remember and mostly, to cherish. He'd demand certain behaviors; I'd balk at his words. He'd expect obedience; I'd try to escape. He'd insist; I'd resist. He'd dish out the guilt until I'd feel compelled to please him. Then... he wouldn't accept what I have to offer unless he believed it was sincerely and freely given. I'd give freely. I want to be across his lap, feel his hands on my bottom, and know he loves me as he spanks.

The phrasing he uses in his replies to stories and posts... the descriptive words he uses... the man appeals to the butterfly in my psyche, the gypsy in my soul. I want to wander the world with him, morph into his happiness, be earth to his wind and water and fire his need for me. I want to make him smile; I love to know he's laughing at something I said... something I did. I want to lie across his lap and feel his hands on me, back and front, as he's loving me with good girl spankings. I want to feel him deep inside me... yes, I do.

He babies me and every other woman on the site. He does it well - so loving and caring. And though his words are couched in courtesy, he's blunt about his feelings, expressing needs and desires and dreams. I love his dreams and the way he states them... with poignancy, some painful words, and such sweet longing. They're reflected in the once in a while stories he posts. Sometimes, I hurt for him. I can picture us on a sandy beach... on a private island. We could fulfill our spanking and lovemaking fantasies, sate ourselves, part, and move on, or... could we? I'd love to find out.

He wants to spank me; he told me so. I'm just a little afraid of him but I know he'd love me so good after my bottom generated the right amount of heat and showed the right amount of color. His once-in-a-while posts ignite my imagination and when I tell him so, he says that's because I picture myself across his lap, getting warmed to the point of no return. He's wrong! He's... right. He's wiser than me in so many ways and needs me when I least expect it. I love that contrast in him and want to explore it further. I want him to spank me sweetly and make love to me. I want to give him whatever he wants... and I want to make love to him.

My heart hurts for him. I want to touch him with my words, stroke his cheek, and hug him hard. I want to lie across his lap, feel him bare my bottom and hear him whisper the words I need to hear as his hand fondles my bottom cheeks. I want to feel his body's heat growing for me as I lie there waiting for the first of many warm and tingly spanks. I want to feel his hand caressing as his words reassure me. I want him to know that I trust him to do what's good... what's right... what's sweet. I want to give him... us... lasting memories... the sweetest ones... memories that fill his heart as he fills my body, memories that make his soul ache for what we've shared, for what we'll share again... some day, somewhere, some time.

The fantasies fuel my imagination... enriching my life, inspiring me to write, to search for new ways of expressing need... desire... to create erotic and satisfying scenes where loving and caring couples show their devotion to each other in this thing we do...

~ End ~

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