by sarAdora

It was warm... too warm in the house... his arms held her in a close embrace... his need to keep his arms around her... great... so great... and not to be denied.

She was angry with him... the spanking he had delivered a bit harsh... unjustified... undeserved... and just because she had walked in the rain. The lovemaking had been good... always good... even after a spanking that had angered her. That always seemed to irk her... that he could make her melt even when she was angry with him.

Morning song and the sound of rain... a new day dawning.

"Buongiorno, cara," he murmured as he turned her in his arms. "Baciarme, bambina. Kiss me, baby."

"You don't deserve kisses," she hissed, turning away from his mouth.

"Yes, I do," he laughed, covering her mouth with his, swallowing her breath... then gave her his... "Ti adoré, bella. Baciarme ancora. I adore you, beautiful one. Kiss me again."



"I said no!"

"I heard you the first time," he chuckled, rolling over with her in his arms, his hands making inroads down familiar paths, fingers teasing... probing... "Got to start our morning right, cara. Got to love my baby." His lips swept over erogenous zones, his hands caressing satin, his body soon filling hers. She gave in to the loving... sensate with desire... her body reminding him that she was easily passion drugged and generous... opening to him... giving freely once the dance had begun...

Delicious followed bliss... a shower cascading over their soapy bodies... slipping... sliding...

"I don't want you running today, Spencer," he reminded her as he toweled her dry. "Stay inside, today."


"You know why. Your bronchitis will flare up. Give it a rest, today. Piove. It's raining. No running!" he repeated with a firm swat to her bottom cheeks.

Somehow, she managed not to pout or stomp her foot until after he had left for the day and then... bundled up in sweats and a hooded poncho... and ran her customary five miles... in the rain.

By mid-afternoon, she was coughing and couldn't stop. Taking a double dose of the hated cough medicine, she knew she'd feel better after a nap. It was still too warm in the house, so she opened the window closest to her side of the bed, and was asleep before her head hit the pillow. The wind blew in, the bedroom drapes billowing...

He came home early for a change... the house too cool and instantly knew she had opened a window or two. He spied her napping under the covers and shook his head at the opened window, closing out the wind and rain when he shut it. Quietly, he slipped out of his clothes and into bed. His arms automatically encircled her body as he inhaled the deliciously warm and sensuous scent of her... belatedly realizing that she was warm to the touch... very warm... too warm.

"What am I going to do with you, bambina?" he whispered as he pulled her to his chest.

"Hmmm?" she answered, groggy but slowly wakening at his touch.

"Tired, sweetheart?" he asked as his lips touched her forehead, gauging her temperature.

"A little," she hedged, covering a yawn.

"Fibbing, cara mia?" he asked gently.

"What do you mean?" she yawned again, tucking her head under his chin.

"I think you had some cough medicine and it made you sleepy. Were you coughing today?"


"Was that a yes?" he asked.

"Felt like a nap," she lied smoothly, scooting further down his chest until her cheek rested on his heart... hers beating slightly faster than normal.

"I think you have a fever, too. Shall we find out?"

"Don't have a fever," Spencer denied with vehemence... just before she coughed.

"Walked in the rain, didn't you?" he asked, his voice still soft... calm... before the storm.

"Did not!" she denied.

"Uh-huh..." he paused, giving her a brief chance to recant. "Did you, by any chance, *run* in the rain, birbintella? naughty imp"


"I thought so," he sighed. "Didn't I tell you not to do that?"


"Once more, bambina," he said, cupping her chin to make her look at him. "I'm only telling you this once more. You will *not* run in the rain! And if you do... and I catch you... I will warm your butt until the heat it generates matches your fever! Is... That... Understood?" the authoritative tones of the commanding officer drew her ire.

"Let me remind you..." Spencer huffed as she pulled out of his embrace. "I am not one of your subordinates and I don't take orders! Not now! Not ever! Is that perfectly clear, Mister... Commanding... Officer?"

"You're my wife and you will not defy me!" he said sternly, pulling her back into his arms.

"Then maybe you need to be single again!" she yelled and then squealed when his hand made harsh contact with her bared bottom.

"Not a chance, bambina! I'll never let you go," he assured her, turning her so that she lay across his lap, his hand never pausing as it drummed a stinging, staccato beat on her butt. His other hand easily held her in place despite all her squirming and wriggling as she tried to escape.

"JC! You can not spank me any time you feel like it!"

"Yes, I can," he chuckled, still landing sharp spanks on her bottom cheeks, the pinking flesh darkening with each descent of his hand. "And I will every time I think you need a warming. I love you, cara mia," he paused to give her a chance to catch her breath. "If spanking you will keep you out of the rain and relatively healthy, I'll spank you."

"You will not! she croaked, seeking more oxygen, hiccuping, then coughing in earnest.

"Yes I will, adore," he promised, lifting her to his lap so she could breathe easier. "And I'll always love you after the spanking..." his lips moved over her heated forehead, to each temple in turn and down her neck to her throat. "I'll kiss all the parts that hurt... and the parts that don't... and then..."

"Wouldn't hurt if you didn't..."

"I love kissing all your parts and... I especially love kissing your hurting parts and... this part..." he murmured, one hand slipping between her heated thighs... stroking... seeking... promising...

"You can't make love to me when I'm angry," she snapped, pushing his hand away, biting her lip.

"Yes I can," he replied, laying on his back and pulling her to his chest, one hand gently rubbing her rosy cheeks.


"Shhhh, mia bella. Baciarme. Kiss me.  You'll feel better in no time. Let me love you, baby. Let me love you."

"Not fair to love me..." she grumbled. "Just because you want to... unfair spanking... mean of you..." she hiccuped into his chest. "Shouldn't do that when I'm coughing..." she muttered. "Your fault I'm coughing," she added, pushing herself off his chest.

The only reason she was able to get off his chest and to her knees was because he was laughing. "My fault?" he chuckled before he broke into full-throated laughter. "My fault that you're coughing? Cara mia," he gasped, still laughing. "Your logic defies reason!"

She turned a steely-eyed glare on him.

He laughed harder.

She poked him in the belly.

He eyed her naked thighs straddling his hips and gently cupped her sex, his fingers stroking...

"JC!" she choked on a breath.

"Spencer..." he murmured, bringing wet fingers to his mouth, watching her as he sucked the dew coated there.

"Don't you dare," she whispered, backing away.

"I dare," he whispered back, his hand between her thighs again... "Oh yes... I dare," he promised... cupping... teasing... the heel of his hand taunting passion's button... her shivers spurring him further.

"No!" her voice softer now and laced with hunger. "I'm still angry that you..."

"No, you're not," he murmured as he sat up and turned her onto her belly. "You're happy I love you enough to worry about you." He held her in place with ease, his lips trailing down her back, lingering on her pinked cheeks. "You're happy I love you so much I don't want you to get sick," he added, then quickly bit each cheek... where the color was the pinkest... and chuckled when she squealed and protested.

"JC! So help me..."

"Che cosa? What?"  he laughed, pulling her to her knees and teased her soft opening... probing gently with his hardened manhood. His arms encircled her, one hand fondling her swollen vulva, the other under her breasts keeping her upright, both of them on their knees, her back against his chest.

"You're going to love me, anyway," she stated the obvious, his belly pressing into her warmed cheeks just one more sensation her body tried to absorb.

"Si, con piacere, Yes, with pleasure,"  he murmured into her ear as he slid into her moist heat. "Molto piacere, mia adore, Great pleasure, my love."

Initially in their relationship, this position brought out her insecurities, fear rising... submissiveness not an issue so much as the physical touch of her spine backed into the very large man hovering and physically dominant over her. As their love grew and the bond between them strengthened... she coveted this position... reveling in his embrace... his body shielding hers... keeping her safe... his love and his arms... blanketing her. It was her favorite position for making love.

And it was his favorite position as well... able to thrust deeply into her core... his chest covering her back... his hands free to touch the front of her... everywhere... Tormenting her during lovemaking was another favorite thing to do... making her wait... building the tension... delaying... until she begged for release. He relished her desire... her need... her love... expressed in the sweet and soft sounds that came from her throat. And so he teased... taunted... tormented... made her crazy... lifting her to her knees, her back pulled into his chest, her head thrown back on his shoulder as he thrust... she... meeting each one, her pinked cheeks warm against him.

"Ti voglio, cara mia. Ti voglio bene," he swore as he emptied his seed into her, her own soft purrs of release lost in his roar.

"You still mad at me, Spence?" he asked as they lay entwined in the aftermath of their loving, his fingers laced through the silky tresses of her hair.

"You shouldn't have spanked me," she argued softly, still floating from bliss. "I always cough this time of year."

"That's your excuse for walking in the rain...?" he chuckled. "As if the damp weather wouldn't exacerbate your cough? Spencer," he shook his head. "You are the feistiest female I know and..." he pulled her onto his chest and gently cupped her sore bottom. "... the most exasperating..." He kneaded her cheeks. "And ...frustrating, willful..." ...pushed her onto her belly... "And ...disobedient... defiant... imp in the universe!" His lips rubbed her bottom, sucking the heat into his mouth, his tongue teasing the erogenous spot at the tip of her spine until she whimpered. "And..." he added, raising up and swatting her bottom none too gently, "You are not running or walking or skipping in the rain! Is. That. Clear?"

"Let me up!" she yelled, the sudden and unexpected sting making her gasp.

"I want your word!" he said sternly, holding her in place, prepared to spank her again and thoroughly if she didn't give it.

"You have it!" she said promptly.

"Tell me the words, Spencer," his tone sounding a lot like orders to her ears.

"I give you my word," she sighed heavily. "I will not run or walk or skip in the rain in the morning."

He was satisfied.

"Good girl," he murmured, turning her and picking her up into his arms, cradled her to his chest, whispering love words, soft sweet caresses...

"Gonna love you again," he told her, spreading her thighs... his lips mapping familiar and beloved territory. "Gonna make you beg, baby," he told her, his hands and mouth adoring her once again.

"You're a bully!" she told him as she gave in to new sensations, her head in a whirl... her bottom stinging and tingling from their lovemaking, the spankings, his demands... more lovemaking.

"That, I am," he readily agreed as she yielded to him, taking care to love her gently... sweetly.


She was sleeping when he was ready to leave for work the next morning, and he smiled in wonderment as he kissed her brow. The angelic look on her face in slumber... so deceiving. He knew better. She was an imp... an imp he loved but had spanked thoroughly the day before... thoroughly loved as well... acts he would repeat so many more times... She had given her word... he knew she would keep it... he was satisfied... even though the weather forecast predicted rain.

Foolish man.

There was a light mist falling when Spencer woke. Despite the lingering soreness in her backside, she didn't waste any time dressing in heavy sweats and thick socks and then made her way to the garage where her heavy hooded poncho was hanging. She remembered she had promised not to walk or run or skip in the rain in the morning. She always kept her word. However... she had not given her word that she wouldn't ride her bike in the rain... or roller blade... Laughing as she mounted her bike, she remembered her promise didn't include any mention of running or walking or skipping... in the afternoon...


The bike ride had been exhilarating but the relief she felt when her coughing ebbed was short lived as she pressed the remote to open the garage door. After wheeling the bike into its slot and locking it in place, she backed up... into a hard chest... The chest was warm... it had arms... like Popeye... and the hands attached to the arms were firm and strong and large... very large... much too large...

Those hands pulled the hood of her poncho down and the head attached to the chest rested its chin on top of her hair. The mouth in the head that was attached to the chest opened, warm breath heating her neck. In actuality, the breath was searing her neck...

"Was there something you wanted to tell me, Spencer?" a familiar voice asked softly... too softly... much too softly...


"Would you like to reconsider your answer, baby?" his voice still soft.


"Think again, sweetheart," he said, his arms tightening around her. "Because one way or the other, you're going to explain - in very clear words - why you broke your promise."

"I didn't break my promise," Spencer said calmly, knowing she was in the right... for a change.

"Oh?" he asked, skeptic that he was. "And just what part of not running or walking or skipping in the rain...? You rode your bike," he snorted with exasperation and then chuckled. "And we didn't include that, did we?"

"Exactly," she said with great satisfaction.

"You should have been a lawyer, bambina," he laughed, tossing her over his shoulder with ease and headed into the house and up the stairs, an article of her clothing removed and tossed every few steps. "You knew I didn't want you out in the rain," he said calmly as he swatted her butt as he walked... first on top of her poncho... then, her sweats... her panties... her bared bottom.

"Not fair," she yelled, trying to get loose. "What are you doing home? You didn't trust me!"

"Apparently for good reason..." he muttered. "Actually came home to get something I forgot and sent my driver to pick up the mail while I put my papers in order. Imagine my surprise," he added as he settled her wiggling body over his lap... face down... "when you weren't home."



"We will now alter your promise to include your bicycle, my bicycle, your roller blades, and your skateboard. Is. That. Perfectly. Clear?" each word followed by a firm spank.


"I'll take that as a yes," he noted, his hand warming her butt over and over until she thought toast was probably pale in comparison.

"You're a mean bully!" she yelled between gasping breaths.

"I am," he agreed, still spanking.

"You're a piss-ant!" she groaned as the heat in her bottom built.

"Damn straight!" he confirmed.

"Really angry... with your high-handed ways," she sputtered, trying to grab his leg so she could bite him.

"Then I think we ought to make this a memorable spanking, baby, so you have something to really be angry about," he said calmly as he moved his leg away from her mouth.

"I'll get even!" she warned, choking on a breath and then started coughing... heavily.

"I know you will, adore," he chuckled as he lifted her to his lap and then readjusted her position when she gasped at the contact. "I love you cara," he murmured as he pulled her close, his hands gently rubbing her sore bottom. "I'm going to spank you even harder if you..."

"JC! That is so unfair! I have to be out in the rain! I love the rain. I have to run! I have to..." Her words faded as the cough took over, her chest heaving as she filled her lungs... tears flowing...

"You have to stay well," he murmured, one hand rubbing her back, the other cupping her cheek as his thumb wiped her tears away. His mouth followed, kissing her gently, waiting for her breath to ease. Later, when he returned from work, he'd take her to a supper club for dinner and an evening of dancing.


It had been a splendid evening. Spencer's bottom retained a degree of soreness but it didn't deter her from snuggling into JC's arms on the dance floor or later, when those same large hands and arms held her as he made love to her.

Just before sleep claimed her, she remembered that the neighbor's son... down the street... had a 10-speed bicycle. Her promise not to run or walk or skip... or ride her bike or JC's bike... or roller blade... didn't include the neighbor's bicycle...

~ End ~

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