Taming Sophie
Part One
by sarAdora

The beginning...

She made him wait until the fourth date before he could kiss her again. Her lips were full, soft to his mouth, and just begging to be kissed. His tongue sought entrance and she let him slide inside, the tip of her tongue keeping his from exploring too much - too soon - and too fast.

His balls ached.

She didn't object when he held her in a close embrace, the feel of her full round breasts against his chest made him groan with need. He pulled her closer, barely able to feel her nipples harden through her sweater and his.

He wanted more.

She asked him if he wanted an after dinner drink or a cup of coffee.

His balls really ached.

Softly, he declined, cupped her firm round bottom with both hands and ground his hips into hers. He arched forward like a heat seeking missile programmed for a particular target - the warm center between her thighs.

She put gentle hands on his neck, slipping her fingers under the collar of his sweater and stroked the tender hollows of his collarbones. "Did you know these are pressure points?" she smiled, her deep amethyst eyes full of mischief. "And if I press them," she murmured, pressing down, "the pain can be excruciating."

He stopped grinding his hips into hers and gritted his teeth, instead.

Christ!  His balls ached.

He accepted the offer of coffee and let her slip from his arms. He couldn't believe he was standing in the middle of her living room with a raging hard-on and no relief in sight.

He wanted her from the moment he laid eyes on her and though he had never forced himself on a woman, he would have bet the farm she'd have graced his bed three dates ago. She made him crazy.

He was close to forcing her.

He had always been discreet and selective about his sexual partners, never enjoying them for more than a night or two even though they tried to keep him coming back for more. None had succeeded. He knew she would.

He wanted her.

He didn't want to go slow with her. He wanted to touch her... all over... kiss the same spots... then make love to her. He wanted to rip her clothes off... crush her to his chest... explore her mouth, her body, her sex, then ride her till she ached. He wanted to taste her... feel the fullness of her breasts in his palms... suckle her nipples. He wanted to cup her ass... nuzzle her curls... lick her sex, then fill her with his rock hard cock and love her until his balls fell off.

He went slow.

He knew she wasn't being coy or playing hard to get. Friends of his had been unsuccessful when they tried to seduce her. She had moved into the area a few months ago and had declined all social invitations except group dinners, and then, only a few. The first two times they had met weren't auspicious ones and he wasn't surprised when she slammed the door in his face the first time he called on her.

He hadn't planned to seduce her when he found her lost in the woods that divided their property, although he tried. Then again, he hadn't planned to spank her, either. It just sort of happened. She snapped at him when he wouldn't stop teasing her about being lost so close to home. Perversely, he continued the teasing, his arm slipping around her shoulder, squeezing it gently, and tucking her close to him as he led her out of the forested maze. She lashed into him for his presumptuous manner, telling him his manhood was in jeopardy and he took what he considered irrational behavior as a gauntlet thrown in his face.

"You really think you're woman enough to take me on?" he grinned, hoping she would.

Hands on hips, her eyes narrowed to a glare and she took a deep breath, prepared to lace into him. Without warning, she charged, jumped on top of him and boxed his ears. He laughed, catching her against his broad chest, tripped on a root in the ground and went onto his back. She landed on top of him and was immediately wrapped in his arms. His mouth captured hers, stealing her breath, swallowing it, and making her weak.

When he let her up for air, she bit his chin and scurried away from his mouth. He wanted to kiss her again and reached for her, but she was angry at his unwarranted familiarity and she kicked him in the groin. Her aim was off and the pain was minimal, but belatedly, she realized she had taunted a tiger and turned to flee from his wrath.

His loud roar rent the air and he caught her around the waist before she could get away. Quickly, without thinking, he knelt on one leg and swung her over his out-stretched thigh, paddling that firm round ass with a heavy hand.

She shrieked at the unexpected spanking, cursing him. "Son-of-a-bitch! Ow! You bastard! Were you spawned from cow turds?"

What he was - was a frustrated man. This was their second encounter, the first meeting equally unsatisfying. She had refused all invitations to go out with him no matter how hard he tried. Adding insult to injury, he made every effort to apologize for his behavior at their first meeting and she refused to listen to him. The unexpected encounter in the woods simply flamed his temper. As far as he was concerned, the paddling was more than justified.

Not once did she beg him to stop, her pride at stake, her bottom paying the heavy price. Nor did she cry out. He stopped spanking her simply because his hand tired, and when he turned her over, was genuinely surprised that there were only a few tears on her face. Tenderly, he kissed them away. But his heart broke when he saw her trembling lip.

"I apologize," he said softly, knowing he had hurt her far more than he intended and helped her stand. "I..."

Her face was flushed, and her butt was on fire, the pain intense. She gulped air like it was in short supply, her body shaking. She slapped his face - twice - before he got up off the ground and turning her back, ignored her pain and slowly walked away.

His eyes followed her slim figure until she disappeared into the woods, her back straight, head held high. Not once did she rub her butt or make a sound and he was tremendously impressed, wondering how she managed to do that. Every other woman he knew would have been bawling like a baby and promising him the moon if he'd only stop. His hand ached and he was suddenly filled with remorse, thinking of far more enjoyable ways his hands could have touched her body. Deep in thought, his fingers brushed his stinging cheek, wondering how he was going to claim her for his own.

He wanted her.

Now, four frustrating dates later...

His balls really ached.

~ End Part One ~

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