Taming Sophie
Part Four
by sarAdora

He got her phone number from the utility company and called her every day. She let her answering machine pick up the calls. When he finally procured her cell phone number, she gave in and accepted a dinner date. But then they had an unpleasant encounter in the wooded area that divided their property...

If he thinks I'm having dinner with him after he blistered my butt... he can damn well think again!&nbp; She called his office and left a message with the receptionist that she had to cancel their plans. When he called back, she was unavailable, her cell phone turned off.

He knocked on her door. She didn't answer.

He sent roses. She put them in a pretty vase and enjoyed them.

He called, sent more flowers, and humbled himself by sending abject written apologies by special courier.

The next time he called, she accepted another date.

Men!  she thought as she removed his arm from around her shoulder. "Don't touch," she admonished him over dinner when he tried to get closer to her.

Christ! An old-fashioned girl! How long is she going to make me wait?

"Why not?" he asked, desperate to touch her, thinking she was the prettiest filly he'd ever laid eyes on... and stubborn... and willful... and feisty... and sexy... and... Sweet Jesus, I'm horny as hell!

Engaged in conversation, both realized they weren't bored to tears and that they might have something worth pursuing. Sophie had heard he was a successful businessman, but she wasn't particularly impressed with his wealth. She wanted good conversation, a man with a sense of humor, someone who liked to laugh, someone who would care for her, maybe love her a little for who she was and not just the appearance of her outer shell. She needed someone who was mentally challenging, someone who was a little more stubborn and determined than she was... someone who could push her to the limits of her patience and then rein her in. She didn't hold out a lot of hope, but was willing to see him again... if he could keep his hands off.

Jess had always wanted sex and lots of it. If the sex was good, he thought, they might have something worth pursuing. He grimaced in mid thought. It was obvious Sophia Katerina Arnow wasn't going to jump into the sack with him like the other women he knew. But he knew he wanted her for more than that. There had been sparks when they met, sparks when they touched, and sparks every time he thought about her. Regardless of their inauspicious beginning, in spite of her reluctance to sleep with him, he was determined to get to know her very well. This woman was bright as well as beautiful - it was a compelling combination.

He was a former marine highly skilled in covert ops. He was a successful businessman. He'd make a plan, form a strategy, and set out to accomplish his mission. He knew he wouldn't fail. By the second date, he'd have her in his bed. He was certain of the outcome.

Their second date was a complete disaster.

Eager to have her in his home, he invited her for lunch at his house. Though they were neighbors, their houses were several miles apart and he said he'd pick her up. She agreed, provided he'd see her home before supper. He didn't like the time constraint but gave in.

"Do you like horses?" he asked when they arrived at his house.

"Don't know," she answered truthfully. "Never been close enough to touch one."

"Would you like to?"

"Yes, I would."

"This is Pal," he said, rubbing the horse's nose as it stuck its head over the paddock, whinnying when it saw its master. "Pal's an Appaloosa, easy going, and sweet disposition. Touch his nose," he guided her hand. I think you'll like it."

She did. The horse's nose was like velvet and Sophie caressed it, the animal's warm breath heavy on her palm. "You're a beauty, aren't you?" she told the horse, reaching up to stroke its giant head. Pal snorted and slobbered in her hand. "That's perfectly disgusting," she admonished softly. "You have no manners at all." The horse snorted agreeably and slobbered again.

Jess laughed. "He likes you. I like you, too," he added as he put an arm around her waist.

"You're not going to slobber on me, are you?" she grinned.

"Got something else in mind," he murmured as he pulled her to him and kissed her.

"Don't do that again," she warned, her voice soft, her tone firm.

"Why not?" he asked, eager to kiss her again.

"We don't know each other well and I don't... I'm not that kind of woman," she added as she pulled back from his embrace.

"What kind of woman?" he asked as he pulled her closer again, his mouth descending.

"The kind of woman who jumps into bed with any man who wants her," she snapped, stepping on his foot and punching her fist straight into his groin.

"Jesus H. Christ!" he swore, doubling over in pain. "What the hell did you do that for?" He gasped as he tried to inhale a decent breath and still keep his legs under him.

"I don't play games, Mr. Lawrence," Sophie said calmly. "I mean what I say and I expect you to respect my wishes. If you can do that, fine. If not, I'll say goodbye."

And she walked away from him, leaving him standing in his barn, one hand clutching the family jewels, the other leaning on the horse's paddock.

"I am going to blister your butt," he mumbled as he watched her walk away. "I am going to light a fire... so hot... you're gonna... Jesus!" he groaned. "That hurts!"


Their third date was better. Jess was stymied that he hadn't charmed the alluring Sophie Arnow into his bed but he was determined to get her there. He sent apologies, flowers, singing telegrams and candy.

Sophie thought the man was a prime example of male arrogance and one she didn't need in her life. Although he can be sweet at times and he's generous.

She decided to let him stew for a while longer and refused his flowers and written apologies and candy. The last batch of candy was delivered by his personal assistant, a man who wouldn't allow her to refuse the box of chocolate in his hand. When Sophie opened her mouth to protest, the man simply opened the box and popped a chocolate into Sophie's mouth.

"Ohhhhh turtles," she sighed. "I *do* like turtles."

He insisted she'd like the rest of them and thrust the open box into her hands and quickly made his escape.

When Jess called her later in the day, she thanked him for the chocolates and agreed to have dinner with him.

"I have conditions."

"What are they?" he groaned, hoping one of them wasn't her knee emasculating his favorite body parts.

"No touching."

"No touching," he agreed.

He took her to an out-of-the-way supper club and kept his hands to himself. He did a lot of smiling and teeth grinding but he kept his word. All he could really think of doing was kissing her until she begged for more and when she didn't, he'd blister her butt until the cows came home.

She reached across the dinner table and put a soft warm palm on the top of his hand.

"Thank you for respecting my wishes."

He was undone and half in love with her and if his pants got any tighter they were going to split right there in front of God and company and he'd never live it down.

A long breath later he asked if he could see her again.

She said yes.

And now... on their fourth date...

"Coffee?" she asked as she stepped away from him before he could kiss her.

"Uh-huh," he managed to utter. "When are you going to let me kiss you?"

"When do you want to kiss me?"


"Just kissing, nothing else?"

"More than kissing." His eyes looked like they were going to glaze over but he held himself in check and mentally slapped himself silly.

Jess Lawrence, womanizer, magnet for chicks of all ages, self-confident ex-marine, ruler of a woman's heart. Christ Almighty! I'm pathetic!

"Can you stop at kissing?"

Gonna blister her butt! Cock teaser!

"Yeah, if that's all you want," he said with grim satisfaction, confident she would want more once he had kissed her.

"That's all I'm willing to try."

"Come here, woman."

"You want me? Come and get me," she smiled, standing still and waiting for his next move.

"You're not planning on kicking me, are you?"

She shook her head no.

"Biting? Scratching? Leading me on?"

"You afraid of me, Mr. Lawrence?"

"Like hell!" he bellowed and before she even saw him move, she was wrapped in his arms, his mouth was covering her mouth, sparks and firecrackers and whistles and bells and the sweetest shivers shot through both of them.

"Oh... nice," she murmured when he let her up for air.

"Just nice?" he asked, the kiss far more than he had expected.

"Very nice," Sophie smiled up at him.

"More?" he asked.

"More kisses, yes."

"More than kisses?" Yes!  He was about to score a touchdown.

"Just kisses," she replied, stealing the ball and headed in the opposite direction.

"Woman, you're killing me."

"Maybe you're not man enough for me?" The gauntlet was tossed.

"One... two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight... nine... ten..."

He didn't know what he was going to do now that he had reached ten but Sophie did it for him. She reached up and kissed him and kissed him again and then said she'd like to see him again.

Jess was frustrated and happy all at the same time and then enraged when he suddenly found himself on the other side of her door.

"How the hell did that happen?" he muttered and swore he heard her laughter as he rapped on her door.

"Sophie, let me in!"

"Call me," she sang out.

"I'll call you," he muttered as he walked away, the uncomfortable tightness in his pants slowing him down. "And I'll blister your butt if you keep teasing me."

~ End Part Four ~

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