Taming Sophie
Part Six
by sarAdora

The spanking that followed was mostly playful, a few sharp swats and then she was prone on her belly on the floor, his arm under her. His original intent had been to give her a good scalding bottom burn but his energy had waned from their tryst. Added to that was the ignominy of the condition of their clothes. He felt less in charge with his trousers askew - one leg still hanging onto an ankle - his shorts a wrinkled mass of cotton. Her garments were less wrinkled although her panties were shredded right at the crotch.

As their breath completely eased and their pulses returned to normal, she complained about his weight on her back. He eased up but only enough so that his wandering fingers could explore her lower belly.

"Don't do that," she hissed, "and let me up."

"Don't do what?" he asked as his fingers found that sensitive bundle of nerves between her labia and stroked it.

"That!" she hissed again. "Don't do that."

"Got to do that," he assured her. "My heart says I have to do that."

"What does your heart have to do with...? Ohhh..."

"Feel good, Sophie? Gonna make you feel good all over again. Right after I spank you."

"You just spanked me," she complained, her temper beginning to surface after coming down from blissful euphoria.

"That's not what I call a spanking. A real spanking takes a lot more than a few smacks and it hurts."

She remembered the impromptu spanking he had given her in the woods between their property when she was lost and she remembered it had stung like the dickens. She didn't want him to do that again. She didn't respond to his words.

"I could forego the spanking if you'd shower with me. Will you shower with me?"


"Why not?"

"I don't know you that well. I'm not getting naked with you."

"We just made love," he laughed. "That should be enough of an introduction."

"We didn't make love," she protested. "We had sex. Good sex but just sex. Love didn't enter the equation."

"Then I guess I'll just have to burn your butt every which way I can until sitting is no longer an option for you."

His tone was serious and Sophie suddenly got worried. She turned her head to look at him. "You'd spank me because I won't shower with you?"

There was a hint of tears and he wasn't sure if they were real or it was a trick of light. Or maybe she can turn them on and off at will...

"Why won't you shower with me?" he asked again.

"I'll shower with you," she said quietly.

He helped her to her feet and held onto her arm in case she was going to dart away but she didn't. She waited while he pulled the rest of his clothes off and then she stripped in front of him and turned her back to lead him to the main bathroom.

When he didn't move, she pulled on his arm but Jess was stymied once again. He knew she had a lovely body - had held her in his arms - but this was the first time he beheld all of her and all of her was something to behold.

He whistled.

She blushed.

He chuckled and scooped her up into his arms and told her he couldn't wait to make love to her again.

"Sex," she repeated.

"Call it what you want," he smiled at the Venus in his arms. "Choose any word you like but for my part, it's making love."

He soaped her... everywhere... and she responded in kind and when their hands and fingers had teased and touched everything there was to tease and touch... He lifted her, balancing her against the shower wall and thrust into her like the hungry lover he was. Their bodies meshed, fit, and were in synch as if nature had created two halves of a particular whole and all was suddenly right in the universe.

Later, when he declared he was starving and reached for her, Sophie jumped out of his reach, ran to her bedroom and locked the door.

"Sophie! Let me in!"

"I'm taking care of your starvation problem. I'm ordering pizza."

"I'm gonna burn your butt," he muttered and then chuckled at the absurdity of the situation. As much as he wanted her, he didn't think she had been sexually active in a long time and she was probably sore. I'll give her another hour... maybe two.

He paid for the pizza when it was delivered and told her to come and get it.

"Pizza, right?"

"Right," he laughed. And more as soon as I get you in my arms.

They ate in companionable silence, Jess stealing kisses when he could, Sophie ignoring his amorous attempts as she devoured her supper.

"I'm still hungry," she said when the meal was over.

He wiggled his eyebrows at her.

She swatted his arm and went into the kitchen with a curious Jess following right behind.

"What are you going to have now?" he asked.


"You don't want to get fat," he warned.

She turned toward him and smiled. "You wouldn't want to have sex with me if I got fat?"

"Oh baby," he groaned, reaching for her. "I want to have sex with you 24/7."

"You're a horn dog."

"I am. Come to me, sweetheart. Let's make whoopee."

"No. It's enough for one night. Save some for another time."


"When I'm old and fat."

"Swear to all that's holy I'm gonna toast your buns," he growled and landed one single sharp smack on her bottom cheeks.

"Swear to all that's holy I'm gonna ban you from my house," Sophie retorted and then leaped into his arms, her legs around his waist and kissed him hard.

"Cock teaser," he mumbled, kissing her back and pinching her tender butt.

"Ouch! Don't do that."

"Should I make nice instead?"


"Like this?" He slipped to the floor, pulling her with him and rolled onto his back.

Sophie was atop his belly, her thighs spread as she straddled his hips. Jess cupped her sex and found it moist.

"You want me."

Sophie stroked his erection, amazed he was thick with want and with her fingers, tip-toed up and down his tumescence.

"You want me, too."

"Love me, baby," he implored.

She did.

Later, he told her he knew she wanted him and couldn't wait to make love with him again.

"Didn't want a spanking," she murmured. "This was the lesser of the two evils."

"Swear I'm gonna burn your butt," he muttered.

"You can take me out to dinner tomorrow," she told him sweetly.

"How about I kidnap you and you come live with me? That way, I can feed you dinner every night."

"I thought your philosophy was love 'em and leave 'em," she yawned, tired from the day's exertions.

"That was the old me. The new me is a changed man."

"You're not going to get boring, are you?"

"Oh yeah. That spanking is definitely overdue."

~ End Part Six ~

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