In a Heartbeat
by sarAdora

0800 Hours - Six weeks later
Navy Headquarters
Washington DC
JJ settled into his chair and sipped his coffee. He rubbed his eyes, groaned at the pile of files waiting for his attention and sighed heavily. Waiting for the other shoe to fall was taking its toll.

"Enter!" he barked at the knock on his door.

"This arrived for you at 0200 hours, sir," his yeoman announced, dropping an envelope on his desk. "It came by special courier."

"Who signed for it?" JJ asked as he looked at the envelope with curiosity and some small twinge of fear. It had no return address.

"Night duty officer, sir. The logbook entry notes it was slipped through the slit of one of the night lock boxes."

"Thank you. Carry on."

JJ held the envelope in his hands for a long time before opening it.

He arched a brow, reading it slowly.

After you read this, burn it.

You and the lady were part of an unsanctioned CIA experiment. Your identities have been deleted from ALL records - written, audio and video. No one will ever know who you are. No one will ever know your ranks or your career affiliations. Data from this experiment, which includes other couples, has been sealed. SOP requires appropriate department heads to be apprised that staff under their jurisdiction may or may not have involuntarily participated in one or more CIA experiments and as protected by law, are exonerated from that participation. The matter is now closed.

JJ folded the note and put it in his inside breast pocket. He wanted Ollie to see it before he burned it in his fireplace at home. He thought about the man he had knocked out during their escape and concluded he was CIA and sworn to secrecy. He had to believe the matter was closed.

I have to retire or transfer Ollie elsewhere,  he concluded.

He called her into his office and quietly told her it was imperative that she be at his home at 2000 hours that evening. Ollie nodded. She didn't even question why, but her gut was churning.

2000 Hours
Hamilton Residence
She wept on his shoulder, his arms holding her tightly, his words soothing her fears. "It's over, Olivia. It's over. We can move on now."

"What are we going to do? We still can't see each other."

"I can retire or you can transfer to Quantico or to the Pentagon or to..."

"I don't want you to retire. Transfer me." She cupped his face. "JJ, Quantico is too far away - let's look for something at the Pentagon."

He nodded. He wanted her as close as possible.

"How soon do you suppose...?

"Don't know. Have to make a few calls. Maybe in a month."

"And when the transfer is made...?"

"As soon as the transfer is made, we can safely and openly see each other on weekends. We'll wait two-three months and then you'll move in with me." He moved to the couch and held her on his lap. "We can elope after you move in or plan our wedding. Don't make me wait too long. I want you," he whispered.

"I want you, too. Let's celebrate."

"How should we do that, Colonel?" he asked, his eyes twinkling with one part mischief, one part hunger.

"Take me to your bed, Admiral, and I'll show you.

And she did. She pushed him onto the bed and stood between his thighs, warning him not to touch her as she slowly stripped to bare skin.

When she stood before him in all her naked glory, he swallowed hard, his lips parting and his painful erection straining against his jeans. "Ollie..." he groaned. "I want you."

"You'd better want me, squid. I went through hell for you," she growled as she unceremoniously relieved him of his jeans and sweater.

He begged her for release when her mouth engulfed him - she begged him for release when his mouth retaliated - they both moaned their pleasure when they were finally joined.

"You think our baby will go into the Navy or the Marine Corps?" she asked later when they lay together, their limbs still entwined.

"If the child has an ounce of your stubbornness and my stubbornness, it'll probably defy us and go into the Air Force."

"God forbid!" Ollie choked.

"Let's encourage a career in law in private practice," he laughed.

"We can start encouraging him or her in about seven and a half months," she said quietly.

"What?" He pulled her up with him to lean against the headboard. "Ollie, you're... Are you sure?"

"Found out this afternoon," she smiled. "Doctor confirmed it."

"Let's elope, have another wedding later. I'm going to have you transferred by the end of the week."

He made love to her again, gently, tenderly, and with all the love in his heart.

"JJ," she said later, content now and lying in his arms. "If you knew all this would happen... would you go through it again...? The fear, the anguish, the worries, the...?

"In a heartbeat, Olivia Meadows," he swore. "In a heartbeat."

~ End ~

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