In a Heartbeat
Part Ten
by sarAdora

He tormented both of them, holding her body close to his chest, his erection painful as he pressed into her belly. He wanted her badly and why he was doing this to himself and her, he didn't know. He only knew that the opportunity to hold her was one he couldn't resist and he grabbed it for all it was worth. The moment passed much too swiftly.

Ollie was torn between grabbing his cock and jumping on top of him so she could force him into her body and kicking him in the balls again. This time, I'll kick him so hard he'll pass out! How could he do this? I...   She didn't think they'd ever have a chance to be this close again and she wanted him like she hadn't wanted any other man in her life.

"Listen to me, Ollie," JJ said when he lifted his mouth from hers. The slight sanity he had left teetered as he spoke. "This is important. I have a plan."

"What do you want me to do?" she asked, resigned to snatching his kisses when she could and hoping more was in the offering.

The water masked his voice as he whispered in her ear and he waited until she understood what he wanted her to do. Ollie nodded - she understood what needed to be done.

He turned the water off, got out of the shower, yanked his wet T-shirt off and wrapped a towel around his waist before he dropped his shorts. Ollie did the same but turned her back to him when she lost the T-shirt.

"You forgot to let me wash your back," she teased as she opened the bathroom door, keeping up the banter the observers were accustomed to hearing from them.

"I swear I'm gonna' haul you over my knee, Colonel Meadows," he groused.

"Double dog dare ya'," she grinned, swiftly turning toward him, making him crash into her. His hands cupped her shoulders as he steadied her. Her towel was precariously loose - so was his.

"Don't overplay your hand," JJ barked softly, briefly cupping her ass and pinching her buttock. He jerked back as soon as he touched her, totally surprised at his own action and deeply regretting it. He wasn't playing fair - he hadn't meant to pinch her - to touch her again. He was running hot and cold - there were too many mixed signals. I've lost my mind,  he groaned. I have lost my fuckin' mind!


The behavioral psychologists quietly watched them. Nothing untoward had happened but Bonnie had a feeling something had occurred in the bathroom, the one place there were no cameras.

Clyde knew his partner well. They had been teaming with each other for several years, were on again, off again lovers and very attuned to each other's psyche. Both were successful profilers.

"You think they got chummy in the shower, Bonnie?"

"No," she said simply. "I think they're up to something."


"Don't know, but I have a bad feeling about this."

"Why do you think they're different from the other subjects we've had?" the burly man asked.

"They're top ranking military. Got to be smart to get that far." Bonnie rubbed her eyes. Clyde could almost see the wheels turning in her brain as she thought things out.

"They're both trial lawyers," she mused. "That makes them cunning. He's also a former Seal and the JAG, an awesome combination. She's an outstanding Marine and..."

"And what?" Clyde asked.

"I'm not sure, but their combined skills are formidable. I think they've plotted something. Be alert, just in case."


"Can't just sit here," Ollie complained. "Gotta' get some exercise and you won't cooperate," she poked him in the chest. "Bet you half a dozen kisses you can't do more crunches than I can."

"Like hell!" he snapped. "Any day, Marine." They both hit the floor on the side of the bed where JJ was sure the cameras could see them. They sat facing each other, both determined to win.

Fifty crunches later, neither had broken a sweat but both were breathing audibly. "Humph," JJ snorted. Ollie laughed.

One hundred crunches after they began, Ollie had a light film of moisture on her brow - JJ had one on his upper lip. Both were breathing through their mouths.

"Goddamn stubborn squid," Ollie muttered under her breath.

"I heard that!" he snapped. "You're really askin' for that spanking, aren't you, Colonel!" He glared at her as his upper body rose and fell in the exercise. "Stubborn jarhead," he groused.

She had enough but she was determined to win. It was a matter of pride. A Marine takes every opportunity that is presented,  she reminded herself and kicked his foot out as he moved forward and up in the crunch.


"Give up, Admiral?" she gloated.

"You did that on purpose! You cheated!" he growled, staring her down, and daring her to deny it.

"And your point?" she laughed and jumped on top of him, her soft breasts landing heavily on his hard chest. His arms instantly went around her back when she cupped his face and gave him a sloppy wet kiss. "You owe me six good kisses, JJ Hamilton and you damn sure better deliver."

"I'm going to, Colonel," his feral grin gave her pause.

His brow arched and his palms suddenly itched. "Let me catch my breath. I promise you're going to get kissed and I always keep my promises." He lay still, enjoying the feel of her breasts on his chest and her thighs leaning on his.

Both of them were damp from their excursions. Ollie wondered if he could feel how wet she was between her thighs. JJ wasn't wondering - he knew she could feel his hard shaft pressing into her softness. Only a little bit of cloth separated them and he was ready to deliver a little payback for all her antics.

There's only so much a man can take,  he decided and lifted her to her feet when he stood.

"Kisses for your Chief of Staff?" she egged him, putting a hand on his chest and grinning broadly.

"I was thinking more of kissing the pain away."

"Not in any pain," she murmured, reaching for him.

"You're gonna' be," he promised, grabbing the hand she had placed on his chest and hauling her over his knees as he dropped onto the bed. His hand came down hard and heavy - on her butt - three times - and she screamed at him.

"You son of a bitch! You bastard!"

Her hands pounded on his chest as he turned her over, but he held her close to him so she couldn't inflict any damage. Keeping a tight hand on her back, his other hand cupped her sore butt, and he kneaded it gently. "It's you son of a bitch, *sir,* - you bastard, *sir,* Colonel," he murmured in her ear, his lips catching her earlobe and nibbling on it.

"I think I hate you," she muttered.

"Tell me how you feel a few minutes from now," he whispered, laying her on her back and cradling her, intent on kissing her thoroughly.


"Yes!" Bonnie shouted with glee. "It's about time he took some action! Wowee!"

Clyde reached up to wipe her mouth. "You're drooling, woman. Tsk. Sets a bad example for the rest of the staff," he teased.

"Oh shut up," she moaned, watching the Navy Admiral kiss the Marine Colonel. "That is one hunk of a man."

Everyone watching the couple smiled but none dared voice an opinion. The burly man watched and sighed. He still thought the good looking marine was pretty damn hot. By far, she's the prettiest subject we've ever had. How does he resist her for so long? Must have a will of iron.

Bonnie was caught up in the kissing. No doubt about it - that man is gorgeous. He's... something's not right.  She watched them carefully - they were kissing and murmuring to each other - nothing intelligible. The Admiral was smiling at the marine... she was smiling back. She couldn't put her finger on it... a kind of intuitive feeling in her gut... which had never failed her. Mmmm.

~ End Part Ten ~

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