In a Heartbeat
Part Eleven
by sarAdora

Ollie was lost in his embrace. JJ kissed her like she had never been kissed before. His hands cupped her face, his mouth covered hers - his lips moved against her own, and his tongue invaded her mouth, explored, tasted, and savored it. It was sheer heaven being kissed by this man.

JJ lifted his head and stared at her, thinking this was worth all the inconvenience and frustration of being locked away somewhere, all the mystery of where they were and why.

"More," she said softly. "You owe me eight more kisses."

"Eight? I thought the bet was for six?" he smiled.

"Five more for the bet and three for the swats," she murmured, clearly mesmerized by his smile. "It's the least you can do for blistering my ass."

"I didn't blister your ass. If I had, you wouldn't be talking now, you'd be crying your heart out."

"Thought you said you'd never spank me," she reminded him.

"Didn't spank you - just gave you a few swats."

"That wasn't a spanking?"

"If I had really spanked you, you'd be reduced to... Christ!"

She had kneed him again but missed his groin - getting him in the soft spot of his belly - between his navel and the top of his groin.

"Do that again, Colonel, and I *will* spank you - thoroughly!" he growled, covering her mouth again. His hands gripped hers and held them above her head. Then he lay completely on top of her - his weight effectively holding her down and keeping her legs immobile.

"If I let you spank me, will you make love to me?" she asked softly, raising her head to kiss him.

"If you *let* me spank you?" he growled, pulling back so she couldn't kiss him.

"I'll provoke you until you lose control," she murmured, staring at his mouth, "and you'll spank me and..."

"I've already lost what little control I had," he muttered, knowing his erection was firmly entrenched between her thighs and wishing he could sink it into her heat. "We can't keep doing this, Ollie."

"Doing what?" her lips parted, a pool of moisture running down her inner thigh.

"Making me... hard, then soft, hard, then soft lose control," he finished, trying to control his breathing. "It's... painful."

"I can take away the pain, Admiral Hamilton," Ollie said softly. "All you have to do is..."

"I know what to do, Colonel Meadows," he snapped, sitting up, and tightening the towel around his waist.

"I want to go home," she complained. "I want to have sex with you and get the hell out of here."

"Colonel Meadows!" her C.O. barked.

"What?" she barked back, her patience gone, and her frustration at an all-time high. "Goddamn stubborn squid."

He went ballistic. He turned and pushed her onto her back so fast she gulped air. "Do *not* forget who you are talking to, Marine! Do *not* forget that I am still your commanding officer and as such, you owe me the respect due a..."

She reached under the towel, grabbed his balls and squeezed - not too hard - but hard enough. He gasped for air, the shocked look on his face making her laugh. And while he was momentarily stunned at her actions, she flipped him onto his back and straddled his chest.

"If you won't have sex with me so we can get out of here, I'll have sex with you," she stated calmly, yanking her towel off.


"That's it. Cut the oxygen supply," Bonnie snapped.

"Why?" Clyde pulled his gaze from the couple to his partner.

"Because that's enough!"

"You can't manipulate the subjects, Bonnie," he sternly reminded her.

"All they're going to do is blow off steam by kissing and rubbing up against each other. She'll start something - he'll yell and push her off - they'll be civil for a while and the cycle will begin again."

"So?" her partner arched a brow and pursed his lips. Something's going on here. Bonnie's not... "Bonnie," he stood and ushered her out of the control room. "We need to talk."


"Get off me, Colonel Meadows," JJ said as formally as he could under the circumstances. Ollie's naked body straddled his bare chest, her thighs spread wide and her sex blatantly exposed to his hungry eyes. She had tossed her towel aside and was now cupping her breasts, teasing her engorged nipples and looking at him.

"Want some of this, JJ?" she purred, leaning toward him, her breasts in line with his lips. "Isn't every day a marine slut offers her body to her commanding officer."

"You're not a slut, Olivia," he said softly, sitting up and unseating her. Gently, he laid her on her back and covered her with the light blanket at the foot of the bed.

"I know you want me," Ollie insisted. "I can see you do." Her hand briefly fondled his hard shaft before he pulled away from her.

"What I want and what I can have are two different things," he said with great regret. Leaving her on the bed, he went into the bathroom, shutting the door. His shoulders sagged as he leaned against it, his mind filled with an escape plan, a desire to make love to his Chief of Staff and a certainty that his command and his career had effectively been flushed down the toilet.

Ollie curled into a fetal position and quietly cried into the pillow. I did everything I could to make him screw me and he wouldn't. We'll be stuck here forever.

And now, more than ever, he thinks you're a slut,  her conscience whispered.

I *am* a slut. Look how fast I jumped into bed with every man I've ever been with and... I don't exactly have the most stellar history with men.

The Admiral turned you down.

Yeah, he did. Could have sworn he was one hundred eighty proof testosterone.

Maybe he likes to do the chasing. Back off for a while, see what happens.

Nothing will happen. He's the one with the ethics. I don't have any.

In the bathroom, JJ chastised himself for his lack of honor, his contemptible behavior, and his burgeoning hunger for Olivia Meadows. How many cases have you prosecuted for fraternization, squid?  He shook his head. Far too many.  The problem was bigger than just enjoying each other's bodies. He knew that - and skirted around the issue, unable to come to grips with his feelings for the beautiful woman he left in bed. Who cares who sees us make love?  He sighed. He really *did* care - making love was a personal and private matter and he didn't want an audience. He wanted... What do I want?

He splashed cold water on his face and looked in the mirror. Mirror?  It wasn't a cabinet - just a mirror. He wrapped his hand in a couple of towels and smashed the mirror, thinking it might be two-way. <

I>Nothing. Goddamn concrete wall. Christ!  He tossed the towels on the floor and spun around to look at the wall. Concrete? We're in a basement somewhere,  he mused.

"Admiral! Are you all right?" Ollie tried to push the door open. JJ was leaning against it and he grabbed her when she fell into his arms as he opened it.

"Look at this," he said, closing the door behind her.


"Concrete," he pointed to the wall behind the shards of glass hanging over the sink.

"What about it?"

"We're in a basement somewhere, Ollie."

She arched a brow. "That's why you broke it?"

"Broke it because I thought it might be a two-way mirror and..."

"Understood, sir, but it isn't." She reached for his hand. "Let me see if you're hurt."

"Not hurt," he grumbled.

"Let me see," she insisted.


"You are the most ornery, stubborn, bull-headed, squid in the Navy!" she said softly.

"And you are the most beautiful, sensuous jarhead I have ever seen," he murmured, pulling her into his arms. "Ollie... Ollie... I'm having trouble keeping my hands off of you." He tightened the towel she had quickly wrapped around her body before entering the bathroom.

"Does this mean you're going to... we're going to have sex?"

"No, it means we have to find a way out of here before I make love to you?"

"You're going to make love to me? I thought..."

"I'm not going to have an audience if I can help it," he said firmly. "We're going to get out of this... wherever we are and then..." He kissed her softly. "Then we'll see what happens next."

He had been murmuring in her ear, well aware that his words were probably being recorded but he didn't think he'd said anything they weren't expecting.

He took a step back, arched a brow at her and looked pointedly at the door. Ollie nodded and reluctantly went back to the bedroom. She would rather have stayed in the privacy of the bathroom and kissed him.

~ End Part Eleven ~

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