In a Heartbeat
Part Thirteen
by sarAdora

The behavioral psychologists watched. All eyes were concentrated on every action the camera recorded. More than one observer arched a brow when the beautiful Colonel rose up on her knees to straddle her commanding officer but no one breathed when she suddenly grabbed his balls and squeezed.

"Goddammit, let go of me, Colonel," JJ barked, trying to unseat her. "That's an order!"

"Turn over, Admiral Hamilton," Ollie purred, squeezing a little harder.

He glared at her.

"Turn over, squid!" she hissed. "Or I'll yank them off!"

"Not only am I going to personally handle your court martial, I'm going to blister your ass!" he snarled, raising up and pushing her onto her back. "You'll never sit again!"

But Ollie was a very well trained marine and persistent to a fault. She never let go of him and as soon as both his arms were extended, she slipped her knee between them and shoved him in the chest. JJ fell back and gasped for breath.

"Turn. Over. Now. Sir!"

JJ turned onto his stomach, his head partly obscured by the gap between the bed frame and the floor.

Ollie straddled his thighs, her hand still cupping his balls. God! I hope I didn't really hurt him... too badly.

Damnation! If she squeezes me any harder, I'm going to hurt like hell... or I'm going to cream my shorts!

"Let me up, damn it!"

"Not on your life, squid. Hot and cold, squid." She punched him in the shoulder. "I expected more of you, Admiral! You disappoint me."

"When this is over," he growled.

"It will be your word against mine, sir!" she leaned over his back, hissing in his ear, the contempt in her voice obvious to all who heard her.

They let the ugly dialogue continue - keeping it contemptible and brusque. And while they did, JJ's eyes scanned the floorboards searching for a crack in the wood, a crease, something that would denote a horizontal door.

Nothing!  he groaned. There has to be something. There has to be... there it is! Gotcha!

"Let me up or I'll fuck you senseless!" he repeated the phrase they had previously agreed would be the release words.

Ollie slid forward and sat on his ass. "You promise?" she laughed.

"Promise what, Colonel? To court martial you? To blister your ass? Or to fuck you?" he snapped, keeping his temper hot on purpose.

"Fuck me," she answered.

"Is that what you really want?" he said a little softer.

"Hell, yes!"

"My word on it," he grinned, giving serious thought to doing just that.


"Don't like this," Bonnie grumbled. "Something's not right."

"What could possibly be wrong?" Clyde asked. "He's hot and cold, just like the beautiful lady said he was. He's given in. Now he wants her and she's the one playing hard to get."

"Cut the oxygen - let's give them breakfast and an ultimatum."

"An ultimatum? So soon?"

"Yeah, an ultimatum. I have a funny feeling."


The burly man pushed the sliding door open and gently pushed JJ's prone body closer to the wall. The Admiral was out like a light, the sleeping Colonel on his back. There was barely enough room between the sleeping couple and the bed frame and the man struggled to push the bed against the far wall so he could open the door wide enough to step through.

After delivering their breakfast he left them where they were on the floor. Using the custom made handles under the bed, he was able to slide it back where it belonged while he stood on the steps that led to the underground tunnel. A few minutes after the door fell into place, the oxygen level was raised.

"Get off of me, Ollie," JJ said softly.

"Admiral?" Ollie shook her head to clear it and immediately smelled food. She was on her feet in seconds and digging into the stack of pancakes before JJ was standing.

"Leave some for me, jarhead."

"There's plenty," she laughed, smearing the butter and pouring syrup.

"Good thing," he grumbled. "I'm starved."

"You gonna' screw me after we eat?" she asked with her mouth full.

He was about to make a sarcastic retort when he remembered the role he was playing and glared at her instead. Helping himself to a generous stack of pancakes and syrup, he settled on the bed to eat.

"There's another note," Ollie said quietly.

"Read it - tell me what it says."

"No, you read it."

He arched a brow in her direction, took a sip of the black coffee and reached for the note.

"What does it say?" she asked, putting her fork down.

"Don't know," he said, using the plastic knife to cut through the pancake stack. "I'll read it after I eat. Don't want to ruin my appetite... just in case."


"What do you think?" Clyde asked.

"Not sure, still have a feeling something's not right," Bonnie murmured, watching the couple's body language.

"Do you think they'll...?"

"Maybe," she stood and paced back and forth a few times. "Maybe not."


Between the two of them, they wiped out the pancakes and finished the coffee. They took turns in the bathroom. While JJ showered, Ollie straightened the bed and fluffed the pillows, constantly eyeing the note and anxious for JJ to tell her the contents.

You're a kick-ass marine! Why don't you just read the damn thing?  She shook her head - she didn't know why - just a gut feeling that it would be better if JJ read it first.

While she was in the shower, JJ read the note and pursed his lips. He could do this. Ollie won't mind.

You'll just act like a sex starved adolescent, that's all,  his conscience sneered. No morals, no ethics, truly, a proud moment for the Navy.

This is war! And following their instructions is part of winning the battle.

Tell it to the Secretary of the Navy,  his conscience snapped.

JJ was lying on the bed when Ollie came out of the bathroom, her hair slicked back behind her ears and looking as luscious as he'd ever seen her. She lay down beside him, facing him, and wondered what was going to happen next. She didn't have to wait too long.

He leaned over her, his head on his hand and let his eyes sweep down her body. When he finally made eye contact with her, he licked his lips.

"Do you want me, Olivia Meadows?" he asked softly.

"Yes," she said. "Do you want me?"

"Yes," he murmured, bending to kiss her. "Very much."

His lips covered hers, moving over her mouth then sucking her lower lip, nipping it lightly. Her arms went around his neck pulling him to her, and taking whatever he was offering, enjoyed the moment. She knew it wouldn't last long.

By the time he kissed the hollow of her throat, she was lost. She wanted him and was determined to have him regardless of the circumstances. JJ's large hand covered her breast, kneading gently, his thumb teasing her nipple through her T-shirt.

"JJ," she moaned softly, her hands moving over his neck and shoulders.

"You can do this, Olivia," he murmured softly, covering her lips again. "I'm counting on you to do this."

"You're going to make love to me?"

"On one condition," he dropped kisses on her eyelids, both hands kneading her breasts through her shirt.

"What condition?" she asked breathlessly, one hand snaking under his T-shirt to massage his chest.

"On the floor," he said as his hands pulled her shirt out of the way so his lips could suck sections of her belly into his mouth.

"What about the floor?" she asked, nipping his shoulder while his tongue explored her belly button.

"Gonna love you on the floor," he answered, slipping off the bed and dragging her with him.

"Why?" she gasped as he pushed her shirt up to her shoulders and sucked one dusky nipple into his mouth.

"'Cause I said so," he mumbled, his mouth full of her sweet round breast.

"Bed's more comfortable," she argued, then was immediately quiet, not wanting to discourage him.

"You can complain later," he conceded. "Let me love you now."

He maneuvered them close to the bottom of the bed, their heads half under the frame. One hand cupped her cheek, drawing her closer to him, his other arm around her body, his hand squeezing her butt.

Ollie's hand cupped his cheek, effectively blocking the camera's lens from catching his words as he mouthed instructions to her. Her other hand was under the bed searching for the panel in the hidden door. When she found it, she squeezed his cheek.

~ End Part Thirteen ~

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