In a Heartbeat
Part Sixteen
by sarAdora

"I want you again, Olivia Meadows," JJ murmured around the nipple he was suckling.

"My turn," Ollie gasped, pressing his mouth closer to her breast. "That feels so good... so fine... so..."

"Have you any idea how many times I have done this in my dreams?" he smiled, moving his mouth to the other breast.

"Do you have any idea how many times I have undressed you in my head while you lectured me in your office?"

"You weren't listening to your commanding officer?" he growled, nipping the soft silky skin under her breast.

"Gotcha!" she laughed.

"Did you ever undress me, Ollie?" he asked as his mouth traveled back to her throat, sucking gently at the hollow, and making her shiver.

"Constantly," she moaned, "but I had to wait until I was alone to do it."


"Why did I undress you or why did I wait until I was alone?" Her hands moved over his scalp, down his neck and across his broad shoulders.

"Both," he nibbled on her chin and then licked his way up the line of her jaw until he sucked her earlobe.

"I undressed you," she sighed, "because you're... that feels so good. Don't stop."

"I won't," he assured her, kissing her brow, holding her close.

"I waited until I was alone because I'm sure the expression on my face was... not what one would expect in order to maintain... good order and discipline..." She snuggled closer to her chest, her hands roaming over his back and down to cup his ass. "Sometimes, I could see you in the bullpen through my office blinds. You may have walked through the open area in uniform, but by the time you made it to your office, I was watching your naked butt," she smiled.

JJ laughed softly, his hands returning the caresses, his chin resting on her hair. "And you undressed me because...?"

"Because you've got a mighty fine ass, Admiral Hamilton," she grinned, looking up at him. "And a mighty fine pair of shoulders, a heavily muscled chest, and I was positive you'd have a mighty fine... ouch!"

He pinched her ass.

"And do I?"

"Damn straight, you do! In fact, even finer than I dreamed," she sighed, reaching down to fondle him, one hand stroking his shaft, the other cupping his balls.

"Female chauvinism, Colonel?" he grinned, cupping her chin. "You undressed me because you thought I had something worthwhile between my thighs?"

"Definitely worthwhile," Ollie grinned back. "And it didn't hurt that you're handsome to look at - and very, very sexy."


"Sir, yes sir!" she smiled. "Ouch! That hurt!"

"I'll kiss it and make it better," he smiled, rubbing her butt.

"Later," Ollie murmured. "I want to love you now. Lie back. Let me do the loving this time."

He lay back and watched her as she moved over his body.

Ollie couldn't believe she was making love to her commanding officer. She couldn't believe she and JJ were naked in his bed and that any of this was happening. It has to be a dream, a sweet dream and I'm going to wake any moment.  She fervently hoped she wouldn't wake too soon. She lay on top of him, the length of her stretched down the length of him and savored his naked flesh under hers. JJ's arms instinctively went around her back, rubbing her silky skin, enjoying the feel of her on top of him.

What the hell are you doing, squid?  His conscience screamed, startling him, making him jump.

"JJ? Admiral? You okay?"

"Okay, Ollie. I'm okay. Just... must have twisted funny. Carry on," he murmured, his grin giving her a glimpse of the naughty little boy he must have been.

Ollie chuckled. "I bet your mom had her hands full with you."

"She did," he grinned, his arms hugging her tightly.

I know what I'm doing. It's going to be all right.  He chanted the mantra in his head, not willing to give up this time with Ollie, not willing to deny either of them the pleasure they found in each other's arms. And then he couldn't think any more. All cogent gray matter froze - his senses took over - his body consumed by the pleasure of Ollie's hands on him... Ollie's lips on him... And God help me, her tongue. Her fingers tip-toed over his shoulders and down his powerful arms, her palms dropping flat on his flesh, rubbing slowly as if her skin was absorbing the feel of him. She moved her lips across his throat, the tip of her tongue slipping out to taste him, her teeth nipping lightly, making him groan, his hands squeezing her shoulders in response. And when her lips locked onto his flat male nipple and suckled it, every brain cell he formerly controlled flew south - to his groin - in anticipation...

"You okay?" Ollie lifted her head to look at him.

"Mmmm, don't stop," he said softly, caressing her neck, one hand slipping into her hair.

"Is that an order?" she teased.

"I'll court martial you if you stop," he growled.

She laughed softly, enjoying the loving, enjoying the pleasure she could give him, and mostly, enjoying the man in her arms.

Her hands moved to his chest, stroking the sides of his rib cage, grinning when he twitched. "Ticklish, Admiral?" She laughed again when he grunted and moved one hand to the center of his chest tugging lightly on the furry ridge, the other caressing his hip.

JJ sighed with pleasure. Ollie's mouth had followed her fingers, licking the ticklish skin between his ribs, kissing a spot here and there as her mouth moved down, her lips tugging at his skin - it felt good and he was hard and ready for her.

After she dipped her tongue into his navel, she rested her weight on her elbows and looked at him again. "What do you want me to do now?"

He gave her a long hard look. "Use your initiative, Colonel. That's an order," he murmured, his breath already ragged.

"Sir, yes sir," she chuckled and with no warning, bit the tender skin between his navel and the bushy nest of his groin.

"Damnation!" he yelled and sat up. "What the hell...?"

"Consider yourself spanked, sir," Ollie laughed and startled her commanding officer again when she took his erect penis between her lips and cupped his sensitive scrotal sac in the palm of her hand.

"If I'm not dead when this is over," JJ muttered between gasps. "I'm going to haul you over my knee and then..."

"You're going to make me scream?" she asked, letting him slip out of her mouth.

"Uh-huh," he choked when she sucked his turgid member back between her lips.

"With pleasure?" she mumbled.

"Definitely," he assured her as his hips arched up when her tongue swirled around the tip of him. Her tongue is magic, he groaned. Her lips are magic.

"Any second..." he growled, as his muscles tensed. He felt his balls tightening... and he was swept into an orgasm that sent his body into one continuous shudder after another, the echo of his roar of release ringing in their ears.

~ End Part Sixteen ~

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