In a Heartbeat
Part Seventeen
by sarAdora

Bonnie looked at Clyde and smiled - a smug smile, almost predatory.

"You're very pleased, aren't you?" Clyde smiled back.


"Are we going to watch any more? Do we have enough data?"

"Let's watch some more," she grinned.

"Cut the feed," Clyde laughed, signaling the technician. "Our work with these two is done."

Bonnie grumbled but knew Clyde was right. The Admiral and the Colonel had succumbed to each other's bodies - which was the goal of the experiment. Whether they would carry it further than a sexual relationship didn't really matter to the psychologists. Nor did they seem to care that the UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice - forbid fraternization between the two and *that* kind of fraternization could get them both drummed out of the service.

Such was the mentality of the CIA. Their goals were to be met, their missions were to be successfully accomplished - a means to an end - no matter the consequences.

Except for one little detail.


The psychologists didn't have any - both were CIA, after all.


Special Agent Howard Middleton a.k.a. Assistant Director of the CIA did have honor. Well, maybe not a lot of honor - but enough to give him a guilty conscience - if he had a conscience - which is not to say he did - but if he did...

When he decided to offer JJ and Ollie to the CIA's experiment as a sacrificial couple, he weighed the consequences of doing so. There were specific facts and he outlined them.

1~ He considered Ollie a friend.
2~ He considered JJ a friend - sort of.
3~ He knew he couldn't have Ollie.
4~ He knew no man was really good enough for her.
5~ He suspected she was attracted to JJ.
6~ He suspected JJ was attracted to her.
7~ He knew JJ would be good for her.
8~ He wanted her to be happy.
9~ He knew JJ would make her happy.
10~ Ergo: He made the right choice. It was JJ and Ollie.

As for the consequences of his actions...

1~ Ollie would go nuts if he knew what he'd done, but she'd get over it.
2~ JJ would go ballistic, but in the end, he'd...
A~ be grateful?
B~ break every bone in my body?
C~ make my life a living hell?
D~ invite me to their wedding?
E~ name their first child after me?
F~ eviscerate me?

Evisceration does not sound pleasant. I sincerely hope that wasn't part of his Seal training.

As for the Secretary of the Navy and their military careers...

1~ Have to steal and destroy the tapes - an easy thing to do.
2~ Have to make sure their names and titles are not on any reports - an easy thing to do.
3~ Have to rezone their cell phones - Ollie's to Niagara Falls, JJ's to Hilton Head. When they call in to headquarters, both will appear to be hundreds of miles apart - not an easy thing to do, but achievable.
4~ Have to release "eyes-only" report to selected individuals about the experiment stating that unnamed subjects remain anonymous and not held accountable for their actions as protected under federal law, section - subsection, etc. etc.

Middleton grinned, thinking about this. JJ and Ollie will be off the hook. Wonder how long it will take for him to retire or transfer Ollie elsewhere so they can continue seeing each other?


1940 Hours
Hamilton Residence
They stayed in bed all afternoon, only leaving it to get an occasional bite to eat or to shower. Once in a while they dozed off for a few minutes, but considering the amount of energy they expended in bed and the calories they burned, it was a miracle they hadn't passed out from sheer exhaustion.

JJ couldn't remember the last time he had spent an entire day in bed with a woman. Oh yeah, there was that time in Nam... but we slept between... and the night after I graduated from the Academy, but that was only...  He looked at the woman lying in his arms and sighed. He hugged her closer to his chest and wondered if they'd ever have a chance to pursue a relationship beyond... Beyond what? Tonight? Tomorrow? Next week?  He pushed a few strands of Ollie's hair behind her ears. Will she want to pursue this?

"JJ?" Ollie murmured against his chest.


"I'm hungry."

"What are you hungry for, Colonel Meadows?" he asked softly.

"Seal meat," she grinned, nipping lightly at the ridge of fur in the center of his chest.

"I was thinking of sampling some devil dog, myself," he chuckled, bending his head to nuzzle her breast.

"Me first," she insisted.

"Uh-uh, I outrank you." He slid down her body, cupping her breasts while his mouth sampled the silky skin of her neck.

"Not fair," Ollie moaned.

"File your complaint later," he laughed softly and began another assault on her senses.

"Am I dreaming?" she asked, when his lips rubbed against the side of her breast. "Are you really making love to me?"

JJ raised his head to look at her, his hands moving to cup her face, his weight shifting to his elbows. "If you are," he murmured softly before dropping kisses on her mouth, "then I'm dreaming as well." He moved onto his side, pulling Ollie with him and cradled her against his body.

"Regrets, Ollie?"

"No, no regrets," she murmured. "Just wondering if this is all we'll ever have." She put a finger to his lips so he wouldn't interrupt her. "JJ... I've wanted to be with you for so long. At first, I thought it was just a passing thing... I was physically attracted to you... but then I realized that it was more than that. I wanted to... touch you and kiss you and..." Her voice grew softer. "I wanted you... I thought about you constantly and... I wanted you."

"Who are you?" he teased, turning her onto her back and holding her so she couldn't move away. "What have you done with my Chief of Staff? Where's my kick-ass marine? Who is this...?"

"Don't you dare treat this lightly, squid! I'll..."

"Hush, jarhead," he murmured, covering her mouth with his mouth, her body with his body, and ending further discussion. They were both consumed with the lovemaking - arms and legs entwined - bodies locked together in an age-old rhythm. They lived for the moment, memorizing touches, savoring each caress, their bodies satisfied. Their hearts were full and each conscience had been safely secured - and locked away - not to be unleashed until it was absolutely necessary.


"Listen to me, Ollie," he said softly. "I don't know how much more we can have before all hell breaks loose. But I do know this. I want to be with you - spend time with you - make love to you - for however long you want me."

"You want more than today?" she asked quietly, not quite believing him.

"I want as much as you'll let me have, Olivia Meadows, and then, I'll want so much more." He cupped her chin and rubbed his lips against hers. "How long do you think you'll want me?" he asked quietly.

"Forever and through eternity," she said with quiet determination.

"That's a very long time," he whispered, his hand moving to her breast.

"Not long enough," she replied.

~ End Part Seventeen ~

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