In a Heartbeat
Part Nineteen
by sarAdora

They drove to New York and took a direct flight from JFK to Halifax, landing in time for dinner. JJ directed the cabby to a tiny B&B not far from the regentrified warehouse area near the water. After checking in, they walked the short distance to a bistro he remembered from a previous visit where they feasted on shellfish and mushroom soufflés. He ordered warm apple cider for both of them and held Ollie's hand under the table while they waited for their order.

"Are we staying here?" she asked.

"Tonight, part of tomorrow," JJ replied, smiling at her curiosity. He had wrapped her in several of his sweaters and planned to take her shopping as soon as they finished eating. In the morning, they'd pick up toiletries and anything other essentials she might want. He already had what he needed.

"You going to tell me where we're going?" she asked, her hand slipping along his thigh, pinching him lightly.

"You ever been camping, Ollie?"

"We're going camping?"

"Nope," he answered seriously, then grinned at the look of consternation on her face.

"JJ! Tell me!"

He narrowed his eyes at her. "Was that an order?"

Ollie shook her head.

"Sounded like an order," he grumbled.

"I do have orders for you, Admiral Hamilton," Ollie said in a serious tone.

"You do?" he glared.

"Uh-huh. As soon as we're in bed, I'll have very specific orders for you."

"Really pushing it, aren't you, Colonel?" he grinned, leaning closer to her and dropping a soft kiss on her cheek.

"Might not have another opportunity," she smiled shyly.

He didn't respond. He wanted to think about now - enjoy it thoroughly - not think about what might come later. They'd be thinking a lot about that soon enough.

The trip had been tiring - getting through security at JFK had taken a long time and the security at Halifax had been tedious as well. By the time they returned to the B&B, both were ready for nothing more than a little cuddling and sleeping in each other's arms.

Ollie lived for the moment, soaking up the memories, filing them away. She knew she'd need to call on them to keep her sane in the days and weeks and months ahead when she and JJ would be cross-examined about their liaison. Being charged with fraternization was the least of it - they'd probably have a lot more than that to contend with. For now, she cherished every loving touch, every tender kiss, the wild and hungry loving, the sweet and slow caresses, the leisurely and sensuous loving...

JJ lay awake, savoring the feel of Ollie in his arms, and wondering how they had reached this point. One moment he was on his way out of town, the next he woke up naked on top of his Chief of Staff and about to make love to her. Talk about fantasies coming true.  He had been torn between his duty and his desire. A day and a half of sexual stimulation had made him crazy - crazy with frustration, crazy with desire, crazy... He faced the inevitable - the matter was completely out of his control. He would face court martial or... given the opportunity, would simply resign his command and his commission and leave quietly.

He looked at the woman sleeping in his arms and considered his options. If she wants me... beyond this point, I'll rearrange my finances... find work at a private law firm... work just a few years longer so we're comfortable...  He sighed, pulling Ollie a little closer, stroking her cheek. I love you Olivia Meadows. I'm not sure I'm ever going to tell you that, but I do.

When did you start loving her, squid?  his conscience snorted.

Not sure. Probably been growing for a long time... kept it in the back of my mind... regs and all that.

What are you going to do about it?  it nudged gently.

Don't know yet. A lot depends on Ollie... and what we have to endure.

Wasn't your fault, you know. The two of you got chosen for some kind of experiment or payback or revenge of some kind or...

Experiment?  The thought startled him and he sat up against the headboard. Hell and damnation! What was that scuttlebutt I heard about...?  JJ shook his head, trying to clear his mind of everything but the rumors he had heard about the unofficial CIA experiments on a couple of senators. Could we have...? It's possible we were... ethics and fraternization issues would be ideal subjects for... Mother of God! When I get a hold of Middleton, I'm gonna' draw and quarter him, gut him, and... If this is true, he did give you and Ollie a chance to be together, a chance to fulfill your fantasies,  his inner voice dangled the thought.

Yeah! And rolled out the red carpet that leads to discharge, disgrace and...

Not necessarily,  it whispered. CIA experiments are protected by executive order... have to look it up to verify that... persons are not subject to reprimand or any other disciplinary action. You and Ollie are protected by law.


He let that thought linger as he slipped back down to lie beside Ollie. Taking her sleeping body into his arms, he caressed her silky skin, letting sleep overtake him.


They both woke early and eager to be on their way, JJ hurried Ollie into the shower before she was fully awake.

"Why are we rushing?" she complained when he pushed her under the warm spray.

"Want to get on the road, Colonel. Got things to do, places to be," he chuckled at her glare.

She grunted in response. "Got muscles to rub, skin to lick, a body to kiss and this..." she kneeled in front of him, "is waiting for my attention."

JJ groaned as Ollie's mouth engulfed him. The incredible feeling overwhelmed him and he wanted more. He gently held her head as she worked him to a frenzy, his fingers entwined in her hair and his hips straining not to thrust into her mouth so hard she'd gag.

When he knew he couldn't take any more, he lifted her above him, mouthing her breasts as he pulled her down onto him, impaling her with his wet and erect shaft. Ollie whispered his name as he filled her and tightened her inner walls around him. In only moments, they reached the pinnacle of their pleasure and clung to each other until they could breathe normally.

"Mornings will never be the same for me again," she murmured into his mouth.

"Not for me, either," he smiled. "Not for me either, Ollie."

"Where are we going, today?" she asked later as they ate breakfast.

"Cape Breton," he said around a mouthful of scones and jam. "We have a few choices. There's a small, family run B&B on the shore of the Bras d'or Inland Sea. If you want something fancy, the Keltic Lodge in Ingonish is a typical Nova Scotian hotel - a little pretentious but good food. There's Back Cove Cottage on Neil's Harbour and also an ocean front cottage is available on Cape Breton Island. In both of those, we'd have to do our own cooking and we'd pretty much be by ourselves. What do you think?"

"I'd like a place by ourselves, if possible," she took his hand. "JJ, if this is all we have, I don't want to share you with a large crowd. If we get a chance for more, we can always come back and..."

"Shhh, Ollie," he said, palming her cheek, catching a few tears that suddenly fell. "Don't cry. We'll get through this."

"I'm sorry, I... this isn't like me," she apologized.

"I know," JJ smiled and took her hand in his.

Having agreed to check out both cottages and make a decision as to which they liked best, they were on their way. Cape Breton is made up of several islands and it took two tiny ferries to reach the main island. They drove the long way around - covering the entire highway that surrounded Highlands National Park - a seaside road that rivaled the beauty of the road around Big Sur in California. Heather grew profusely in the area - as profusely as it did in Scotland and both JJ and Ollie were taken with its beauty.

By the time they reached the part of the island known as Bras d'or Boularderie, there were famished for a bite to eat. Thistledown Pub was a well-known area bistro and bar and they stopped in for salmon and eggs and freshly made raspberry yeast biscuits. The coffee was hot and fresh and made with chicory - making them aware there were a lot of Arcadians in the area. Ollie bought several pounds of it so they'd have plenty on hand for the time they'd be in the cottage.

They decided on the ocean front cottage on Cape Breton Island - a little more isolated than the other cottage but close enough to the general store and other amenities. The cottage came equipped with furniture, appliances and linens. They stocked up on groceries, teasing each other about their appetites as they shopped - ensuring they got enough food and a variety of it.

JJ assured Ollie he could cook - a fact she already knew - and she assured him she was great with coffee and making salads. "I also know how to boil water and pour cereal into a bowl," she winked.

"Good thing," he winked back, knowing damn well that she could make a roast, stews and various other dishes. "Gonna' make me do all the cookin,' Colonel?"

"Yes, sir," she responded smartly. "Admiral's privilege and all that." She wasn't quite fast enough to evade the light smack he landed on her butt and squealed, making him chuckle.

~ End Part Nineteen ~

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