In a Heartbeat
Part Two
by sarAdora

0530 - 0745 Hours - Next day
Hamilton Residence
JJ stretched his limbs for a few minutes and then began walking away from his house and down his running trail at a moderate pace. He'd speed up after his legs were sufficiently warm. He was feeling pretty good all things considered. The Secretary of the Navy had immediately approved his leave with no objections and had even approved an interim JAG. The SecNav had a stupid grin on his face when he was talking to him. Bet it's his wife. He's been acting like a randy teenager ever since Maddy came home from that week in France. Culinary class, my ass! Bet she took a class in... What the hell! Who cares! I got what I wanted - a few weeks off.

He was almost high after his run - the endorphin rush had lasted longer than usual and his hot/cold/hot shower left him feeling invigorated. He dressed in a long sleeved, chocolate brown Polo shirt and tan pleated pants and then eyed himself in the mirror. Not too shabby for an old man, Hamilton, not too shabby at all.

He threw his tweed jacket over his shoulder, picked up his valise and went out the door. No sooner had he set the alarm than he felt a pinch on the back of his neck.

"What the hell?" he barked and promptly slid to the porch, out cold before his body hit the ground.

"Easy!" a voice yelled. "That's a two-star admiral. Careful how you handle him!"

"You heard the man," another voice shouted. "I don't give a flying... what his rank is, but he's important to the experiment. I don't want to see any bruises on him. Understood?"

"Yes, sir," the burly man answered, lifting JJ over his shoulder, fireman style. "I'll be as gentle as a lamb." He grinned, thinking about what the admiral would be experiencing soon, and thinking how much fun it would be to trade places with the senior military man.

Howard Middleton had hired an unmarked and private limousine for the mission. The special agent sat in the back seat of the limo, next to the prone body of JJ Hamilton. "Well Admiral Hamilton," he said to the unconscious man. "When this is over, you're either going to break every bone in my body or kiss my ass. I'm betting you're going to kiss my ass." The special agent leaned back against the soft leather seat and snorted. "What I wouldn't give to trade places with you!"

0815 Hours
Meadows Residence
Ollie poured a second cup of coffee. "I'm going to drink it hot, this time," she said to her dog that was clearly unhappy that a packed valise sat at the front door. He knew the love of his life was going on a trip and that the college student across the hall was going to be taking care of him. He rested his head on Ollie's lap while she stroked his head and talked to him.

"I have to get away for a while, sweetie," she cooed to the aging animal. "The Admiral ordered me to take leave and I think that just might be what I need. "I love you, baby. You're the only male who's never betrayed me or disappointed me or made me feel bad." She sighed, patting the dog one more time and headed for the door. "You be good and I'll be back before you know it."

"Three weeks," she sighed again, picking up her valise and locking her door. "Three whole weeks. I'll drive until I'm tired or see something interesting and just let life happen."

She was thirty minutes out of DC heading north, thinking about spending a few days enjoying the beautiful scenery of upper New York State. Then I'll drive to Niagara and spend a little time on the Canadian side, then, I'll...  "What the hell is that?" she muttered, feeling that dreadful thump, thud, thump, thud sound of a flat tire.

Pulling onto the shoulder, she got out to inspect the tire. "This is not a good start to my trip," she grumbled, kicking the tire. She pulled the jack and spare tire out of the trunk and kneeled on the ground in preparation for changing it. Finally, she got the old tire off the wheel, scraping her fingernails in the process.

The sting of what had to be a very large mosquito on the back of her neck startled her. "Hell and damnation!" she shouted, thinking that she was starting to sound just like the Admiral, and slid to the ground as she lost consciousness.

No one had to tell the burly man to be gentle when he lifted the Colonel to his shoulder. She was a beauty and more than ever he envied the unconscious man in the limo.

Howard Middleton couldn't resist cupping Ollie's cheek and dropping a kiss on her forehead when she was placed on the seat next to JJ. "Well, Olivia, my beauty, since I can't have you, I can't think of anyone better for you than this lucky son of a bitch. I don't have the stomach to watch what they're going to make you do, but I'll hear the results when it's over. Good luck to both of you. You're going to need it. And please," he whispered, "don't fight it and don't let JJ fight it either."

He confirmed the arrangements for Ollie's car to be stored close to her apartment but off the street and out of sight. He knew he left them in good hands when they finally arrived at the specially equipped safe house.

1230 Hours
CIA Safehouse
When JJ regained consciousness, his eyes focused on the beautiful woman in his arms. He smiled, pulling her closer to his chest, thinking this was the most realistic dream he'd ever had of Olivia Meadows in his bed. He hoped he wouldn't wake up too soon. He needn't have worried.

When Ollie felt his arm tighten around her shoulder, she caressed his muscular chest. It felt so good, so warm and so real. She sighed deeply, loving the feel of his arms around her, and hoping the dream would last a little longer. It did.

The behavioral psychologist monitoring the sleeping couple perked up when she realized they were waking up. "This should be interesting," she smirked, setting the computer to furnish the subjects' room with a little more fresh air.

JJ turned on his side, his hands slipping under her T-shirt caressing her unbound breasts. He was painfully aware that his erection was poking Ollie in the thigh, and he wondered how long it would be before he took "himself" in hand and took care of business. "Lord, you are one beautiful marine," he whispered to her in his dream.

"JJ," she murmured, opening her eyes and responding to his caresses. "Love me, JJ," she urged, her arms going around his neck, pulling him to her so she could kiss him.

"Mmmm," she sighed, when he met her lips in a searing kiss. "Your kisses get better with every dream. Don't stop. I want more of you."

"Me too, darlin'," he husked, his large hands gently cupping her bare breasts, his thumbs worrying her nipples until they stood taut. "I want a lot more." He pulled her T-shirt over her head and buried his face between her breasts, his hands slowly making the short silky journey to her inner thighs, parting them. "Gonna' love you, darlin'," he murmured, "gonna' love you now."

She stroked his scalp, murmuring love words to him, urging him to love her. "Now, JJ. I'm wet for you. I need you," she moaned, arching her hips.

His erection was becoming painful and he quickly removed her panties and his boxers. When he was poised at her entryway, he bent his head to kiss her and saw the answering need in her eyes.

"Now," she urged.

Something stopped him. Was it the very real warmth of her body touching his? Was it her lips that seemed too soft when he kissed her? Was it her tongue exploring his mouth? Was the moistness of her sex something he had ever felt when he dreamed of her? Was it...?

"Ollie!" he said sharply, pulling back.

"Sir!" she responded automatically.

"Ollie?" he said softer. "I'm not dreaming, am I? What the hell!"

"Sir?" she replied, pulling back from him and sitting up in bed. "I'm not dreaming?" For the first time, she saw him, his heavy cock positioned between her thighs and now semi-erect. She gasped in shock. "I'm *not* dreaming! What...?"

They moved simultaneously. JJ scrambled for his boxers, Ollie pulled her T-shirt on and held it down over her hips, trying to cover her sex. JJ tossed her panties onto her lap and Ollie slid to the side of the bed, her back turned toward him. She blushed every shade of red in the spectrum when she slipped them on. They were very wet.

"Ollie..." he hesitated, waiting for her to compose herself. Under the circumstances, he wasn't sure he was entirely capable of remaining calm. He was faced with the reality of her semi-nudity, his very un-admirally actions, the scent of her arousal, his erection, and their bodies touching... intimately.

"Hell and damnation! What the...? Where the hell are we? What...?"

~ End Part Two ~

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