In a Heartbeat
Part Twenty One
by sarAdora

He kept his arms around her waist and rested his chin on the top of her head while she scrambled eggs. His hands barely left her while she made the toast and he pulled her onto his lap the minute they finished eating. "What do you want to do, today?" he asked as his hands stroked her and his lips nibbled on her earlobe.

"Let's take a brisk walk... get fresh air... see what there is to see," she murmured, lifting her face for his kiss.

"Then, what?"

"Then we'll come back here, take a brief nap after I make you scream with pleasure and we'll think about what to do about dinner. Your turn to cook."

"Scream with pleasure?" He pulled her head back and glared. "Squids don't scream, jarhead!"

"Wanna bet?" she smirked.

"The last time we had a bet, I paddled your ass," he reminded her.

"I can take whatever you dish out, sailor," she retorted.

"Ah, Ollie," he said softly. "Don't want to hurt you. Want to love you... want to make love to you... want this to last..."

"How long, JJ? How long do you want this to last?" she asked quietly.

"As long as you want, Olivia Meadows. As long as you want," he murmured, kissing her deeply.

"What if I want forever?" she pushed him.

"I don't think forever is quite long enough," he said firmly, looking directly into her eyes.

She cupped his chin, looking at him thoughtfully, slightly startled by his words. Before she could respond, he stood, hugged her and urged her to put on warm clothes.

"Let's get that walk in before the temperature drops any further. It's colder here on the water."

The walk had to wait. There was a canoe tied at the dock for their use and JJ knew the water on the inland river wouldn't always be as calm as it was. He quickly helped Ollie aboard, eager to take advantage of the weather. After rowing a short distance, he lifted the oars and turned around so his back was to Ollie and leaned back so his head was in her lap.

She stroked his head and neck and gently massaged his shoulders, enjoying the feel of him under her hands. She was blissfully content.

"You okay?" he asked. "You've been awfully quiet."

"Okay," she murmured, leaning down to kiss his forehead.

"You sure?"

"I'm sure," she smiled.

"Ollie..." he said softly.

"JJ, did you mean what you said about forever?"

"Yes, did you?"

She nodded, unable to say more.

He pulled her head down and kissed her gently. "I love you, Olivia Meadows."

"Thank God!" she exclaimed quietly. "I was afraid it was one-sided. I thought we were only as good as our leave time. I thought..."

"I love you," he repeated. "I want you in my life forever. Whatever we have to get through when we return to DC, we'll get through together. After that, we'll be free to plan the rest of our lives around us."

"Us?" Ollie smiled, chasing a tear that had escaped. "I like the sound of that."

"Me, too," he agreed, reaching up to kiss the remaining tears away.

"I love you, squid," she told him, grabbing his hand and kissing the palm.


When they tied the canoe back to the dock, they held hands and took a short walk into the thickly forested woods behind the cabin. Ollie filled her pockets with the tiny pinecones common to the area, planning to take them home with her as a remembrance. JJ commented that the bed of foliage was so thick and soft, it would be a fine place to make love.

"But not, today," he added. "The temperature's dropping. Let's get back to the cottage."

"Supper in, tonight?" she asked, leaning against his chest. "Want you all to myself. Do you mind?"

"Not one bit, darlin'," he agreed, his hands cupping her ass, pulling her to him, rocking his hardening penis between her thighs. "I'll even do the cookin'."

Ollie grinned. "Do I have to pay a penalty for not cooking?"

"Damn straight," JJ grinned back.

"What could it possibly be?" she asked in an innocent voice.

"I'll think of somethin' and surprise you," he laughed.

She was surprised to discover she was dessert and wanted some of him as well. But his tongue and lips kept her climbing to that pinnacle - diving off - floating - climbing again and again - floating again and again - until she finally passed out from the pleasure he gave her as well as from exhaustion.

She surprised him in the middle of the night - waking him from a deep sleep when her mouth engulfed him, her tongue licking him hard, her teeth scraping his sensitive flesh and her hands massaging his balls.

He growled deep in his throat when she stopped licking and sucking. "Is that an order, JJ?" she laughed softly.

He couldn't answer her, his body caught in the vortex of his release, spinning him round and round and round until... The roar he emitted finally faded and his body sunk into oblivion while the shudders slowly left him to that peaceful feeling that comes post coitus. Ollie swallowed his seed and thought again that she'd like to bear his child.


They spent the rest of their leave time sleeping, making love, eating, making love, dinner and dancing at the local pub, making love, walks in the woods - remembering to make love under the canopy of trees, strolls on the beach and in between naps, making love.

It was chilly during the day but bitter cold at night. They kept a fire blazing, only banking it when they slept. They snuggled under blankets, naked next to each other except for warm socks. JJ thought Ollie was especially sexy when she was nude except for socks and devoured her with impunity. Ollie thought JJ was the hottest thing she had ever seen and impaled her body on him time and again. His warm socks generally went unnoticed - his heavily muscled chest... the ribbons of steel that were his thighs... his formidable biceps... held greater appeal for her.

There was nothing they didn't know about each other's bodies. Their hands had explored every inch - their lips and tongues and teeth had made inroads to every erogenous zone. Each stretch of silky skin and hard muscle was memorized - each kiss and caress mapped the contours and the curves, as well as the hardness and softness of their naked selves.

Days stretched into nights and back into days while they loved each other, exploring and conquering new territory. Without planning to, they discussed their situation - what it would mean to their careers - what they would say - what they wouldn't say. They decided to choose civilian legal advice - would try to negotiate an early retirement, leave quietly and with their dignity intact.

They'd go away for about a month - perhaps to Europe, maybe back here to Cape Breton Island - maybe go to Hilton Head. It didn't matter. That would be a good time to wed, seal their relationship in the eyes of the law.

Then, they'd come back to the DC area - Ollie would sublet her apartment, move in with JJ and see how life worked out. If they could, they'd stay in the area and work in private practice, renew their vows in front of friends who would always embrace them - friends who would be happy they had found joy in each other. If they couldn't, they'd make new plans, decide where to relocate and jumpstart their new lives.

By the time, their leave was up, they were both satisfied with the plans they had made.


There is an old saying - some attribute to the Arabs - some to the Hebrews - some to the Russians - no matter.

"Man plans and God laughs."

~ End Part Twenty One ~

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