In a Heartbeat
Part Three
by sarAdora

1315 Hours
CIA Safe House
The twin cameras focused on the embarrassed couple relayed every halting breath, every muscle twitch and every other nuance to the behavioral psychologists monitoring them. There was no doubt the Marine Colonel was a spectacular specimen of feminine pulchritude. Even so, the male psychologist clinically assessed her, not at all interested in her body so much as her reactions to the situation.

The female psychologist, on the other hand, was feeling more than clinical about the two-star Admiral's body. A hunk and a half if I ever saw one and his equipment is...!  She cleared her throat, and quickly consumed the remainder of her cold coffee.

"The CIA operative was right. They're going to provide a hell of a lot of data for our experiment."

"You think they'll fight it for a long time?"

"Maybe," the male psychologist replied. "This man is all about rank and regulations and ethics. Could be a real personal battle for him."

"But you can see there was a previous attraction and obviously, they haven't acted on their feelings in the past."

"Yes, that's what makes it so damn interesting."

"I think the woman will give in first," the female psychologist added. God knows I would!

"I think she'll follow his lead. He *is* her commanding officer, after all."

"Yes, but from what I read in her personnel file, she's also a take-charge Marine."

"The Admiral is a former Seal. He'll be the one to initiate whatever they're going to do," the man said with confidence.

I wouldn't mind a few covert ops with that particular Seal,  she thought, then clapped a hand over her mouth, wondering if she had said that out loud.

He laughed at his partner. "Thinking naughty thoughts, madam?"

She lightly punched him in the arm and stood. "I'm getting fresh coffee. You want some?"

He nodded his head and went back to watching. JJ and Ollie were sitting up against the headboard, JJ's T-shirt in his lap, covering his crotch, Ollie's legs crossed under her, her hands holding her T-shirt in place. JJ tried to look everywhere else but no matter where he looked, his eyes were drawn back to Ollie's body. He swallowed his breath just gazing at her long firm legs, skin that looked like silk, the smell of her consuming his senses. He would have leaped from the bed the moment he realized he wasn't dreaming if there had been anywhere to leap. The queen-sized bed took up ninety percent of the tiny room.

"Where the hell are we?" he bellowed. "And where the hell are my clothes? What the hell is going on?" He looked at Ollie and correctly surmised he wasn't helping the situation.

"Ollie?" he breathed deeply, trying to speak softer. He turned and cupped her chin with a steady hand so she would look at him. "Look," he reasoned, "it's probably temporary, whatever it is we're doing... whatever... I mean, it's not a bad dream since we're both having it and... Hell! I'm not making this any easier, am I?"

"No, sir," she whispered, her eyes filling, the stress of the last few weeks overwhelming her. "I wake up naked and you're on top of me - naked - I did not consider it a bad dream, sir." He felt her stiffen under his hand as she tried to sit as straight as she could, her eyes over his shoulder. "Ollie," he paused, then sighed. "I didn't mean it was a bad dream because you were in it. I meant... hell, Ollie! I... I've always wondered what it would be like to kiss you," he freely admitted. "Remember that time when...?" He paused again, clearing his throat. He didn't want to tell her how often he had dreamed of her, how often he had to back off from acting on his feelings, how often he had wanted to explore them, see if there was anything between them, how often he... Shit!

He focused on her face and felt like a bastard. She wasn't making a sound, but tears were streaming down her face and her nose was running. "Ollie," he spoke softly, using his T-shirt to gently wipe her face. "I don't know what's going on, but I know, between the two of us, we'll be all right. Trust me."

"I... I do trust you, sir. It's... it's just that this *is* some kind of nightmare." At his startled glance, she continued. "I mean... I've fantasized about the two of us in bed before... and, I... I mean, here we are and we can't... we're still not supposed to... I'm not saying this very well, am I?" She slid down in the bed and turned away from him. "And where are my clothes? How did I get here? Why are you here? Maybe, we *are* having a nightmare and just don't know it," she said softly, sighing, the tears falling again.

He was astounded at her admission. "You've fantasized about me? In your bed?" The words were so softly spoken, she had to strain to hear them.

Ollie didn't answer.


She remained silent, not knowing what his reaction would be to her words and also knowing full well how angry he could get.

JJ wanted to check out the room and try to get an idea of where they were. He wanted to know who was responsible for this madness - he wanted to get them out of there but in his heart of hearts, he knew it had to wait. Ollie was not acting like Ollie. She was hurting badly - worse than he ever remembered. She wasn't the cool-headed Marine Colonel - she wasn't his Chief of Staff. She was...

He sighed and repositioned himself in the bed so he was lying on his side, facing her back. "Ollie," he whispered. "Tell me about these fantasies."

"Not on your life," she snapped, taking control of her emotions. She turned over to face him and struggled not to touch him, keeping her hands firmly at her sides. "Don't tell me you've never had fantasies, Admiral."

Her words dared him and he looked at her long and hard.

"I've had fantasies," he murmured, keeping his eyes on her face and not on the delectable semi-nude body lying inches from him.

"About? Sir?" She lowered her voice. In spite of their situation, whatever the hell it was, she reminded herself to be respectful of his rank or pay the consequences of his anger.


"About...? About...? Who are your fantasies about?"

"About you, Ollie," he admitted. "About you and me."

"Me?" Ollie briefly closed her eyes and then opened them and dared him. "I don't believe you."

JJ cupped her cheek. "Yes, Ollie. About you. Listen to me!" he demanded hoarsely when it looked like she was going to turn away from him.

"I did... I do have fantasies about you. Why shouldn't I? I'm a man and you're a gorgeous woman. I admire your talents. I respect your views. I... you're beautiful and I'd like to make love to you. What man wouldn't?"

What the hell did I just say? Damnation! I'm an idiot!

He turned onto his back and sighed. "But I can't. You know I can't. Not while you're under my command."

Ollie listened to his words but it took a few moments of silence before they registered. She had heard him, of course, but more than that, she had heard the regret in his voice and maybe even a note of sadness. But she couldn't be sure.

Maybe, he really does fantasize about me.  Then she disregarded the thought. Impossible. He's just saying that because of the circumstances.

JJ was surprised she didn't respond to his words and wondered why. "Tell me what you're thinking. Did I offend you?"

Ollie stared at her commanding officer.

"Ollie?" He cupped her chin to command her attention. "Did I? Talk to me, Colonel!" It was an order.

"Sir... I."

"Under the circumstances," he smiled, his voice softening, "I think you should call me JJ."

"JJ, sir?"

"I don't think too many admirals wake up and find themselves semi-nude and in bed with a beautiful officer under their command - said officer also in the same state of undress. I've lost count of how many rules and regs we've already violated, so calling me by my first name isn't going to make a hell of a lot of difference in the scheme of things and if this comes to court martial." *When* this comes to court martial...

"But we didn't violate any rules, sir. We're victims of..."

"Doesn't matter, Ollie. The rules have been broken."

"All right... JJ," she hesitated, thinking. "If we've already broken those rules... even if it wasn't our intent... then it stands to reason I can call you JJ and..." She took his hand and laid it on her cheek, holding it there, then inched a little closer to him. He was okay with that until she slung a long silky leg over his heavily muscled thigh, her thigh nudging the growing bulge of his groin. "And we can continue where we left off in our dreams," she finished with a flourish and covered his mouth with her own.


"Oh my God! She *is* a kick-ass Marine!" Bonnie chortled, punching Clyde in the shoulder. "You owe me big time," she grinned. "So much for the lady waiting to follow her C.O.'s initiative."

Clyde buried his face in his hands. "Goddamn Marine Corps training," he muttered.

~ End Part Three ~

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