In a Heartbeat
Part Four
by sarAdora

Bonnie and Clyde, as the two psychologists and team leaders were known when they were conducting an experiment, watched the couple with clinical eyes and growing interest. Bonnie was trying to be clinical, but it was hard. The male specimen in the bed was spectacular. His body made her think of Atlas and Hercules and other mythical idols.

Eros, that's who he is, Eros, and his voice!  "Sweet Jesus! That man is magnificent!"

Clyde burst into laughter. "Methinks you haven't been getting any, lately, Bonnie, my love. Perhaps, you need a weekend with..."

"Oh shut up," she grumbled, clearly embarrassed she had spoken her thoughts once again. "He's a beautiful man."

"And you'd like to trade places with the Colonel," Clyde grinned.

"Oh Lord! Yes, I would."

"Then I'd be watching you and the Admiral..." he let the thought dangle.

"You are such a voyeur, Dr. Clyde," she grinned at him, knowing they would be sharing a bed that night. "And isn't the Colonel a beautiful specimen, too?"

"Indeed, she is. But I don't crave her the way I crave..."


He chuckled and they both refocused on the couple in the bedroom.


JJ's mouth responded automatically, his lips returning the kiss, and his arms slipping around Ollie's back, holding her. He was aware that his body had immediately reacted to her thigh touching his thigh and it was obvious to both of them what that reaction was. It took every ounce of effort he had to break the kiss and gently push her away. He concentrated on breathing. In and out, you can do this, squid, he chanted in his head. In and out and Jesus! Wrong choice of words. I'm getting hard. Hell! I *am* hard.!  "Ollie... Ollie, that's not a good idea," he groaned. "We have to keep our wits about us. We can't do this."

"You don't want me." She turned over, sat on the side of the bed and presented her back to him. "What the hell was I thinking? You've never wanted me." She stiffened her spine, took a deep breath and spoke formally. "I beg your pardon, Admiral Hamilton. I was out of line. If... if," her voice faltered. "If we ever get back to where we were, I'll take any punishment you deem necessary. I'll..."

"Look at me, Ollie," he ordered.

Ollie remained where she was.

"I said look at me, Colonel!" JJ barked, moving to sit next to her, grateful his erection had subsided. His bare thigh touched her bare thigh and startled them both, the electricity jumping back and forth between them.

"Oh God," Ollie moaned.

"Damn!" JJ groaned, moving away from her, his insubordinate cock acting independent of his brain, ready and eager to salute her.

JJ reverted to training. He took long and deep breaths, keeping his eyes focused on the ceiling, the wall, the door on the other side of the bed, anywhere neutral, anywhere away from Ollie's tempting body, anywhere... The door on the other side of the bed?

He jumped up, barely stopped himself from crashing into the wall three feet from the bed and went around it to open the door. It was a bathroom. Damn! A goddamn head - not an exit.

"What's that?" Ollie asked sharply.

"The head," he stepped inside the tiny bathroom, "and a sink and telephone booth for a shower."

"Admiral... JJ... do you think there are hidden cameras and microphones recording us... recording what we're saying... watching what we're doing?"

"Probably," he responded, matter-of-factly.

Ollie grinned, the notion tickling her fancy instead of making her upset. "Sir-r-r-r?"

JJ didn't like the tone of her voice, not sure if his kick-ass Marine was on the verge of hysteria. He assumed his typical stance, arms folded across his bare chest and stared at her, waiting for her to voice her thoughts.

"Let me say this for the record," she grinned. "You are one hell of a hunk - the sexiest two-star Admiral I have ever seen." Her eyes traveled over his body - from the top of his pate to his thickly corded neck, then back up to his mouth. She licked her lips.

JJ took a harsh breath.

Her gaze swept further down, raising her brows at his hard muscled upper arms and then his heavily muscled chest. Her eyes followed the trail of fur in the center of his chest that began below his collarbone and disappeared under the waistband of his boxers.

JJ took another harsh breath.

Ollie's eyes continued their downward sweep, skimming over his slim hips and down to his wonderfully thick thighs. The man has the most well defined muscles...!  She swept her gaze upward again, lingering on his crotch which seemed to grow larger the longer she stared. She licked her lips again.

JJ groaned softly, well aware of the growing bulge between his thighs. Just her stare made him as hard as... "Colonel! Have you seen everything there is to see?" he asked sharply.

"Not quite, sir," Ollie answered, standing and making her way toward him. "I'd like to go on record as saying..."

His hands held her shoulders, gently but firmly pushing her back before he forgot he was her commanding officer and she was his Chief of Staff. And the sexiest, most desirable Marine I've ever laid hands on... want to lay hands on... have ever seen... and I'm going to lose it just standing here looking at her... like a goddamn pimply faced teenager...

"Colonel Olivia Meadows! Do you know what you're doing?" he bellowed.

"Sir, yes, sir!" she replied smartly. "I haven't seen *everything.* I want to see it all. I want to..."

"Colonel! Belay that... Jesus, woman! What the hell are you doing?"

"Seeing everything, sir," Ollie grinned, hooking a leg around his knee so that JJ lost his balance and fell back onto the bed just as her hands yanked his shorts off.

~ End Part Four ~

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