In a Heartbeat
Part Seven
by sarAdora

"You should be ashamed of yourself, Colonel Meadows," JJ barked as he morphed back to being her commanding officer. "I oughta' wash your mouth out with soap or..." he glared at her, still holding her in his arms, his hands clenching. "Or take you over my knee! That language out of your mouth is not acceptable under *any* circumstances. Is. That. Clear?"

"I dare you," she said quietly, staring him down.

"What?" he bellowed. "What did you just say?"

"I said, I dare you," she repeated softly.

JJ sighed heavily, wishing he could beat his head against the wall. He wanted her. God! How I want her!

"You dare me to wash your mouth out? 'Cause if you do, I assure you it won't be pleasant. I'll be *very* thorough!" he warned, glaring at her.

Ollie remained silent. She had plenty of practice taking his fury and knew when to keep quiet.

"I hope you're not daring me to spank you, Colonel," he said much softer. "Because if you are..." he let the thought dangle for a moment, hoping she'd think twice about that consequence. "They'll hear you scream in the next county."

"If they do," she murmured, reaching up to kiss the lips that were mere inches from her own. "It'll be screams of pleasure, not pain."

He groaned, turned them onto their sides and kissed her back, his tongue thrusting into her mouth, his arms tight around her back, and his need for her poking into her belly.

"Ollie, Ollie," he murmured. "I could never hurt you."

"You're not going to spank me?" she teased.

"Never," he swore.

"I was hoping you'd put me over your knee and when your hand made contact with my butt, you'd make love to me instead."

"I wouldn't have any problems washing your mouth out with soap," he warned again, giving her butt a light swat. "But my hands would rather do more pleasurable things to your body."

"You *are* going to make love to me," she smiled, cupping his face and looking into his rich brown eyes.

"I didn't say that," he argued, pulling back. "Did you leave anything for me?" JJ grumbled, reaching for the tray of food.

"I left you the salad and the mashed potatoes and the Jell-O," she said with her hands behind her back.

"What're you hiding, Ollie?" he asked as his arms went around her, certain she had the bulk of the meal behind her back.

"Meat loaf, hot buttered rolls and chocolate cake. Things you don't like."

He laughed softly and removed the items from her hands, bringing them back to the tray. "That was just a ploy to get me to put my arms around you, wasn't it?"

"Yes," she grinned. "And it worked."

"We're not making love, Colonel Meadows," he said softly but firmly.

"Why not?" she asked just as softly and firmly. "You gave me some leave time. I want to enjoy it. If you're not going to make love to me so we can get out of here, then just screw me and get it over with. It will accomplish the same purpose. We can be on our way and when I report back from leave, you can personally court martial me. At this point, I don't really care." She sagged back against the pillows, her appetite gone and her low self-esteem firmly in place.

"You don't care about me or my feelings," she murmured, turning her back to him and sighing heavily. "What difference does it make what you do to my body? It's just sex - I'm not asking you to love me. Why the hell would you, anyway? I'm one disappointment after another."

Ollie covered her eyes with one hand, an ache building inside her - so painful she almost lost her breath. The hollow feeling in her gut blossomed and she wondered if her body could possibly cave inward - the empty feeling in her heart consuming her strength and her willpower.

JJ was stunned at her words and her intermittent mood swings since they found themselves in bed together in... Where the hell are we?

He slid down on the bed so he was spooned behind her. Their bodies weren't touching but he could feel the heat of her body and knew she could feel his. "Listen to me, Ollie," he said softly, knowing others were listening to his words, and more than likely, recording them.

"I do care about you. I... care about all members of my staff. We're in a situation not of our doing, beyond our control and we have to keep our wits about us if we're going to get out of here." He paused, choosing his words. "Think of this as a battle to be fought. We're captive somewhere, probably still in the DC area, and we need to figure out our game plan." He put a firm hand on her shoulder. "Work with me, Ollie. It's going to take both of us."

"What do you want me to do?" she asked, turning to face him, his voice calming her, his words bringing her back to her training and to her basic need for survival.

"First, you eat," he replied, sitting up and placing the tray of food between then. "Then, we'll talk." He used the plastic knife on the tray to divide the meat loaf and pushed it toward her. Ollie started eating again, making sure JJ ate as well.

They sat facing each other, the tray between them. Ollie had her legs crossed and so did he. While she concentrated on the food, JJ chewed mechanically, trying to keep his eyes off the tempting crotch staring him in the face. She had her panties on but nevertheless, the scene she presented did nothing to keep his libido in check.

"BUD/s training was easier than this," he muttered, his patience and his willpower sorely in stress.

"What did you say, sir?" Ollie asked, looking up, wondering why the Admiral's face suddenly seemed a little flushed.


Jesus, Hamilton,  his conscience barked. You'd see a lot more of her body if she was wearing a bathing suit. The T-shirt covers all the important stuff!

I know. I know. But I've already seen what's underneath and it's... Damnation! The Navy asks a lot. This is over and above and beyond the call of duty. It's... it's painful,  he groaned, already semi-erect and trying to eat a meal like he didn't have a care in the world.

"Sir? Are you all right? You don't look so good."

"I'm fine," he muttered, "just fine. Finish your meal, Colonel," he ordered.

"Aye-aye, sir," Ollie replied, digging into the chocolate cake.

He motioned her into the head when they finished eating and closed the door. His gut told him there were no cameras in the bathroom but that didn't mean they couldn't hear him. He put a finger to his lips so Ollie wouldn't talk and gestured that they search the place for whatever they might find.

Inch by inch they covered the walls and the floor, looking for a way out. JJ tapped the faucets, the plumbing and took the top off the back of the toilet looking for a microphone. Their search yielded nothing.

"You think they can hear us if we talk?" Ollie mouthed the words. JJ nodded. He was sure of it. He turned the shower on and they leaned against the tiny structure, whispering.

"What now, Admiral?"

He looked her over. Ollie was acting like Ollie again, awake, alert, ready to do battle, his kick-ass Marine. Must have been the food. Gotta' make sure she keeps eating.

"Do we search the bedroom?"

"No. We find a camera and knock it out, they'll make us sleep and just replace it. I've got an idea. But I don't want to play my hand just yet. You trust me, Ollie?"

"With my life, sir."

He cupped her cheek, leaning closer to her, his warm breath on her face. "What happened to calling me JJ?"

Ollie put a finger on his lips. "Kiss me and I'll call you JJ." Her commanding officer arched a brow, took a step back and crossed his arms over his chest.

"No kisses, no JJ. Think about it," she said very softly, her confidence firmly in place, and went back to the bedroom.

He stormed after her, flopping down on the bed next to her. "Was that coercion, Colonel?" he barked.

"I could live with that," she laughed, feeling very confident about who she was and who he was and not giving a damn about the consequences. "But I'd rather think of it as persuasion, sir, gentle persuasion."

"If we were in a court of law," he grumbled.

"We'd be in uniform instead of almost naked, sir," she reminded him, staring at his crotch so intently he actually blushed and felt compelled to roll away from her.

JJ had an idea and the makings of a plan. He had a lot of thinking to do and he did his best thinking when it was quiet. Ollie seemed to understand - she had some thinking to do as well.

They both sat up in bed, quiet, JJ's arms crossed over his chest, his focus on the wall. Ollie sat with her legs crossed, her elbows on her knees, and her head in her hands.

~ End Part Seven ~

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