Strangers & Sinners
Part Ten
by sarAdora

They were naked in bed - facing each other - one of Nick's arms around her back, the inside of his arm cupping her ass. His other hand snaked down her belly, his fingers spread, lingering for a moment in her curls. He slid them down further, two found their way into the heat of her, plunging in and out in a heady rhythm - his thumb on her clit.

Sophie took a sharp breath, and then, another. What happened to the oxygen in this room?

She gasped for breath as the twin sensations put her over the edge. Her breasts rubbed against his chest as she took in huge quantities of air, her nipples aching from the friction of his chest fur. Coating his hand with her juices, she threw her head back exposing a throat he had to taste, the sounds she made going straight to his groin. And he did taste her. And then he entered her, slipping easily into her heat as his mouth came down to cover her throat. She was wet and warm and he pulled her as close to him as he could. His cock pressed against her inner walls, his balls tight against her. Her heat surrounded him and he snuggled inside her as if he were seeking shelter from a violent storm. The feel of her was like none other. He was home.

He looked into her eyes and wondered what she saw. Is that my soul staring back at me?

You're losing it, Nick,  his conscience snapped. You've totally lost your mind. She's a weekend diversion, nothing more. I warned you not to go fuck-stupid on me.

Why does she suddenly seem so familiar? Like I've known her all my life. Is this one of those crazy paranormal things that happen to crazies on drugs? Am I hallucinating? Dreaming? Wishing?

Just indulge the moment,  his conscience advised. Enjoy it for what it is. Say goodbye when it's over. You don't need involvement. You can't afford involvement.

Why not? Am I so emotionally frail?


It's just sex, she thought. Pure and simple sex, nothing more.

Take it for what it is,  her conscience urged. Enjoy it and step aside.

They came together in a fury of hands and mouths and lips and tongues. He moved inside her with a passion that defied reason. She met his thrusts with desire and lust and a nagging, uneasy feeling that the touch of him was as necessary to her life as breathing.

In the age-old ritual of mating, they loved hard and fast and furious. Their breathing was ragged, their hearts pounded and the pleasure they took and gave each other seemed like lifelines. Nick didn't want to leave the haven of her body; Sophie didn't want to lose the feel of him inside her.

He rolled over, tucking her into his side, one hand sliding over the contours of her body, the other filled with her breast. She had a hand on his cheek, the other on his chest, her need to touch him as great as his need to touch her. She lifted her head to meet his mouth and they lay quietly, exchanging breaths and soft kisses.

He focused his eyes on the tiny gold flecks in her eyes, his peripheral vision noting the tangles in her hair, the beads of moisture on her face. His hand kneaded her breast, his arm resting on her torso - she was damp there as well. Her belly was wet and soft and sweet against his harder one and her thighs were wisps of silk teasing him.

He was drowning in her. And he didn't want to come up for air.

Sophie was mesmerized by the look in Sergei's eyes. They seemed darker, filled with tenderness, and she thought she'd lose herself in them. She raked her eyes over his damp skin, wanting to lick the moisture away. Her other hand rubbed against his chest, finding the flat nipple, and without thinking, her thumb slid over it and back again, teasing him.

He groaned into her mouth, his tongue slipping between her lips, caressing her, fondling her tongue with his own. Her hand moved from his chest to his hip and back again, her palm orchestrating a rhapsody as it played over the hardness of his muscled body.

She lost herself in him. And she didn't want to be found.


They sat on the couch eating an early supper, watching a football game. He had ordered Chinese take-out and they were nibbling on a wide array of succulent choices. There was chicken in oyster sauce, sweet and sour pork, shrimp in lobster sauce and plenty of pork fried rice. There was a double order of crispy noodles to sprinkle on the variety of food and two large containers of soup. Nick scowled at her when Sophie dumped wonton into her egg drop soup and drank it straight from the plastic bowl.

"You have the palate of a heathen," he teased.

"And you have no sense of adventure," she retorted, stuffing a wonton in her mouth. She purposely ignored the soup dribbling down her chin.

He arched an eyebrow at her. "No sense of adventure?" Swiftly, he grabbed her, pulling her onto him, her legs straddling his lap. She was naked under his large T-shirt and he slipped his hands onto her ass, settling her on his crotch. "What kind of adventure did you have in mind, Tiger?"

Sophie giggled. "Please don't tell me you're going to smear this meal over my body." She cupped his face and kissed him lightly. "Please, Sergei. I'm hungry."

"You're giving me ideas, Anastasia," he said in his no-nonsense, AD Verona voice, licking the soup off her chin. He pulled her closer, slipping one hand under the T-shirt to cup and stroke a breast.

"No, I'm not," she insisted. "I'm going to eat this food now, while it's hot, and that's all there is to it." She lifted up off his lap, intending to move to the other side of the couch, but wasn't fast enough.

Nick let her get half way off his lap before he made his move. He focused on the cute butt peeking out from under the T-shirt as she attempted to cross a leg over him. He put a firm hand on that butt, slipping under her to cup her vulva. Before she had a chance to protest, his other hand simply pulled her shoulder back so she was facing him once again.

"I think we need to discuss this," he said, his eyes twinkling. "I like adventures."

"We are *not* having an adventure. We're eating." She straddled him again, her arms folded across her chest. She stuck her chin out and gave him an unwavering stare, daring him to oppose her. Nick grinned. Unwittingly, she had assumed a common stance he took when he was displeased with one of his agents.

He folded his arms across his chest and glared at her, his gaze dark and brooding, his jaw clenched. A natural look for him. This was Nick's best game; he knew he was better at it than she was and he was prepared to wait until she made the next move.

Sophie sat a little straighter, prepared to wait for Sergei to do something. She was not intimidated, and though she didn't know him very well, she easily recognized his body language. They stared at each other and just as Sophie was going to complain that the food was getting cold, he made his move. He crossed his legs, shifting her off his lap.

He caught her before she fell, holding her suspended between his lap and the floor. Leaning forward, he covered her mouth with his, giving her a searing kiss. "As I was saying," he teased her, "I like adventures."

Sophie sighed heavily. "You, Mr. Assistant Derelict," she said, softly enumerating the facts, "are camel spit, dog turd and... and elephant... stuff."

He chuckled softly. "I'd rather be gorilla stuff, if it's okay with you. Sounds more manly." He pulled her back up and kissed her thoroughly, before letting her up for air.

"Kiss me back," he demanded, pinning her arms to his body.

"Will you let me eat if I do?" She negotiated fiercely for her stomach.


"She reached for him; he caught her hand and kissed her palm. "Make it a good kiss, Anastasia. Full of passion. Full of..." His lips moved to her neck, nuzzling, then his tongue traced the line of her jaw. She shivered, and he chuckled. "Full of promise, Tiger. Lots of promises."

Sophie's hands rested on his shoulders. She felt his hot breath roll over her causing the flesh to tingle. He licked the sweet spot behind one ear, then the other. She sighed heavily, loving his mouth and what it did to her. When he finally moved his lips to hers, she cupped his face with both hands and kissed him with all the passion she thought he wanted.

Pulling her close, he willingly let her tongue between his lips. It dueled with his tongue, and he let her dominate his mouth. He was ready to take her right there on the couch, the floor, anywhere - he was *so* hot for her. When she rubbed her knee over his crotch, he hissed at the sensual brush across his most sensitive place. His cock was fully aroused, aching against the fabric of his sweats. She settled on his lap, causing his erection to press hard into her belly. She pulled away with a tiny smile.

"Sergei," she whispered, very much aware that he was ready for her, "I kissed you as you asked. Now, it's time to eat."

"Not yet, Tiger. In a little while. I want to collect on those promises you just made." One arm went around her waist to hold her while he lifted his hips to pull off his sweats.

Sophie wondered if his enormous erection came with built-in homing radar. It's certainly aimed directly at my...  She squealed when he lifted her above his lap and brought her straight down, impaling her on his rigid cock.

"Sergei," she gasped as he filled her. "This is awkward; I can't... this position... My legs will cramp. Please... let me..."

"I like this position. I'll help you," he growled softly, holding her hips.

Sophie was a bit sore from their previous lovemaking and... she was still very hungry. But she was also a veteran at reading the male temperament. Men, after all, made up the majority of her clientele. She knew how to choose her battles.

She put her hands on his. "I'd rather take you in my mouth, Sergei," she said in a husky voice, looking directly into his eyes. Briefly, she worried about losing herself in those luscious bedroom eyes. Refocusing, she wondered if those eyes could get any darker as he looked back at her. They did get darker.

"I'd like to suck you between my lips and let my mouth play with you."

Nick was speechless. Her body was perfectly still, sheathing his pulsating cock, and she was very effectively seducing him with just her soft-spoken words. His cock twitched inside her.

"I'd like to lick you up and down." She paused, letting her words sink in. "Then, who knows what my tongue will do? Maybe, I'll lick the head of your penis... or under and around it..." The tip of her tongue slipped out of one corner of her mouth and licked her top lip.

Nick watched its progress as it paused at the other corner of her mouth. She licked her bottom lip, briefly sucked on it, then her tongue disappeared back into her mouth. His lips were suddenly dry and for a moment, he wondered if his body had forgotten how to breathe.

"Or maybe," she continued, her eyes lowering to the two curly nests between them, "I'll let your eagerness for me wait... and lick your balls instead." She put one hand on his coarse pubic hair, the other on her silky curls, and let her fingers tug and pinch at both.

His hands gripped her hips hard enough to bruise. He was aware he was holding his breath, even though his lips were slightly parted. His breath escaped in a soft hiss when he finally remembered to breathe.

Sophie took his silence as assent and lifted off of him to kneel between his thighs. Slipping a couch pillow under her knees, she reached for him. He was thick and slippery from her juices, his pre-cum still beading on the slit. Licking it off, she raised her head, and wet her lips, her eyes never leaving his.

"Close your eyes, Sergei. I'm going to love you with my mouth."

"I want to watch you love me, Tiger," his words came slowly and barely audible. He looked at the beautiful woman kneeling between his thighs and sighed.

Hard to kiss that goodbye, isn't it *Sergei?*  his conscience snorted.

Nick didn't respond. Her mouth was playing Beethoven's Fifth on his penis. Her tongue and lips, in concert with her hands, had his complete attention. He thought she must have put a spell on him, because what she was doing and what he was feeling was pure magic.

Her lips sucked lightly on the tip of his hard cock, concentrating on the skin just below the slit. A long, low moan filled the room, making Sophie smile as she slipped her tongue under the tip and licked it all around. Nick heard a pounding sound somewhere in the room, unaware it was the urgent drumming of his heart.

~ End Part Ten ~

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