Strangers & Sinners
Part Nineteen
by sarAdora

Saturday, December 23
She was dreaming such a delicious dream. Sergei was licking her belly, his tongue dipping into her navel, his hands cupping her hips. He rose up and leaned over her to lick her nipples and when he sucked one hard tip into his mouth, he growled low, sucking it hard, not able to get enough of her.

"Sergei?" she opened her eyes and sat up fast, gasping. "What? What are you doing?"

"Licking the chocolate off your body, Anastasia." His smile was wicked, like a little boy who was up to mischief and she should have been angry, but she laughed softly.

"Last night you said you wanted to dream about me licking your body. I'm licking your body."

"I didn't expect you to cover me in chocolate," she mused, dipping a finger into the chocolate syrup he had smeared across her breasts and belly and licking her fingers. "Come here," she pulled him toward her and smeared his belly. "I want to lick you, too."

It was inevitable they'd make a mess. The sheets were stained with chocolate but they were blissfully unaware. They had other things to keep them busy - chocolate covered breasts and balls and soft folds and a throbbing clit and a very hard cock to lick. Their hands preceded their mouths - touching flesh, cupping a butt cheek, pinching a nipple, fondling a thigh, stroking a belly, tugging silky curls and finally, holding each other tightly as he entered her.

They were sweaty and hungry for each other. They were sticky and in great need of each other's touch. They were quintessential male and female - mating - fulfilling a need that began the first time they touched. He was a wild and furious storm inside her, thrusting into her softness, seeking the haven of her body, the peace she gave him. She was red-hot, impassioned by the intensity of his loving, taking all he had to offer, accepting and matching his tumultuous thrusting, calming his fury, and embracing the explosion of his release.

When sanity drifted back and their bodies - spent and sated - regained a normal equilibrium, he gathered her into his arms and took her into the shower. Leaning against each other, they washed off the chocolate residue, touching each other lightly, mouths nuzzling, not always sure where one body started and the other ended and not caring. They were together and that was all that mattered. They kissed, whispered, and murmured loving sounds - soothing each other's need to be together.

"Don't leave me, again."

"I can't."

"You're mine - I need you."

"Have to find out who we are and if we can live with each other out of bed."

"We can do this."

"I have to be able to touch you - often. I have to be able to hold you."

"I have to know you're there and that you want me as I want you."

"I'm not sure about being in love, but this is probably as close as it gets."

"I'm not asking for anything."

"I know that - I'm offering - I'm giving - Please tell me you feel the same."

"I do."

They echoed each other's words, satisfied for the moment, certain they had a chance at happiness, willing to grasp whatever there was for them and nurture it, savor it, and treasure it.


Sunday, December 24
She insisted on a tree. He said it was too late to get one.

"All the good ones will be gone," he argued.

She retreated to a corner of the couch, folded her arms across her breasts, her lower lip quivering slightly.

"Get dressed," he sighed. "Let's see what we can find. It's not going to be anything special," he warned.

It was a perfect tree - six feet high with nice full branches - and a bargain - only $40 - the vendor wanted to close the lot and go home.

She wanted to pick up a few items for the tree.

"Not too many, Anastasia. I don't want to go to a lot of trouble," the AD instructed.

"I like you, Sergei," she teased, "and you're a lot more trouble than a Christmas tree."

He glared at her. She laughed. He gave in.

She bought a basket of pinecones, some tinsel and yards and yards of wide red velvet ribbon.

"What about lights, Tiger?"

"No lights, Sergei, but we need some candles and a wreath."

It was snowing again by the time they got back to his condo building. Their arms were filled with packages and Sophie was laughing, telling Sergei that his ears were red.

"So's your nose," he grinned, dropping a kiss on the tip. "I'll warm you up when we get inside."

He made mugs of hot chocolate, laced with bourbon to warm them up and they drank it and listened to Christmas music while they decorated the tree. The pinecones were hung strategically, the red ribbon entwined around them and the tinsel thrown here and there to fill in the gaps. Sophie set the candles on the floor not far from the tree and when they were lit, the tree seemed to glow.

He didn't let her look at it too long. It had been hours since he had loved her and he couldn't wait any longer. Slipping his hands under her sweater, he cupped her breasts.

"I want you, Anna Sophia."

"Let me up, Sergei."

He let her off his lap and watched her remove her clothing. When she was completely nude, she tied a piece of red ribbon around her breasts, making a bow in the middle. She tied another around her hips, the bow centered on her mound. He grinned when she lay under the tree and beckoned him.

"Are you my Christmas present, Tiger?" he asked softly, kneeling beside her.

"Unwrap me and find out," she murmured, opening her arms to him.


Monday, December 25
She opened her eyes, listening to his gentle snore, delighted she was awake before him. Easing herself over him, she straddled his naked body, her knees just below his armpits, her inner thighs covering his nipples. She touched herself, waiting for the smell of her arousal to reach his nostrils. She didn't wait long.

He didn't say a word when he woke but his hands crept up behind her and cupping her ass, he pulled her to his mouth.

She gasped when he kissed her clit, rubbing his lips over the sensitive nub, sucking it gently and then sucking it hard. She arched her back in orgasm and would have fallen but he had raised his thighs behind her and she leaned heavily on them.

"Good morning, Tiger," he grinned, taking in the look of her post coitus. He hadn't touched any other part of her body but she glowed from his loving attention - her breasts beckoning him, the nipples taut. Her lips were slightly parted, her breathing still ragged and he thought she was magnificent.

He lowered his legs so she lay flat and sat up, intending to cover her. "Want some more, Tiger?" he grinned, intent on losing himself in her body.

"My turn," she murmured, opening her eyes, still floating. "Later," he said, kneeling between her legs, then lifting them straight up and pushed inside her damp heat.

Sophie couldn't move. Sergei held her immobile while he moved inside her - back and forth - and side to side - rotating the angle of his cock - teasing her - bringing both of them a great deal of pleasure. He growled his release, calling her name and collapsed on top of her.

She was too sated to speak but her legs were cramping from being squashed by his body. "Sergei, my legs... please."

He lifted off of her, dropping kisses on the backs of her thighs before letting them down. Gathering her into his arms, he kissed her belly, then her breasts, and finally, her mouth. "Kitten, my sweet tiger kitten," he murmured."

When he could stand, he carried her into the shower, held her against his chest and washed her body. "Are you okay, Kitten? Did I hurt you? Are you sore?" he asked softly, cupping her ass, and bending to nuzzle her neck.

"You never asked me before, Sergei, did you?" She reached up to cup his cheek, and wondered at the tenderness he showed her.

"I'm asking you now," he murmured, kissing the corners of her mouth as he continued to rub her back and fondle her butt. "Are you all right, Kitten?"

"Mmmm." She leaned against him, letting him hold her upright. "I'm a little tired."

He chuckled. "You can take a nap while I make breakfast."

"Are we going to eat it hot?"

"Yes," he chuckled, "provided you're awake when it's ready."

He tucked her into bed and went downstairs to make steak and eggs and coffee for their Christmas breakfast. He planned to keep her mellow all day with eggnog and a little loving.

When she was sure Sergei was downstairs and occupied, she put on her robe and a pair of his socks. Retrieving the presents she had secreted in her suitcase, she padded down the stairs to put them under the tree.

She almost dropped them when she saw beautifully wrapped boxes already under the branches - with her name on them.

He had written "Anastasia" on the gift tag on one large box, on another, he had written "Tiger," still another, "Kitten," and "Sophie" was on the remaining ones.

Nick quietly came up behind her and hugged her. "Is that the same look you had on your face when you were a little girl on Christmas morning and ran downstairs to see what Santa left for you?"

Sophie nodded her head. She was choked with emotion and couldn't speak. Nick turned her in his arms and kissed her gently, his thumb wiping her tears away.

"Merry Christmas, Kitten."

She attacked him. She flung her arms around his neck, propelled him back until he hit the couch and pushed him down. She landed on top of him in a flurry of silky limbs and soft kisses, her hands cupping his face and her breasts pressing into his hard chest. She lifted off of him to untie her robe so her naked body covered his clothed one. Her hands made short work of removing his sweats. She took his erection into her mouth and sucked.

Nick laughed at her uninhibited enthusiasm for his cock. "Don't bite it off, Tiger."

She nipped him. She nipped the tip of his penis, making him gasp and then she nipped the underside of the sensitive shaft. He made a sound that was part gasp and part groan and Sophie kissed and licked the same spots until the sounds he made were pure ecstasy. When he was close to orgasm, she let him slip out of her mouth and lifted his heavy sac, intent on sucking both balls at the same time. It was impossible. He was too big and too heavy for her mouth.

"Kitten," he moaned, unable to utter any other words. For a man who was extraordinarily articulate, his throat closed on the pleasure he was feeling and the emotions that choked his soul. Sophie's simple but loving act had rendered him speechless. He concentrated on the sensations - the shivers skating down his spine as she licked and sucked him - kissing the tip of him when it was over - his body shuddering in release.

She crawled on top of him - pulling his T-shirt up - licking his nipples, and nibbling on his throat. She sucked the hollow spot and bit hard. Later, the knot in his tie would hide the deep blue hickey her bite had caused.

He held her close to him, murmuring in her ear as he reveled in the feel of her, the touch of her. For the first time since they met, he was fully aware his conscience no longer nagged him. She's not a stranger any more. She's... become part of me, part of what is necessary in my life.

Sophie was content lying on top of him. She craved the feel of his strong arms around her and she relished the fact that she had caused his pleasure. She knew he wanted her as much as she wanted him. She no longer thought of herself as a sinner.

"You hungry, Tiger?"


"Want to eat breakfast or open presents?"

"Is it hot?"


"Let's eat."

He chuckled, lifting her off of him and pulling on his sweats. He pulled her hands behind her back when she tried to retie her robe. "Leave it open, Tiger. I want to look at you."

"Sergei, we're going to eat," she protested, then glared at him. "We *are* going to eat, aren't we? You're not going to lap breakfast off my belly, are you?"

"You always give me such delicious ideas, Kitten," he chuckled. "We're going to eat... on plates."



Nick kept his word - they ate the meal hot. Sophie had never eaten steak and eggs together and she ate slowly, relishing every bite. He sat back from the table when he was finished, watching her enjoyment of the meal. When he couldn't wait for her to finish, he simply hauled her onto his lap and held her while she ate.

"Sergei!" she protested. "I'm not through."

"You eat, Kitten. I'll wait," he chuckled, his hands slipping her robe off her shoulders, his lips roaming over her neck.

"I can't eat if you're..." She dropped her fork when his hands cupped her bare breasts and his thumbs teased her nipples. Her head fell back onto his shoulder and his mouth instantly gravitated to her throat, sucking the soft flesh there. Sophie moaned softly, the food forgotten, Sergei's hands and mouth all that mattered - all that ever seemed to matter.

~ End Part Nineteen ~

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