Strangers & Sinners
Part Five
by sarAdora

December 15
Verona Residence
"Am I going too fast for you, Kitten?"

His breath was rapidly increasing and the smell of their arousal was apparent. She made an inarticulate sound, causing his lips to curve up slightly. "Are you sure I'm not going too fast for you, Anastasia?" he teased, rapidly kissing his way down her torso. His mouth lingered at her mons as he pulled his sweats completely off. His hands slid to her inner thighs, parted them, and then he placed his palms under her hips. His hands were full of her sweet, round cheeks, and he dipped his head to plant soft kisses up and down the outside of her labia. Occasionally, he caught her flesh between his lips and sucked at it, tickling her - teasing her - taunting her, making her hungry for more.

He raised his head to catch her eye. "Too fast, Anastasia?"

"You are a derelict, Nicholas Sergei Verona. A miserable and insufferable assistant derelict," she moaned.

He laughed softly and dipped his head again, this time flicking the throbbing clitoris that had already begun to swell. She jumped and reflexively tried to move away and then closer to his mouth as if her body craved and abhorred his touch at the same time.

"You *are* a kitten, he grinned. "A teasing kitten - Comehere comehere comehere, getaway getaway getaway." He looked at her again. "Which will it be, Anastasia?"

Her breath was at best shaky, and her hands were clutching the sheets, hanging on for dear life. But something about his taunting words made her wild. She reached for his head, grabbed his ears, and gave him a wicked smile. "I have ways of getting my revenge, Mr. Assistant Derelict," she threatened in a soft growl. "And I will have revenge if you don't stop torturing me."

He gave a moment's thought to her words, wondering what kind of revenge she would take - if he let her - but the smell of her begged him to sample her flesh. He returned to the more pleasant activity of licking and kissing her folds and lapping the fruit of her pleasure - his tongue dipping into the heat of her. His actions made her body squirm and she arched her hips, her feet pressing into his shoulders. He grabbed her hands; he had to hold her down to love her and when her body tensed - her hands stiffening, her legs suddenly still, she purred - a long throaty purr that made him smile a very satisfied smile. Mmmm, the kitten purrs.

Before her breathing calmed, he rose up between her legs - positioning the tip of his heavy manhood at her clit. He stroked himself slowly, applying pressure to her clit making her gasp, the weight of his heavy penis teasing her sensitive flesh. Then, without warning, he lifted her legs up and further apart and plunged into the wet, warm mouth of her sex. He pulled out and plunged again, and paused just long enough to hover over her, cupping her face with his hands and pushed his tongue into her mouth. He had a sudden urge to spank her but his physical need was greater and he plunged into her again.

She was having difficulty breathing. She didn't think she could take all of him into her but she had. It was an excruciatingly wonderful feeling - being filled so completely. His mouth consumed her, his tongue playing havoc with hers. His hands roamed over her flesh, squeezing, fondling, and demanding her response. "Too fast, Anastasia? Should I slow down?"

Her hips arched up to meet his thrusts, her arms around his back, sliding down to his hips, pulling him to her. "No, Mr. Derelict. Don't slow down," she whispered, wondering why he felt so good inside her - so right. I've let him put his hands all over me. I don't know him and his body is in my body. He's a stranger. And it feels good. Why does it feel so good? God have mercy on my soul. I've turned into an absolute slut and I don't care.

He pounded into her with desire and lust and something he couldn't quite put his finger on. Need? Is it need?  He plunged again, withdrew, and slid into her heat once again, hoping he hadn't hurt her.

Does it matter?  His head voice sneered. She's a hooker, right? Probably had it a lot rougher before you showed up.

I... don't... think... she's a... hooker,  he argued, trying to fill his heaving lungs and then emptied into her with a deafening growl that both frightened and excited her.

His weight pinned her, but only for seconds as he turned them onto their sides, facing her, still inside her. One arm was around her back, the other gently cupping a breast, his fingers teasing the nipple, his heavy breath hot on her forehead.

She lay panting softly, her breath warm on his throat, an arm around his neck, the other on his chest. She felt warm and safe. Home. I'm home.

What a dumb thought. It was sex, just sex.

Good sex.

Yeah, so what?


"Are you okay, Kitten?"

She nodded.

"Sure?" he asked, his chest still heaving. She nodded again. He tilted her chin and searched her face, her deep brown eyes even darker - the gold flecks brighter - a lingering result of the pleasure he gave her. "What are you thinking?"

"That you feel good. Just keep holding me, please," she murmured.

"I've got you, Kitten. You're safe with me," he whispered in her ear and knew it was true. He would keep her safe and in his bed for as long as he could.

Where the hell did *that* thought come from?

Christ! I don't know. But she feels so damn good. I don't want to let her go.

Sex, old man! It was just plain ordinary sex; don't go all soft for Christ's sake! Sex - S - E - X. That's all it was.

It was damn *good* sex,  he snarled back.

A few hours ago, she was a hooker. Now, it's damn good sex?

Yeah. Damn good sex. And something else,  but the thought was fleeting.

He knew she had fallen asleep. Her breathing pattern had slowed, her body relaxed against his, her lips slightly parted. He thought she was beautiful. A beautiful tiger kitten.  He shook his head at his thoughts. He didn't know her. She was a stranger. Yes, he came to her assistance this evening and if he could have reached her hotel, he would have dropped her off and gone on with his life - his empty life. But fate stepped in - she had nowhere to go. It's not like she's homeless. She has a condo in Arlington.

That's what she said!

Easy enough to check out.

When did she stop being a stranger? When she came out of the bedroom in your T-shirt and sweats looking like...?

Looking like the best thing I've seen in a long time.


And when I touched her and...

Kissed her?

And kissed her and felt her soft body beneath mine.

You've kissed a lot of women - felt a lot of soft bodies under yours. She's just another one - among dozens you've had since your wife died.

I know but...  His heavy eyelids closed before he finished his thought, his body sated and relaxed, the warmth of her body lulling him to sleep. He felt better than he had in a long time. He had almost drifted off when another thought crept into his mind.

He opened his eyes and looked at her sleeping form. More! I want more.  He pulled her a little closer, snuggled her head onto his shoulder, his hand on the back of her neck. He kissed her forehead and then her eyelids, wondering again why he felt a tenderness toward this stranger - this beautiful woman with tiger's eyes he had just had sex with... ...made love to ...wanting to plunge into her again. I want more of you, Kitten. Much more. So much more. I wonder if you've ever been spanked...

~ End Part Five ~

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